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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 878 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (20)

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Chapter 878: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (20)

Ming Shu got surrounded by people from the Chiyang Sect.

The Duan Xu sword floated behind her. That was the most important evidence.

She had the Duan Xu sword because she killed their sect leader!

“Devil girl, why did you kill our sect leader?”

The disciples of the Chiyang Sect felt that their guess was right.

They glared at Ming Shu furiously as they questioned her.

“Let me think.” Ming Shu didn’t know what their sect leader looked like so she couldn’t think of a good reason immediately.

Everyone: “…”

What are you thinking about?!

Do you still need to think about this?

The disciples from the Chiyang Sect were almost exploding with anger. They felt that she was looking down on and humiliating them.


Before Ming Shu could think of a reason, Chang Sheng walked out with the elder of the other sect.

He nodded his head politely. “I heard your conversation just now. May I know when the sect leader of the Chiyang Sect died?”

The disciple didn’t reply. He looked at the elder.

“Don’t do this.” Ming Shu raised her hand to stop them. “I almost thought of my reason…”

I am willing to take the blame!


Don’t mess things up!

Chang Sheng seemed to understand what Ming Shu meant. He twitched the corners of his mouth. “May I know when the sect leader of the Chiyang Sect died?”

The disciple looked into Chang Sheng’s eyes and shivered for some reason. He opened his mouth.

“The day before yesterday. He died at around 11 PM to 1 AM.”

Chang Sheng replied slowly, “The day before yesterday, Miss July was always in this courtyard. The young lord of the Qian Yuan Sect is a witness too.”

The child nodded his head in cooperation. “Sister was always here.”

Ming Shu self-reflected and told herself that she would need to think of a reason faster next time.

The elder from the Chiyang Sect was still indignant, but Chang Sheng and the young lord of the Qian Yuan Sect spoke up for Ming Shu. Hence, he could only confirm with them. “Is that true?”

Ming Shu raised her hand. “You can take it that I killed him.”

Everyone: “…” Are you crazy?

Why are you taking the blame for murder? Are you looking for death? Do you think that you are not infamous enough?

The elder from the Chiyang Sect said, “Why is the Duan Xu sword with her?”

Chang Sheng replied, “That is not the Duan Xu sword.”

Not the Duan Xu sword?

This was the Duan Xu sword. How can they not recognize their sect leader’s sword?

After Chang Sheng spoke this sentence, he kept quiet.

Ming Shu felt that Chang Sheng was preventing her from completing her task.

She could have gained a lot of Hatred Points this time.

You will be struck by lightning!

Chang Sheng didn’t know what Ming Shu was thinking. He helped her to clear her name out of kindness, but Ming Shu didn’t need it.

Although the disciples from the Chiyang Sect didn’t believe what they said, they had no right to say anything since their elder and their uncle master didn’t speak. They just glared at her angrily.

The elder from the Chiyang Sect asked about their sect leader’s death carefully. After some investigation, it was confirmed that Ming Shu had nothing to do with it.

After such a serious thing happened to their sect, the Chiyang Sect couldn’t stay here anymore.

However, they couldn’t just leave the demon king here like this too. The elder took some of the disciples back to their sect while a portion of them stayed here.

As for the Duan Xu sword…

After they saw the Lianjing sword rolling around on the ground, they felt that this was not the arrogant and cold Duan Xu sword after all.

So what sword was it?

The elder of the Chiyang Sect had a guess, but he didn’t have the mood to think about this now.

“Did the Chiyang Sect offend someone?”

“Is the devil girl really innocent? I feel that it is her.”

“I think so too. She didn’t deny it and she has the sword too. Why did they believe what the person called Chang Sheng said?”

They didn’t know who Chang Sheng was.

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However, their elders were polite to him so he was obviously someone in a high position.

The girl in red jumped down.

Fang Wan suddenly flew out and slammed into the wall behind her. She held onto the wall and prevented herself from falling down.

“July… you…”

“There were too many people just now so I didn’t dare to hit you. I was afraid that I would be surrounded. It takes a lot of effort to fight against so many people.”

The lady’s voice was soft and gentle. If you listened carefully, you would be able to sense some happiness in her tone.

On the contrary, the words she said were infuriating.

Fang Wan already had something against Ming Shu so she instantly exploded in anger. “July, the disciples from the three sects are not far away. If you dare to touch me, I will shout for help!”

“Go on and shout for them so that they will be able to see what you look like when you are beaten. I am not the one who will be losing face. What is there to be afraid of?”

Ming Shu closed in on Fang Wan.

She had already lost the chance to gain some Hatred Points today. She must get back some interest.

Fang Wan gritted her teeth and glared at her with hatred. “Are you not afraid that…”

Ming Shu smiled gently. “What am I afraid of? I even dared to take the blame for killing a sect leader. Do you think that I will care if they know I hit you?”

Fang Wan choked.

This is a lunatic!

Fang Wan immediately called out her Yi Xie sword. Ming Shu already knew that she had the Yi Xie sword so she didn’t care if she saw it.


The Lianjing sword popped out suddenly. It slowly changed from blue to red and then, it turned into the Yi Xie sword.

Fang Wan: “…”

What sword is this?

The Lianjing sword placed itself on Ming Shu’s hand—hit it hit it hit it hit it.

Let me see if I am more powerful than it.

Ming Shu: “…” Amazing! A replica wants to fight with the original!

Fang Wan saw Ming Shu looking down on her sword. Her expression turned vicious and she stabbed the Yi Xie sword at Ming Shu.

This lunatic would do anything. If she didn’t kill her today, she might die here.

She got the rare opportunity to be reborn. How could she die just like this?

No way!!

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