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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 876 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (18)

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Chapter 876: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (18)

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Ming Shu took out her snacks calmly. “My dear miss, they can’t wait for me to die. There is no use in taking me as hostage.”

The woman: “…”

The woman saw that the people opposite her didn’t have any reaction so she believed what Ming Shu said and released her. She rushed into the courtyard.

The Lianjing sword floated beside Ming Shu. It didn’t chase after the woman.

Everyone rushed in and Ming Shu spun a few times due to the impact.

She held onto the edge of the door and glared at the people who didn’t manage to squeeze in.

Everyone: “…” This, this is a demonic cultivator?

Ming Shu: “…” Are you all trying to s.n.a.t.c.h my snacks again?

“Let him go!”

“Let go of Young Lord!”

Ming Shu placed her hand on her forehead. This bunch of people must be idiots.

They not only lost their young lord, they shouted out his ident.i.ty in such a circ.u.mstance. Are you serious?

The courtyard was lit brightly. The woman grabbed the throat of the child. Everyone surrounded her.

The woman’s hair hung down loosely and covered half of her face. Only her eyes were visible. They were glaring at everyone hatefully.

The water-blue dress was stained with dark blood.

Her abdomen was bulging slightly like a pregnant lady’s.

Ming Shu smiled innocently and squeezed her way to the front. The people at the scene didn’t dare to fight with her now.

Ming Shu saw Chang Sheng’s room door open. He stood at the side silently. Only the corner of his white robe could be seen.

“Get out of my way!” the woman shouted shrilly. “If not, I will kill him. I have killed so many people already so it doesn’t matter if I kill one more.”

When she talked about killing people, the woman’s voice shook.

“How dare you!”

The person who spoke was someone from the Qian Yuan Sect. This child was the son of their sect leader.

“Don’t come over!” The woman dug her nails into the child’s neck.

“Uncle Master Hu…” the child said weakly.

“We are here to help him. Let him go first. He is innocent.” Uncle Master Hu signaled to the little child to tell him to calm down. “We will think of a way to help you. Calm down.”

“Am I not innocent too?” The woman got agitated. “Why must I bear all this? I will be getting married in one month’s time. Why… why did this thing choose me? What did I do wrong?! He is innocent but am I not innocent? I know what you all want to do! You all want to kill me!”

The woman got more agitated as she spoke. The child was almost choking to death.

“It is not your fault. We will all try to help you. Don’t be afraid…” Fang Wan said gently. “Look, there are so many people here. We will definitely think of a way to save you.”

The woman actually listened to what Fang Wan said. Maybe it was because she was a woman too.

However, she just relaxed for a moment before pushing the child in front of her again. “You just want to kill me. I don’t trust any of you.”

“My dear miss, if you want to kill him, just kill him. Stop talking so much nonsense. The sky is going to turn bright soon. I still want to sleep.” Ming Shu yawned. “Why are you disturbing people’s rest in the middle of the night?”


Someone shouted angrily.

What is this devil girl trying to do now?

“Let me go! Get out of this place. Don’t come in! Get out of this place! Out!” the woman shouted furiously.

“Miss, don’t waste your energy. We can all hear you. You don’t have to shout.”

The woman: “…”

Everyone: “…”

The woman suddenly screamed, “Stop right there!”

Ming Shu said with an earnest face, “I just want to take my chair. It is tiring to keep standing.”

The woman glanced at the chair nearby. She didn’t say anything.

Ming Shu walked over and pulled the chair over. Then, she sat on it.

The atmosphere was odd.

“Don’t look at me. Look at her.” Why are you all looking at me? I am not going to perform for you all.

“…” This girl is definitely here to wreak some havoc.

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“Sect Leader.”

The sect leader of Qian Yuan Sect looked at his son and said with some grievance, “I asked you to follow people. Why are you in her hands? You are making it difficult for me.”

The sect leader attacked the moment he finished speaking.

There was no hesitation or worry at all.

Everyone: “…” We didn’t see your grievance anywhere.

That is your son!

Liu Cui’er didn’t expect the sect leader to give up his own child so she was stunned for a moment. In that moment, the sect leader slapped her shoulder and s.n.a.t.c.hed his son back.

“Take her down!”

The sect leader of the Qian Yuan Sect put the child down and patted his pale face. “Time to regain your sense.”

The child breathed heavily. “Father…”

“It is a good thing you are alive,” the sect leader of the Qian Yuan Sect said worriedly. “If you die, your mother will kill me when I get back.”

Everyone: “…” Is he really your son?

The disciples of Qian Yuan Sect: “…” This was how their sect leader was. They were used to it.

Liu Cui’er got taken down and she was pinned onto the ground.

The people from the Qian Yuan Sect set up an array around her to prevent her from running away.

Liu Cui’er lay weakly on the floor. Her eyes were open and she was staring in a certain direction.

She suddenly crawled up and kowtowed. “Physician Chang Sheng… save me. Please save me. I don’t want to die.”

Everyone: “…”

What is happening?

Everyone looked at the direction she was kowtowing to. The white robe moved and Chang Sheng walked out of his room.

“Physician Chang Sheng, please save me.” She ran all the way here because she wanted to look for Physician Chang Sheng. He could save her. He could definitely save her.

These people wanted to kill her.

She didn’t want to die.

She didn’t want to handle all this.

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