Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 88 - Gorgeous Doctor (35)

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Chapter 88: Gorgeous Doctor (35)

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Qing Chen found that the way Ming Shu and the little beastie got along was very weird. She didn’t want to see the little beastie, and the little beastie didn’t seem to want to see her.

When the two saw each other, they’d either be glaring at each other or the little beastie would steal food, then get thrown away, kicked away, buried in the soil, hung on the tree…

What a mysterious relationship.

After having walked a long time, they finally arrived at the Mountain of Dragon Bones.

The Mountain of Dragon Bones was destroyed a lot last time, with bare rocks and collapsed dead wood. But the heat was not any less, the hot sun baking the ground. They felt they were not stepping on the ground, but on an oven. Some people were too hot to breathe.

But Qing Chen was not affected by the heat at all. With his feet not touching the ground, he floated forward like a flower fairy.

“How should we find the dragon?” Qing Chen floated to Ming Shu. “The Mountain of Dragon Bones is so big. Are we searching the whole place on foot?”

“Well, why don’t you scream aloud to see if it will come out?” Ming Shu raise her eyebrows at Qing Chen.


On a mountaintop not far from them, a woman was sitting with legs crossed at the highest peak, staring at the scene below. With the naked eye, there was actually nothing to be seen, but she seemed to have seen everything. Her eyes were filled with hatred.

“They are coming.” A man’s voice rang out from behind the woman. Then her whole body was enveloped in two arms, and the man’s cold breath floated to her ear. “You can take revenge.”

“I will let her beg for death.” The woman clenched her hands into fists.

“I will help you,” the man said intimately.

The hatred at the bottom of the woman’s eyes was growing more intense.

The woman was none other than Xiao Rufeng.

When she was kidnapped by the golden serpent, she left a mark on it. She intended to tame the golden serpent after separating from Feng Cheng.

Unexpectedly she was brought back to Xiling ahead of time. When she thought she might have missed the opportunity, the golden serpent fortunately appeared again and gave her the chance to escape.

She was taken by the golden serpent to the Mountain of Dragon Bones.

But when she was taming the serpent, something unexpected happened again.

The dragon skeleton that was conquered by her earlier suddenly reappeared. She was affected and fainted. When she woke up, the serpent had disappeared and was replaced by the man in front of her.

He devoured the golden serpent, occupying the snake’s body and replacing it with the dragon skeleton. She couldn’t tell what the man was now.

And she was tamed by this man.

She tried to control him, but eventually she was punished and controlled instead. It was more precise to say that she was tamed by him.

The man was very powerful, so powerful that she didn’t dare to resist. Fortunately, as long as she was obedient, the man would be nice to her, and even promised to avenge her.

Xiao Rufeng’s body suddenly stiffened.

“What’s wrong?” the man asked.

“She…” Xiao Rufeng pointed below. “She seemed to see me.”

The man looked in that direction. A red figure was standing on a rock, staring this way. The expression on her face could be seen clearly. It was a wide smile, and she seemed to have found something really interesting.

Ming Shu touched her chin and looked thoughtfully at the mountains over there. The trees were so tall and thick. In fact, she didn’t see anything. She just felt that there was an uncomfortable air on that side.

The little beastie lay at her feet, playing with the colorful egg not that interestedly.

That dreadful thing, there’s nothing to look at. Are you hungry?

“Dreadful?” Ming Shu grumbled. “Do you know what is over there?”

“What are you talking about?” Qing Chen was confused.

“Not talking to you.”

Qing Chen blinked and jumped up to Ming Shu’s side. At a glance, he saw the little beastie holding the egg and rolling to the other side. Its vigilance was especially cute.

The little beastie waved its claws at Ming Shu, negotiating the conditions.

You give me the bag and I will tell you what it is.

Ming Shu held tightly onto her snack bag, then threw it to the little beastie after all kinds of hesitant considerations. The little beastie flashed its complacent eyes and plunged into the bag happily. After a moment, it rolled out with an even rounder and bulkier belly, while the bag was empty, no fruit left behind.

The full little beastie crawled out in a satisfied mood.

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It is the dragon-snake . Annoying .

She was a dedicated person.

[…] It sounds beautiful, but you just want to cause trouble.

Qing Chen was stunned. Going up the mountain to hunt the dragon? Do you think the dragon is an earthworm? You’re hunting it? Dame, wait!

Xiao Rufeng didn’t expect Ming Shu would come so soon and with so many people. She didn’t know what to do for a time.

“Hey.” Ming Shu, like an old friend, waved to Xiao Rufeng. “Long time no see.”

That familiar smile and familiar tone.

Both were so disgusting and hateful.

The man behind her patted her shoulder; Xiao Rufeng’s uneasiness seemed to vanish in the same moment. She exhaled a shaky breath and sneered. “Yeah, it’s been a long time, Zhi Po.”

“You have found a new backer? He looks… um, unpresentable?” The man’s whole body was wrapped like a briquette, not even a hair was visible.

Is he cosplaying? Final Destination?

“The people who have seen me are all dead.” The man’s voice was as calm as stagnant water.

Ming Shu could feel a cold gaze watching her from the briquette with fierce pressure. It was really uncomfortable.

“Wow, you’re powerful.” Ming Shu’s smile remained unchanged. It seemed she had not been affected by the pressure and praised the man insincerely.


The man moved as if to begin the battle. But Xiao Rufeng stopped him. She stepped into Ming Shu’s line of sight and confronted her directly. “Zhi Po, I have a question. Perhaps you can answer me?”

“Well, you need to ask it first.” Who knows what question you will ask, I’m not that stupid to promise you immediately. What a fool.

“Why are you causing trouble for me?” She couldn’t understand this all this time.

Before she listened to Bai Yanran’s orders and targeted her, that was understandable. But later, she and Bai Yanran split up, and she still continued to cause her problems. Apart from Bai Yanran, she and Ming Shu hadn’t had many disagreements before.

Why does she hate me so much?

“This question… Let me think…” Ming Shu held her chin in contemplation.

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