Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 872 - : The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (14)

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Chapter 872: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (14)

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Ming Shu used her actions to prove that she was an elite foodie. She could eat anything that was edible. If it was inedible, she would find a way to make it edible.

“Sorry to trouble you, Chang Sheng.”

The man sent the old lady out and replied gently, “It is not troublesome at all. Take care.”

“Sure. Thank you.” The old lady limped out slowly.

Chang Sheng turned to look at the person in his house. “Miss July, if you continue eating like this, I will be forced to close down soon.”

“You said that I can eat whatever I want.” Ming Shu sat under the shelter with white ginseng in one hand. She placed her hand on her chin and chewed the ginseng deliciously.

Chang Sheng: “…”

He said that because he didn’t know she could eat so much.

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the door again after Chang Sheng closed it.

“Physician Chang Sheng, are you there?”

It was a female who was talking. Her voice was pleasant. She sounded like she was in a hurry.

Chang Sheng went to open the door. “Miss Chun Hua, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Physician Chang Sheng, please go take a look at my young miss.” The lady outside wanted to drag Chang Sheng away.

Chun Hua pushed her hand away calmly. “Miss Chun Hua, please wait for a moment.”

Ming Shu glanced at the Lianjing sword which was vibrating crazily.

Chang Sheng went into the house and took something. When the Lianjing sword noticed that Ming Shu did not intend to move, it followed Chang Sheng out.

Chun Hua screamed.

“Miss July, can you look after the Lianjing sword?” If it followed him out, the entire city would be in chaos.

“Just give it to someone.” Ming Shu waved her hand nonchalantly. She didn’t want this stupid sword at all.

Buzz! The Lianjing sword was furious. It rushed into the house and attacked Ming Shu.

The deal meant that it couldn’t hurt the other party, but it could beat her up to vent its frustration.

“Don’t hurt me. If you do, I will sell you off later!” Ming Shu bit her ginseng and pointed at the Lianjing sword as she threatened it.

Shua shua shua—

Three attacks replied to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu pulled up her sleeves and grabbed the sword. She pulled it into the courtyard.

Miss Chun Hua saw the door open suddenly and an angry-looking lady in red dragged a sword out. She turned pale and shrunk into a corner.

“Physician… Chang Sheng, this… lady…”

“Don’t worry.” Chun Hua consoled Miss Chun Hua.

Ming Shu didn’t even look at them. She dragged the sword and walked toward the downtown area of the city.

Chun Hua and Chun Hua walked to the downtown area too. They saw Ming Shu selling the Lianjing sword.

The news that July and the Yi Xie sword were in Cloud City had spread throughout the country. Many people were looking for her.

Hence, the moment she appeared, she caught everyone’s attention and the entire downtown area flooded with people.

Ming Shu sold the Lianjing sword and left with her snacks happily.

[Guest, this scheme of yours is amazing. Please maintain it!] Make those people who are from a different race hate you!

Ming Shu: “…”

She really wanted to sell the stupid sword. However, it would come back to her by itself every time she sold it.

It was not some elaborate scheme.

Is it good for a Harmony System like you to encourage me to do this kind of thing?

Ming Shu felt that there was something wrong with the principles of the Harmony System. She better not interact too much with it.

Ming Shu didn’t manage to go far. A few figures suddenly appeared and surrounded her. The civilians around them immediately moved back and gave them a wide berth.

“Devil girl, how dare you beat people from the Chiyang Sect. Do you think that we are easy to bully?”

Chiyang Sect? Can it be eaten?

After a while, Ming Shu nodded in agreement. “Yes.”

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The Chiyang Sect: “…”

The disciples from The Chiyang Sect widened their eyes at her.

They saw her splitting the water chain into different segments.

This water chain was formed using their spiritual power!

While everyone was still in shock, the person opposite them had already moved. Before they could see her clearly, they were already on the ground.

“Who told you all to disturb me when I am eating. I just want to eat in peace. Why is it so difficult? You all…”

Ming Shu was. .h.i.tting them happily when a few rocks flew over.

Ming Shu dodged the rocks. The rocks. .h.i.t the ground beside her and the ground cracked.

“Uncle Master!”

Ming Shu looked up and saw a middle-aged man wearing the Chiyang Sect uniform coming down with the wind.

“The young ones can’t win against me so their elders came?” Ming Shu clapped her hands and put away her snacks. “I am not being arrogant, but no one in your sect can win against me.”

The disciples of Chiyang Sect: “…” How is this not arrogant! This is arrogance at its best!

The middle-aged man that just appeared and hadn’t done anything: “…”

The disciples helped each other up and hid behind the man.

“Uncle Master, the Yi Xie sword is in her hands.”

“Uncle Master, don’t let the devil girl take the Yi Xie sword away. She will harm other people with it.”

“Uncle Master…”

The uncle master raised his hand. The disciples stopped talking.

Uncle Master said in a low voice, “Miss July, the Yi Xie sword is not something you should take. If you hand it over to me now, I will let you go.”

“The Yi Xie sword again.” She didn’t have it! The one she had was a replica! The stupid sword always went around and fooled other people!

I am so angry!

Ming Shu bit her fruit preserve. “I sold it just now. If you all chase after the person who bought it, you all might still be able to catch him.”

“Pfft!” The disciples of Chiyang Sect didn’t believe her. “Do you think that we will believe you? Liar!”

“Fine, fine, fine. You all are right.” Ming Shu waved her white hand irritatedly. “I will give it to you.”

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