Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 866 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (8)

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Chapter 866: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (8)

“Don’t provoke it. You will get into trouble,” the man said coldly, as someone who had experienced it before.

Ming Shu clicked her tongue. “Why can’t I say the truth?”

The man: “…”

The sword stood erect in the pool. Waves started to form around it.

“Oh no.”

The man was tied up so he could only jumped toward the door in a funny stance.

Senior Brother Ling looked at the pool. A whirlpool had formed.

The reiki in the air seemed to be sucked into the whirlpool.

Senior Brother Ling carried the unconscious disciple on his back and shouted at the two other disciples who were frozen in shock to start running.

The man started to lag behind as he could only hop.

He was so angry his face turned hideous.

He heard the sound of water splashing behind him and a chill ran down his spine. He had such experiences before. The sword seldom reacted so violently. He scolded it everyday, but it didn’t give him any reaction most of the time.

The water in the pool splashed out and formed water swords in the air.

Numerous water swords shot out in all directions from the pool.

Most of them were aimed at Ming Shu.

“Close the door. Hurry up and close the door!!”

The man hopped out of the courtyard and fell onto the ground. He ate a mouthful of soil before raising his head and shouting at the people beside him.


The door closed. The water swords slammed against the door, but didn’t penetrate.

Ming Shu had jumped down the wall too.

The courtyard was in an uproar.

However, the water swords didn’t leave the courtyard.

The sword couldn’t leave the courtyard so the effects of its attack were limited to the courtyard too.

This was what the man concluded after many years of experience.

The sword threw a tantrum for a long time. After the sounds died down, Ming Shu climbed onto the wall again and peeked in. The sword was lying in the pool. The surroundings were not damaged. It looked the same as before.

“It is getting dark.”

Ming Shu walked around the corner and heard the man saying this weird sentence.

The child shivered in fear too. He reminded Ming Shu, “You better find a place to hide.”

When the sky turned dark, the hidden paradise turned into h.e.l.l.

The noises outside didn’t stop at all. Occasionally, black shadows would fly past the window and shrill screams would pierce the air.

Even the man didn’t know what those things were. Whatever they were, just don’t go out at night.

If you did, you would die.

Ming Shu felt that these things were really interesting. Their aura was similar to hers.

They should be some kind of devil too.

She didn’t expect this place that was filled with reiki to be dominated by devils at night.

This place is really strange.

[Time-limit task: Save the female protagonist. The time limit is half an hour. The time starts now.]

This was the first time the Harmony System gave a mission so quickly.

By the time Ming Shu finished listening to it, the countdown had already started.

Where am I supposed to go to save her?

The Harmony System gave Ming Shu a map.

However, it was really abstract.

On a white piece of paper, a wavy line connected the starting point and the end point.

That was it.

There was nothing she could use as a reference.

Ming Shu stood at the door and observed for a moment. No black shadows flew past her again. She opened the door and went out.

The people from the Wuji Sword Sect were in the room beside her. When she opened her door, they opened theirs too.

“I heard Junior Sister Fang Wan’s voice just now…”

The other party looked at Ming Shu vigilantly.

Ming Shu turned and walked in the direction shown on the map.

Before she took two steps, a black shadow attacked her. It was really fast so she couldn’t dodge it at all.

Ming Shu reached out her hand and grabbed it.

She touched a ball of black. There was nothing else there.

The black shadow flew through her hand and struck her face.

Then, it pa.s.sed through her body too and slammed into the door behind her.

The black shadow turned around. “Pfft!”

Ming Shu: “…”

What did this thing just hit? Is he giving me the cold-shoulder? Who gave you the courage to do that!

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“Senior Brother!”

The sounds that came from the courtyard was really piercing to the ear.

Ming Shu pushed the door and went in.


There were numerous black shadows in the air attacking the people beside the pool.

When Ming Shu went in, the courtyard suddenly became quiet.

The black shadows shifted their attention and looked at her.

The people by the pool saw Ming Shu, but the light was dim so they didn’t see her face.

“Urgh, urgh…”

A portion of the black shadows flew toward Ming Shu.

They wanted to attack her.

However, every one of them just pa.s.sed through her body.



Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. Is this their tradition?

Ming Shu grabbed one black shadow and slammed it on the ground. The rest of the black shadows moved back simultaneously. “If you all don’t leave now, I will kill you.”

The black shadow army didn’t expect Ming Shu to be able to touch them. They looked at the people standing by the pool.

The black shadows communicated with one another and left unwillingly.


“Urgh, urgh…” What else do you want? We have even left you with the food!

Surprisingly, Ming Shu understood them.

“Take that person away.” Ming Shu pointed at Fang Wan.

Fang Qi recognized Ming Shu’s voice and shouted at her loudly. “July, are you trying to team up with these things to attack us?”

Everyone at the scene, including the female protagonist, heard what she said.

The devil girl that took the Yi Xie sword?

“Don’t be nervous. I will not do anything to you all.” Ming Shu’s voice rose in the night. There was something special about her voice that made everyone forget about the situation they were in. “I just want to do something to you.”

Fang Wan: “…” What did she say?

The black shadow army didn’t think so much.

“Urgh, urgh?” For us?

“Yes. Hurry up and take her before I regret it.”

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