Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 871 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (13)

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Chapter 871: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (13)

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“What are you buzzing for?” Ming Shu slapped the Lianjing sword. The Lianjing sword tilted its body and fell on the ground.

The man shook his head. “It is still the same as last time.”

“You have seen it before?”

“I have the honor of seeing it once.” The man picked up the Lianjing sword. He took off his outerwear and wrapped it around the sword.

The Lianjing sword was not happy about this. It cut through the man’s outerwear and flew out.

It flew ahead of them and disappeared in an instant.

“What kind of stupid sword is this? How do I break it?” Ming Shu asked sincerely.

The man was curious. “Why do you want to break it?”

“I don’t need a sword that doesn’t listen to me.” I am not a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t.

The man said, “If that is the case, the two of you will have trouble interacting with each other. The Lianjing sword is arrogant. The owner before you…”

The man paused and didn’t continue.

Ming Shu was not interested in knowing more. either. They walked to the city and Ming Shu immediately went to find a restaurant.

Before she could reach the restaurant, the Lianjing sword flew toward her, a bunch of people chasing it.

“The Yi Xie sword!”

“It’s mine!”

“Don’t let it get away!”

Ming Shu: “…”

Are you all blind? This is not the Yi Xie sword.

Ming Shu continued standing at the entrance of the restaurant as the sword came nearer. She asked the man calmly, “How do you know that that is not the Yi Xie sword?”

The man answered, “The spirit is different.”

The man continued, “Every living thing has a spirit. Lady, they are almost here.”

The Lianjing sword lured all the people over and then shrunk behind Ming Shu. Its intention was obvious. It wanted to make Ming Shu get beaten.


“The Yi Xie sword is really in her hands!”

“Devil girl, give us the Yi Xie sword!”

Ming Shu grabbed the Lianjing sword and pa.s.sed it to the person in front of her. “Here you go.”

The people who shouted were speechless.

The atmosphere turned awkward.

They were prepared to fight but Ming Shu just gave them the sword without any hesitation.

The person took a while before he regained his senses and tried to take the sword from Ming Shu’s hand.

He took it.

This is it?

“Don’t let me see it again.” Ming Shu walked into the restaurant. Anything that bothers me when I am eating is bad!

The fight outside the restaurant was very entertaining. Ming Shu sat inside the restaurant and watched the nice show going on.

The man treated Ming Shu for a meal and then invited her to his house. He said that she might change her mind after visiting his house.

The man knew the Lianjing sword so he might have good food in his house. Ming Shu agreed to go with him.

The man indeed had many delicious snacks in his house. Most of them couldn’t be found in this country anymore.

The man didn’t care about these things, but he still regretted after a while. How can she eat so much?

In the Wuji Sword Sect…

The sect leader of the Wuji Sword Sect sat cross-legged on the floor and listened to Senior Brother Ling reporting their encounters.

When the sect leader heard Senior Brother Ling talking about the man who gave them the medicine, he slowly opened his eyes.

“Master, do you know this person?”

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HIs junior brother did get better after the man left. However, they were not sure about the life that was taken so he decided to ask his master.

“This is what I should be doing.”

The atmosphere got awkward. Su Yiqiu didn’t know where she should look.

“Oh right, Senior Brother, do you know who the person we met is?”

Ling Lie shook his head.

Su Yiqiu touched her forehead. The feeling was really weird. It felt as though he took something away…

“I think that he looks like someone,” Su Yiqiu muttered.

“Huh?” Ling Lie heard her. “Who?”

Su Yiqiu scratched her head. “I was punished to the Treasured Book Pavilion that time, right? I… Senior Brother Ling, if I tell you, you cannot tell the sect leader, okay?”

Ling Lie looked at the young girl who was looking so pitifully at him and nodded without thinking.

Su Yiqiu felt at ease now. “We are not allowed to go to the top level but I accidentally went up… and then, I saw a painting of a person there. It looked like the man we saw.”

“There are arrays at the top level.”

Su Yiqiu touched her head, embarra.s.sed. “Senior Brother Ling, you know that my sword skills are not good, but I can handle simple arrays.”

Ling Lie agreed.

He asked, “What else is on the painting?”

“There were some inscriptions on it but I couldn’t read it. The words were illegible,” Su Yiqiu replied. “However, the name of the painting was Ghost Doctor.”

Su Yiqiu turned her head and asked him, “Senior Brother Ling, have you heard about the ghost doctor?”

Ling Lie shook his head with an indifferent expression.

“I’ve heard of him before. He has the best medical skills and can save people from death. However, he moves around often so very few people have met him.”

“Don’t carelessly spread such rumors. We have arrived. Rest early.”

Ling Lie pointed at the building in front of them.

Su Yiqiu wanted to say something, but she knew that Ling Lie didn’t want to hear anymore. Hence, she bid farewell to Ling Lie. “Goodbye.”

After Ling Lie left, Su Yiqiu heaved a huge sigh of relief and walked to her room.

She didn’t see Fang Wan who was standing not far away from her. Fang Wan glared at her back with a dark expression.

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