Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 864 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (7)

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Chapter 864: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (7)


“Who do you think you are!”

“It is your honor that I took a fancy to you. Do you really think that I can’t do anything to you?”

The man’s indignant voice floated over intermittently. He walked back and forth around the courtyard irritatedly.

“Is there something wrong with your master?” Ming Shu pointed to her head.

The child shook his head. “I don’t know. The master always scolds the sword.”

That was the only thing he could do to the sword. Sometimes, he even…

The door of the courtyard opened suddenly.

Two children walked in while carrying a disciple from the Wuji Sword Sect. The man laughed eerily and did something to the disciple. Then, he threw the disciple into the pond.

The water in the pond started churning and the disciple drowned.

The sword in the pond vibrated and then swam twice around the pond. It seemed to be laughing at the man. After that, the sword resumed its silence.

The man seemed furious. He shouted crazily, “It is not enough! Get more people for me!!”

The children got a fright and hurried out of the courtyard.

The child observed Ming Shu’s expression.

She looked as though she was enjoying the show. She was munching on a fruit… fruit?!

The child got frightened. “Where did you get the fruit?”

Ming Shu pointed behind her casually.

The child: “…”

Is she not afraid that she will eat something poisonous? This is our base!

The children who left quickly soon brought over another Wuji Sword Sect disciple. The man grabbed the disciple and pressed him down on the edge of the pond. He didn’t throw the disciple in immediately this time.

“You force me to do this. I wanted to refine you properly but you failed to appreciate my kindness. Thus, don’t blame me for being harsh on you!”

The man grabbed the disciple’s wrist and cut his artery. Fresh blood flowed out and fell into the pool.


The door was kicked open.

Senior Brother Ling and two other disciples appeared at the door. The two disciples were slightly pale in the face. Senior Brother Ling, on the other hand, looked normal. He was holding onto a child.

The man turned his head and looked at them. He shouted in anger, “Useless. You can’t even do such a simple thing properly.”

He was talking to the child.

The child in Senior Brother Ling’s hand shivered in fear.

“Hey, those are your friends, right? Are you not going to help them?” the child asked Ming Shu.

A fight had already started in the courtyard. Senior Brother Ling was fighting with the man. The man was more powerful that Senior Brother Ling so he would be defeated at any moment.

“Didn’t I tell you that they are not my friends?” As a villain, she would never be on the same side as the protagonist.

Ming Shu looked into the pond. The sword had erected itself suddenly. The tip of its sword touched the water as though it was scalded. It also seemed really excited at the fight that was happening in the courtyard.

“Is this sword always so strange?”

“… It is still fine most of the time,” the child answered cautiously.

This sword was always so strange. His master often got angered by it.

The man and Senior Brother Ling fought fiercely. Although Senior Brother Ling was on the losing end, his sword managed to hurt the man a few times.

The man was furious. In a fit of anger, he rushed towards the pond.

Just as he was about to grab the sword that was spinning around, the sword suddenly sank into the water and the man didn’t catch it.

The sword popped out from the other side and seemed to be observing the man. When it saw that the man was flying towards it again, it sank down again.

The man’s face turned hideous from anger. He gave up on the sword.


The man was like a kite that broke loose and slammed into the wall that Ming Shu was lying on.

The moment he looked up, he saw Ming Shu’s head.

Their eyes met.

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Ming Shu raised her hand calmly and greeted him. “h.e.l.lo.”

“You are being unreasonable.” Ming Shu took a bite of her fruit and munched it. “Your senior brother was the one who caused me to fall. I was just returning the favor.”


Senior Brother Ling stopped the disciple. “Don’t waste your energy arguing with her. It’s useless.”

The devil girl had no intention of attacking them. This was a good thing for them.

Ming Shu was only interested in her snacks coupon. As long as other people didn’t provoke her, she would be too lazy to bother with them.

Senior Brother Ling asked the two disciples to tie the man up.

The man was lying below the wall that Ming Shu was on. The disciples looked at Ming Shu cautiously and then quickly dragged the man into the center of the courtyard.


The sword started vibrating and waves formed in the pond.

“What is happening to it?”

Senior Brother Ling looked at the sword.

The sword was entirely black and it had some drawings carved on its hilt. The sword was shaped like a dragon. The tip of the sword was a scaled down version of a dragon’s head.

“Senior Brother, it seems angry.”

Senior Brother Ling took a deep breath. He felt it too.

There was a strong evil aura coming from the sword.

Senior Brother Ling asked everyone to step back. The water in the pond splashed out.

It only stopped after a long time.

The sword turned quiet again. It was half-submerged in the water. Three seconds later, it fell into the water loudly and started swimming around the pond.

The blood in the pond had been cleared out. b.l.o.o.d.y water was spilled all over the banks of the pond.

So the sword got angry because its pond got contaminated?

Senior Brother Ling looked at the sword that was swimming happily in the pond and felt speechless.

Why did he encounter so many strange things today?

There was a devil girl over there whose intentions he didn’t know and there was this weird sword over here.

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