Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 886 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (28)

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Chapter 886: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (28)

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There was nothing in the house.

Ming Shu came out. The old man hadn’t changed his position at all.

She looked down at the broken pail. There were still some red liquid in it.

It looked like blood.

However, it was not human blood and didn’t look like animal blood, either.

The demon king…

Where is it?

And those demons just now… they didn’t look like ordinary demons. They had a demonic aura around them, but it was too weak as compared to the numbers of demons present.

Buzz buzz buzz!

The Lianjing sword vibrated a few times.

Ming Shu couldn’t understand what it was trying to say.

Different species don’t understand each other.

The Lianjing sword broke away from Ming Shu’s grip and pointed at the mountains in the North.

Ming Shu stared at the mountains for a while…

She clapped her hands lightly and happily made a decision. “I will fill up my stomach first and think about it later.”

Ming Shu carried some meat and went back to the same household.

Ming Shu gave them spirit stones and meat and even allowed the family to enjoy the food with her. The woman had no reason to reject Ming Shu.

Just as Ming Shu was eating happily, a commotion arose outside. A lot of people had entered the village.

The walls surrounding the house only reached the waist so Ming Shu could look out easily.

She saw the person leading the group of people.

The person from Chiyang Sect twitched his mouth corners. Why is the devil girl here too?

“Sister… Sister…” The young lord of the Qian Yuan Sect waved at her happily. He was sitting on the shoulder of a big man.

The young lord jumped down and ran toward Ming Shu.

The woman and her family looked anxious. They didn’t know what these people wanted to do.

Also, this child recognized Ming Shu.

“Sister.” The young lord of the Qian Yuan Sect was only slightly taller than the table. He grabbed the table and smiled obediently. “Sister, we have fate.”

“No.” Ming Shu protected her meat.

This little child always wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h her food.


The village head welcomed the bunch of people. Since the young lord of the Qian Yuan Sect wanted to stay here, they had to wait outside for him.

The woman was frightened.

“Don’t worry, you all can go inside the house first.” Ming Shu said to the woman, “If you hear any strange sounds, don’t come out. Of course, if there is any danger, remember to run.”

“Who… who are you all?”

“We are cultivators,” The young lord of the Qian Yuan Sect chewed a chicken wing and answered the woman.

The woman’s expression changed from fear to respect in just a few seconds.

To a normal human, cultivators were like G.o.ds.

They could not afford to offend them.

“Even food can’t shut your mouth?” Ming Shu grabbed the last chicken wing from him.

The young lord of the Qian Yuan Sect licked his fingers and jumped down from the chair. He ran out. A commotion arose outside.

The little child brought many things back. “Sister, for you. Father says that we must give good food to the people we like.”

“Heh heh, where is your father?”

This bunch of people brought their young lord to look for the demon king. Were they not worried that he would die?

“I don’t know.”

“…” Like father, like son.

Impressive. Amazing.

“Father asked me to thank you properly but you left too fast. We didn’t manage to find you.”

The young lord expressed his sadness. “Since we couldn’t find you, I ate all the things that my father bought for you. Look at how fat I have become.”


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The people from the Qian Yuan Sect suddenly heard a scream from their young lord. When they looked up, they saw their young lord being thrown out of the house.

Ming Shu felt her body being lifted and grabbed the neck of the person in front of her naturally.

Lian Jing was a sword spirit so there was no heat from his body. However, he didn’t feel cold.

Lian Jing walked stably and was much faster than Ming Shu.

“You are still quite useful.”

Ming Shu leaned against his neck and said this. Lian Jing felt her warm breath and stopped in his tracks.

He smiled and said proudly, “I have a lot of uses. You will discover them soon.”

“Can you make drumsticks appear?”


I will make some… *** for you.

The language was too coa.r.s.e so it automatically got muted.

“How useful can you be when you can’t even make drumsticks?” Ming Shu expressed her contempt.

“…” Calm down, calm down. A genius will not fight with a woman.

You just wait.

I will let you know how powerful I am one day.

Ming Shu placed her head on Lian Jing’s shoulder. She looked at his neck. His neck was so smooth it looked as though a filter was used on it.

The gold coins on her neck started warming up.

The heat seeped into her heart.

“Lian Jing.”

“What?” Lian Jing was still angry so he sounded irritated.

Geniuses had a temper too.

“Do you think demons are tasty?”

“How would I know? I never ate them.”

Lian Jing rolled his eyes since he knew that Ming Shu would not be able to see his expression.

Demons evolved from animals so they should taste the same as an animal…

Let me catch the demon king and give my wife a taste.

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