Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 884 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (26)

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Chapter 884: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (26)

Just as the entire country was looking for the demon king, a huge surge of demonic aura shot up in the night sky in the south of the country. A wooden plaque at the Qian Yuan Sect broke.

The devils had arrived.

The demon king had not been found and the devils appeared.

Wasn’t the devil race sealed up a thousand years ago?

The prophecy was that the devil clan would not appear in the country for at least 10000 years.

Why had they suddenly appeared!?

Everyone thought that the devil race came out aggressively but in actual fact, they took their time to slowly float up the cliff. All of them looked tired and unwilling to leave.

If they didn’t win by quant.i.ty, there would not have been a huge surge of demonic aura in the southern sky.

After they floated out, some devils changed into human form as they landed on the ground. They looked at their limbs.

“Urgh, urgh…”

The devils seemed disgusted by how ugly they looked and immediately changed back into black shadows.

Ming Shu took a lot of effort to climb up the cliff again. She didn’t understand why there was such a weird setting. The cliff had no arrays on it at all so why couldn’t she use her powers?

“Ah, I finally got out!”

The man beside Ming Shu exclaimed in tears.

It was the man she met at the bottom of the cliff. Ling Lie locked him up at the bottom of the cliff and left him to his fate.

The man had a strong will too. He looked haggard but he didn’t die.

“Urgh, urgh…”

A few devils suddenly appeared in front of the man.

The man got so frightened he almost rolled down the cliff. He hugged the piece of dried wood beside him. “Don’t come over.”

The devils got even closer.

The man shouted loudly and crawled up from the ground. He rushed into the night sky.

Ming Shu didn’t bother with him. She sat at the side and replenished her energy.

“Can you all be fiercer? Why are you all so tired?” I have not seen any devils that looked worse than all of you.

The devils thought for a while and gathered together to form a huge black shadow that looked like a ghostfire.

“Urgh…” Is this better?


Ming Shu looked at the black bunch of devils. She didn’t know how many devils there were.

According to what they said, there were about 50000 of them.

However, most were still asleep. Only around 10000 came out.

Ming Shu glanced at one of them. “I have a mission for you. Look for the demon king and tell me when you find him.”

“Urgh…” Demon king? The demon race has a king? That bunch of idiots?

“…” What right do you all have to call other people idiots?

“Urgh…” The demon race is not delicious. Can we change missions? We can find the human king or the dragon king.

“Go and do it now!”

“Urgh…” Why are you so fierce? Brothers, I will go first.

The devils dispersed really quickly. Most of them left and the demonic aura left with them too.

Moonlight shone down from the night sky. A few devils were still floating around Ming Shu.

“Why are you all not leaving?”

“Urgh…” Protecting you.

“Urgh…” Yes yes yes!

“I think that you all just don’t want to move, right?” Ming Shu exposed them.

“Urgh…” No way. We just want to protect you.

Ming Shu was confident that if she met any danger, the devils would run away faster than her.

How could she place hopes in them when they didn’t even want to come out of the valley?

It was a miracle that the devil race survived.

“Urgh urgh…” The idiot is back.

“Urgh urgh…” Our king used a lot of effort to get him to seal us. We must respect him!

“Urgh…” But we are out now. If I knew that this was going to happen, I would not have woken up so early. I want to go back and sleep… can we trick the idiot into sealing us again?

“Urgh…” She is really fierce.

The devils’ conversation reached Ming Shu’s ears.

What did she just hear?

The devil race planned their own disappearance?

Who is “that idiot”?

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Are we living in the same world?

“Why are you angry?” Lian Jing grabbed her wrist and forced it down. He looked down at her. “How have I offended you? Why did you let out so many devils?”

F**k. Why is she angry? He wasn’t even angry that she let out the devils.

Ming Shu smiled gently. “I have released them. What are you going to do now?”

Lian Jing looked at Ming Shu’s lips. He swallowed and let go of Ming Shu. He stood up.

“… Why did you release the devils?”

Ming Shu sat up. “The demon king is out so why can’t the devil race appear too? Are you discriminating against them?”

Although the devil race seemed a little stupid, you couldn’t look down on them.

Lian Jing sneered. “You are making the situation worse.”

The demon king alone was enough work for humans.

Ming Shu replied, “It is better if things get messier. It is livelier that way.”

Lian Jing: “…”

This is not lively.

F**k, this is destruction.

Ming Shu flicked the gra.s.s on her clothes. “Next time…”

Lian Jing didn’t hear the rest of the sentence for a while and couldn’t help but ask, “What next time?”

Ming Shu smiled. “Nothing.”

She didn’t want to say anything.

This kind of life was just fine. They didn’t have to stay together all the time and didn’t have to be apart for long, either.

Every time they met again, it was a new experience.

It was lively and interesting.

Ming Shu walked along the mountain path. Lian Jing frowned and followed her.

A bunch of sweet-smelling fruits appeared in front of Ming Shu.

Ming Shu’s eyes lit up and she grabbed them.

“Don’t be angry.”

He still didn’t know what she was angry for.

F**k. Why must I apologize when I didn’t do anything wrong!

Her brain must be fried.

I will find someone to check on her brain when we go back.

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