Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 868 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (10)

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Chapter 868: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (10)

Ming Shu looked at the wound that was on her hand.

This stupid sword recognized her as the owner?

The black sword was shaking furiously. It wanted to shake Ming Shu’s blood out.

After shaking for some time, it suddenly slammed itself on the ground.

It was in despair.

The people in the courtyard looked at them in shock.

So, what is happening?

Did the devil girl win against the sword?

The black sword suddenly stood up and slowly turned red. Then, the patterns on the sword started changing too.

Ming Shu: “…” Stop it!

The black sword had changed itself into the Yi Xie sword.

Even the aura was the same!

“The Yi Xie sword…” Senior Brother Ling muttered.

Everyone was furious when they heard what Senior Brother Ling said. “Devil girl, how dare you lie to us!”

They almost believed her!

Ming Shu: “…”

This is really not the Yi Xie sword.

“Give us back our junior sister!”

“Devil girl, I will kill you today!”

The disciples of Wuji Sword Sect ignored Senior Brother Ling’s obstruction and rushed toward Ming Shu.

Ming Shu twitched her mouth corners. She grabbed the fake Yi Xie sword and blocked their attacks.

Very good!

Not only was the aura the same, but the abilities were also the same too.

Ming Shu leaned against the replica and panted. She took out a fruit from her pocket and bit it. As the sweet juice filled her mouth, her mood got slightly better.

The disciples from the Wuji Sword Sect were all lying on the ground, including their Senior Brother Ling.

The Yi Xie sword skills are good?


Stupid sword!

Ming Shu was so angry she slammed the replica on the ground.

I just came here to do a time-limit task and in the end, I confirmed the fact that I have the Yi Xie sword!

Ming Shu slammed the door and left.

When she left, the replica stood up too and went over to the spiritual pool.

The spiritual pool dried up in the blink of an eye. The rich reiki in the courtyard disappeared too.

The black shadows were still outside.

The moment Ming Shu walked out, the black shadows gathered around her. The screams in the air didn’t affect them at all. What a weird species.

“Urgh, urgh…” Are you not eating them anymore? Can we eat them?

Ming Shu forced a hideous smile. “Get away from here.”

“Urgh, urgh…” Why are you shouting at us? We will leave.

The black shadows called out and rolled away.

Ming Shu walked to the room that she was staying in. The python was still there. Good. I can’t lose my snacks.

The replica clanged behind her. The noise irritated her.

Ming Shu went into her room and locked the sword outside. The sword knocked on the door.

Ming Shu didn’t open the door. The sword broke through the window and lay straight on the floor lazily.

“This…” The child who was barbecuing the python meat got a shock.

Ming Shu ignored the child. She chewed her meat and fixed her gaze on the replica.

How is this thing able to replicate the Yi Xie sword?

Is it because of the red light that it absorbed just now?

How long can it last?

If it could last for a long time, she could use it to gain some Hatred Points from the people in the country.

The black sword seemed to realize what Ming Shu was planning and changed back into its original form.

Ming Shu: “…” Don’t change back if you can!

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After finishing her supper, Ming Shu asked the child, who was shivering in fear, to leave. She then picked up the black sword lying lazily on the ground.

However, she was really lucky.

After she experienced all those things, she was still fine.

“I am fine.” Su Yiqiu wanted to ask Fang Wan why she pushed her, but she didn’t have any evidence. She decided not to say anything in the end.

“Senior brother.” Fang Wan stood up and walked toward the person who came in. “Have you found the others?”

Su Yiqiu lowered her head and went to take care of the injured people.

“We found all of them,” Senior Brother Ling said indifferently.

The two disciples that came in first were in the worst state. Their cultivation was completely lost. They could only be normal people now.

The man was still tied up. He said sarcastically, “I told you all that you shouldn’t go out at night.”

“What are those things?” Someone grabbed the man’s clothes.

The man groaned. “How would I know? It is just not something good.”

Senior Brother Ling went up. “The sword in the pool was always there?”

The man replied, “Why would I lie to you? The demons here know it too.”

Senior Brother Ling frowned.

The pool had dried up and the sword was gone.

They saw Ming Shu fighting against it personally. It turned into the Yi Xie sword after a while…

What is happening?

Senior Brother Ling glanced at Fang Wan.

The man noticed that something was wrong. “What happened? Did something happen to the sword?”

“The sword is gone. The spiritual pool has dried up too,” someone answered him.

“Dried up?” The man’s tone rose in pitch. “What did you all do?”

“It must be the devil girl. This was all planned by her.”

Senior Brother Ling kept a clear mind and knew that she had nothing to do with all this. She fell down with them. However, what she did with the black shadows yesterday…

And the sword. Did she swipe the sword in the pool?

Any weapon would become stronger after they got submerged in the pool.

This was the only explanation that he could find.

“What devil girl? Didn’t I tell you all that everything here is supported by the spiritual pool? You bunch of lunatics!” The man was extremely agitated.

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