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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 869 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (11)

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Chapter 869: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (11)

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The door opened and the girl in red walked in.

Everyone: “…”

Why is the devil girl here?

They thought that she was gone…

Why is she still in her room!

You came back to sleep in your room after beating us yesterday? Is this something you should be doing?

Ming Shu stretched her body. The bells on her hand rang silently.

“Good morning.”

The girl smiled at them brightly.

“…” Morning your head!

Ming Shu walked down the steps.

Something made a sound behind her. Everyone looked over. The red sword had its tip on the floor and it was leaning forward at a 45-degree angle. It looked like an old man.

When Fang Wan saw the Yi Xie sword, she almost took out her own sword to compare it to.

She was the owner of the Yi Xie sword so she knew the sword’s aura.

This sword…

Had the same aura as her sword.

How can this be!

“I told you all that your Junior Sister Fang Wan would not die.” Ming Shu smiled as she looked at Fang Wan.

Fang Wan looked Ming Shu in her eyes. The guilt in her was gone. There was only hatred left.

All demonic cultivators were bad people.

“Junior Sister Fang Wan, are you feeling unwell?”

One of the disciples saw Fang Wan’s expression and asked in concern.

Ming Shu laughed gently. She said in a gentle tone, “Why would she be uncomfortable? Even if she is, it is because of me.”

Anger burned in Fang Wan’s eyes. Her nails dug into her skin. She used so much force blood appeared on her hand.

“Shut up, devil girl!”

“My mouth is on my body. If I don’t shut up, what can you do to me?” Ming Shu tilted her head. “You can’t win against me in a fight.”


Although she was speaking the truth, she still wanted to kill her.

Senior Brother Ling stopped everyone from offending Ming Shu. They had lost a lot of people already. If they continued to offend her, they would lose more.

Ming Shu went to the place where she picked her fruit yesterday and plucked a basket full of fruit.

She found a place to sit down and listened to them discussing their plan to leave this place.


“It is starting, it is starting. Hahahaha, you will all die here.” The man laughed shrilly.

Everyone looked up at the sky.

The man said that once the spiritual pool dried up, this place would collapse too.


The noise didn’t stop at all.

Ming Shu threw away the seeds in the fruit. She looked at the people opposite her who were on their guard and said gently, “This is just thunder. What is there to be nervous about?”



Everyone listened carefully. It really did sound like thunder.

The man didn’t believe her. “Impossible. Thunder never sounded here before. It is definitely not thunder. You are all going to die. We will all die together.”

However, in reality, it was thunder.

It even rained after that.

The man was stunned.

Ming Shu sat on a rock sticking out from the cliff and rested.

Ever since the spiritual pool was destroyed, this place was not enclosed anymore. However, there was only one way out.

They needed to climb up from the place they fell down.

Ming Shu glanced at the fake sword hovering in the air. It floated in the air and even twirled a few times. It seemed to be mocking Ming Shu.

Ming Shu took a rock beside her and threw it at the sword. The sword dodged it easily.

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The rock fell down.

You can’t lie to clients just because you want to sell your medicine!

In the modern world, you would be arrested!

The black sword floated up slowly. When the man saw the black sword, he was surprised. “Isn’t this the Lianjing sword?”

Ming Shu glanced at the black sword. It was still pretending to be the Yi Xie sword. How did this man recognize it instantly?

The black sword floated up and down as if it was sizing up the man. It seemed really arrogant.

“The Yi Xie sword appeared and the Lianjing sword has too… it is getting messy,” the man muttered to himself as he went to take his basket. “I can sell more medicine. That is good.”

Ming Shu looked at the man with closed lips.

Is there something wrong with this person?

The man had placed his basket at the edge of the cliff. When he reached forward to take it, a snake suddenly appeared from behind the basket.

A second one appeared after that. Then, a third one appeared…

All kinds of brightly colored snakes crawled up from the cliff.

The man couldn’t care about his basket anymore. He kept retreating.

A swordlight appeared from the bottom of the cliff. The snakes on the cliff were sliced into pieces. A few figures came up from the cliff.

After Su Yiqiu came up, she immediately drew an array on the edge of the cliff and prevented the snakes from coming up.

These were just normal snakes so Su Yiqiu’s array was enough to stop them.

“Junior Brother, Junior Brother, quick, the detox Dan.”

“Senior Brother Ling, it is useless…”

“Junior Brother, hold on!”

“Have a few more.”

The face of the disciple that was bitten was green. His lips were already black. He swallowed all the detox Dan, but there was no effect at all.

The man was in the array too. Ming Shu was at the edge of the array. She had left the boundaries of the array but the snakes around here didn’t dare to go near her. They just went around her.

The man held his hand up and stood some distance away from the disciples. “Would you all like to buy some medicine?”

Everyone noticed that there was a stranger in the array only after he spoke. “Who are you?”

The man replied softly, “A physician.”

Physician… he is not a healer. He is just a normal person.

“Can you cure the poison?” Their detox Dan was useless. They had no choice but to make a Hail Mary effort.

The man repeated his sentence. “Would you all like to buy some medicine?”

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