Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 87 - Gorgeous Doctor (34)

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Chapter 87: Gorgeous Doctor (34)

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Ming Shu was robbed of her snacks, which suddenly threw her into a state of low blood pressure. Qing Chen, who was immersed in the shocking realization that there were worms in his body, was pulled back by her unusual “vibe.”

“Where are you going?” Qing Chen asked as he caught Ming Shu’s arm. “Please, doctor, do something to get the worms out of me.”

As soon as he thought of worms in his body, Qing Chen felt itchy all over.

While Ming Shu was held up by Qing Chen, the little beastie had taken the chance to hide in the deep gra.s.s, leaving no trace behind.

d.a.m.n, is this fool doing it on purpose? He helped another idiot steal my snacks!

Ming Shu stood there for a few more seconds before sitting back down again.

“Have you heard of undead insects?”

“I’ve only heard of undead bodies,” Qing Chen answered truthfully, and then he was laughed at by Ming Shu.

This woman could express all her emotions with a smile. Qing Chen couldn’t help admiring Ming Shu.

“The undead insects are a kind of parasite that can leech off the human body. They live by absorbing the strength and vitality of the human body. The host body sometimes will have a rapid heartbeat and struggle to breathe, and they live no longer than thirty years.

“Once someone is poisoned, the insects will enable them to absorb any Qi in the world, which will alleviate the symptoms caused by the parasite. But this Qi couldn’t be used by the poisoned person themselves.”

Before, Qing Chen tried to take the colorful egg just because of its rich Qi.

Qing Chen frowned and his expression became slightly serious. Apparently, Ming Shu was right.

He did have an accelerated heartbeat and found it hard to breathe. But he always thought it was because of his weak physical condition; he never thought they were related to his “illness.”

“Can the undead insects be… cleared out?” Undead insects… This term was not familiar, but it didn’t seem that strange, either.

They may first have appeared in foreign lands.


Qing Chen’s eyes lit up. “How?”

Ming Shu revealed a weird smile to Qing Chen. The latter suddenly had a bad feeling.

The poison of undead insects could be removed at one point.

But that was a long time ago.

Because dragons existed at that time.

But now, there were no dragons.

The method of detoxification was very simple: Drinking dragon’s blood would cure all. Because dragon’s blood had the greatest masculine energy in the world, and the undead insects were just the opposite.

Interestingly, the undead insects were originally born from tainted dragon bones.

The two could be said to reinforce and restrain each other.

“Is there still a dragon in this world?” Qing Chen was a little desperate. Dragons had not appeared in the past few hundred years. It was said the dragons had long gone extinct. Where could he find a whole dragon?

Is this a joke?

This task is impossible to complete!

“There is.” During the later portion of this story, the fake protagonist would have a dragon. But it was not clear where it came from. The plot she got was simplified, and many details were murky.

Since the fake protagonist could have a dragon, it proved that dragons must exist in this world. But the world didn’t know this.

Qing Chen turned around and looked at Ming Shu. “Really?”



Can I just kill this psychopath?

Finally, Ming Shu, under the hara.s.sment of Qing Chen, told him impatiently that he could go to the Mountain of Dragon Bones to try his luck.

The Mountain of Dragon Bones was buried with a dragon. If there really was a dragon in the world, the most likely place would be there.


“Why should I go with you?” She didn’t want to go to the Windy Mountain Range of Demons. She only wanted to be a quiet foodie.

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“Miss Zhi Po, you promised to cure me. I am still poisoned now, of course you have to go with me.” Qing Chen stepped closer to Ming Shu, and his faint fragrance lingered around her.

“Master, we should be arriving at the Mountain of Dragon Bones soon,” the guard reported to Qing Chen while checking the map.

“Great.” Qing Chen stopped and turned. The minute he turned around he was frightened. “Where is Miss Zhi Po?”

The guard turned back as well and also found the team was only comprised of their own people.

Ming Shu and her two followers were gone.

“Just now they were still behind us…”

“I told you to focus on her, you…” Qing Chen almost got angry, but he forced it back in time. “Go back, find them.”

This was the Windy Mountain Range of Demons. One wrong turn may get them lost.

When Qing Chen found Ming Shu, she was poised on a tree and picking fruit. Hui Xue and Liu Feng stood below, looking up at her. Both of them were a bit unspeakably awkward.

Ming Shu jumped down the tree with her fruit.

“Miss Zhi Po.” Qing Chen gritted his teeth. “Next time you want to pick fruit, just tell me. How could I allow you to do this hard work?”

“Master Qing Chen, you’d better take care of yourself.” Ming Shu smiled lightly at him as she put the fruit in her bag. The little beastie was squatting beside her, picking the fruit with its claws and shoving them into its mouth.

Ming Shu stared at it, and it quickened its actions. As Ming Shu was about to beat it, it took one last second to put more fruit into its mouth and then rolled aside with bristling fur, staring back at its “owner” angrily.

“…” Like owner, like pet.

Did you forget your ident.i.ty? This is a divine beast?

Can’t you behave like you are a real divine beast?

But Qing Chen restrained his mood quickly. He bent down to help Ming Shu store the fruit. “Why does it hold its eggsh.e.l.l?”

Some hatched beasts did collect their own after birth, but this divine beast… After birth, its eggsh.e.l.l was still intact, and it held its eggsh.e.l.l like that ever since it hatched!

Ming Shu glanced at the little beastie, who grasped its eggsh.e.l.l even more tightly with its claws, staring at Ming Shu and Qing Chen in alarm.

It’s mine!

Ming Shu pulled her gaze away and smiled at Qing Chen. “I don’t know.”

Qing Chen didn’t believe her at all. She must know.

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