Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 873 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (15)

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Chapter 873: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (15)

Ming Shu reached behind her and a few swords appeared in her hand. She threw the swords at the people in front of her. “These are for you.”

The people grabbed the swords naturally. They were speechless.

These were just ordinary swords!

“Everyone has one. How kind of me.” Ming Shu smiled.

“Devil girl, you are treating us like fools!” one disciple shouted in anger.

Ming Shu thought of something and raised her hand.

The swords in the people’s hand flew back to her simultaneously.

A dark light flashed past the uncle master’s eyes.

Ming Shu took out some writing materials and started writing on the hilt.

After a while, she put away the writing materials and waved her hand.

The swords landed in the people’s hands once again.

The words “Yi Xie” were exceptionally striking.

Everyone: “…” Do you think that the swords will become the Yi Xie sword just because you wrote the name on it?!

The disciples from Chiyang Sect shook with anger.

“Why are you all still angry? I have already given you all the sword,” Ming Shu said sincerely.

Someone threw the fake sword on the ground. “This is not the Yi Xie sword. This is a normal sword. Uncle Master, we must punish her for teasing us.”

Ming Shu gave an innocent face. “I don’t have the Yi Xie sword but you all still want me to give it to you. I can only make a new one for you all.”

“Everyone in the city saw the Yi Xie sword floating beside you. Are they all blind?”

“Of course.” That stupid sword is not the Yi Xie sword.


The uncle master managed to keep his temper. “Are you not going to give us the Yi Xie sword?”

“I gave it to you already. You all don’t want it. Don’t push the blame on me.”

The uncle master’s face darkened. Wind started forming around him. The uncle master took a step forward. An oppressive aura immediately forced itself on Ming Shu.

What the h.e.l.l, this person is quite powerful.

Are you planning to kill me so that you can inherit my snacks?

Food-Protector Shu hurriedly packed her snacks.

The disciples behind the uncle master were shaking due to the strong aura, but the girl in red didn’t change her stance at all. Her hair flowed gently in the wind and her expression remained the same.

The uncle master was shocked.

He heard that July’s cultivation level was not high. When she got attacked the last time, she was seriously injured and had to run away.

However, she was standing in front of him now and under the force of his oppressive aura, her face didn’t change at all.

“This is it?”

The uncle master frowned. He released his full energy. The force caused the ornaments hanging on the buildings around them to fall.

The girl in red stood perfectly fine among the strong gusts of wind.


The bells rang in the wind. The uncle master widened his eyes. A whirlwind formed around the uncle master and the energy was recalled back to his body.


The wind stopped. The person fell onto the ground.


The uncle master fell into the stall of a small shop. Half of his body was hidden from their view.


“Uncle Master!”

“Uncle Master, are you okay?”

The disciples regained their senses and hurried toward the stall to hold their uncle master up.

The uncle master clutched his chest. There was a line of blood at the edge of his mouth. He looked at Ming Shu with a dark, frightened expression.

Ming Shu tossed her head and smiled in a handsome manner. “I am seriously not being arrogant. I can handle spiritual power better than all of you. If you all are able to find a sword cultivator to fight with me, you all might not lose so badly.”

In order words, they would lose no matter what they did.

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The disciples from Chiyang Sect were furious at Ming Shu’s shameless att.i.tude. They wanted to stab her to death with their swords.

“Physician Chang Sheng, please help. Please help my young miss.”

It was the lady called Chun Hua who came in the morning. Her voice was shaking and her words were almost inaudible.

“Miss Chun Hua, there is nothing I can do to help.”

“Physician Chang Sheng, please, I beg you. If you don’t save Young Miss… she will die. Physician Chang Sheng, they say that you have the best medical skills in the country. Please help me!”

The dim light shone on Chang Sheng’s figure. His outline appeared dreamy and lonely. “Miss Chun Hua, I really can’t help you with this. You should ask someone from the immortal sects to help you. I heard that the Chiyang Sect is in the city. You can go and invite them.”

Chun Hua wept bitterly. “They will definitely kill Young Miss. Physician Chun Hua, Young Miss is innocent!”

“If there is a way to save your young miss, they will do it.”

“Physician Chang Sheng, I know that your medicine costs ten years of someone’s life. If you can save Young Miss, I am willing to give you all my life. Please help Young Miss.”

Chang Sheng seemed surprised by her but he still shook his head. “You can’t afford this medicine.”

“Why?” Chun Hua got agitated. “I am willing to give you all my life already. I am still young so I definitely have many years left.”

No matter how Chun Hua pled with him, Chang Sheng rejected her and even locked her out of the house.

Chang Sheng carried his lamp and stood behind the door. His body was surrounded by a faint light.

Ming Shu laid back nonchalantly.

The moon hung high above them. It shone in the small courtyard and covered it with hazy moonlight.

A shadow appeared beside her.

Ming Shu looked to her side.

Chang Sheng had come over.

Ming Shu grabbed her fruit preserves and moved it to her other side. “What is the matter?”

Chang Sheng set out down his lamp and sat cross-legged on the ground. He looked at the moon and asked, “Have you heard… of a demon baby before?”

“A demon who is pregnant will have a demon baby. What is so strange about that?” Ming Shu replied casually.

Chang Sheng asked her again, “Have you heard of the demon bone then?”

Ming Shu got stunned this time.

The demon bone did not refer to the normal bones of a demon. Only the demon king would have the demon bone.

After a while, she said, “The demon king has appeared. It is getting lively.”

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