Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 861 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (3)

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Chapter 861: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (3)

The girl in red walked away, leaving a mess behind her. When she walked past the counter, she glanced at the boss who was shivering in fear on the ground and said, “They started it first. Look for them for compensation.”

The boss opened a crack between his fingers and peeked at the disciples from Chiyang Sect who were lying motionless on the ground. He swallowed his saliva.

The girl in red had already left the restaurant. There was an uproar outside the restaurant.

Demonic cultivator July beat someone!

Demonic cultivator July beat some in the Cloud City!

[Hidden task: Outshine everyone. Hint: Anyone that is not a demonic cultivator is an outsider. Anger all the outsiders.]

Ming Shu was stunned by the t.i.tle of the task.

This t.i.tle seemed really normal…

What is the Harmony System up to now?

[Guest, you did well in the last world. Continue to work hard! The Hatred Points are right in front of you. Please make them feel like killing you!]

Compliments are necessary to maintain relationships.

“What does your t.i.tle have to do with the hint?”

[…] The Harmony System was quiet for a while. [Please do not worry about such small details.]

“Details determine the success of something.”

[You don’t need to know.] The Harmony System suddenly worshipped Ming Shu blindly. [Also, the details that you are talking about are different. Don’t bully me just because I never studied enough.]

“Look at how arrogant you are.”

She didn’t expect the Harmony System to know so much. She thought that it only knew how to watch little demons fighting.

[It is my mission to serve you well,] the Harmony System said.

“Haha.” I think that you are plotting against me.

Ming Shu walked around for a while. After confirming that there was no one following her, she leaned against the wall and panted heavily.

The Host was already injured seriously before this so the fight just now had used up all of her energy.

The food that she ate was wasted.

Why am I so unlucky.

Ming Shu took out a drumstick which she took from the restaurant.

She chewed it and thought about where she should go and have a meal. Wait, that was not right. She should go and find somewhere to recuperate first.

Little Beastie started to make noise.

Ming Shu looked down at Little Beastie who was rolling back and stepped on it. “Didn’t you run away?”

Little Beastie was furious. Trash-picker, let go of me!

I have my pride too!

“Why did you come back? Didn’t you run away?”

Little Beastie’s body suddenly went soft. It crawled out from below Ming Shu’s feet in a weird position and shook its fur.

I will not come back then. What wants to come back?

Little Beastie sneered and jumped away.

Ming Shu: “…”

You left me alone to go to eat by yourself. How bold of you!

“She’s over there!”

Ming Shu got a shock and quickly ran into the alley. Why were these people still chasing her?

She had no snacks to give them even if they managed to catch her.

Ming Shu ran right and left in the alleyways and finally managed to leave those people behind.


For what?

I am an injured person.

If I play a hero now, I will be dead the next moment.

I’m not so stupid.

“These little demons’ stamina is really good.” Ming Shu held onto the wall and panted heavily.

“How can they be called little demons if their stamina is not good?” A voice suddenly sounded behind Ming Shu. “Miss, you are blocking my door.”

Ming Shu looked back. The person behind her had a fan in his hand and he was in a white robe. He was smiling at her.

His facial features were not outstanding but when combined together, his face looked good.

He gave off a comfortable and gentle aura.

Ming Shu frowned.

Even if this body was injured, she would have noticed it if someone appeared behind her.


Ming Shu moved to the side.

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The man walked out and closed the door.

The little flower had strong reiki around it but it was not in full bloom yet.

All the treasures in nature were guarded by magical beasts. When the plants bloomed, these magical beasts would eat them.

What happened if these treasures of nature were not guarded?

People would come and look for them.

This magical beast guarded the flower for so long but in the end, other people enjoyed the fruits of its labor.

“My poor brother.” Ming Shu touched the tail of the python. Its intelligence was not awakened yet so it could be eaten…

“Senior Brother, there is someone!”

The two people below heard Ming Shu’s voice and looked up.

The girl in red squatted at the edge of the cliff and smiled at them. “Are you all stupid? You can just fly down to pick it up. Why must you all climb down?”

“If we could fly here, we wouldn’t have climbed,” the person below answered automatically.

“Oh.” This setting is weird.

Really weird.

If there was a treasure in this area, you either couldn’t use your power or there were dangers all around the place. This resulted in all kinds of out-of-date plots.

The two people below regained their senses.

When did this person appear?

Why didn’t they notice anything at all?

No, wait!

Why did she look so familiar?

“You… you are the devil girl!” One of them pointed at Ming Shu and shivered in fear.

“You are from the Wuji Sword Sect.” Ming Shu looked at the little sword symbol on the person’s body. She raised her eyebrows slightly. “Such a coincidence. Where is Fang Wan?”

Disciple No. 1 said angrily, “Why do you want to look for her!”

Ming Shu smiled gently. “I want to go on a date with her.”

The two men felt gooseb.u.mps rise all over their body.

“Don’t even think about harming Junior Sister Fang Wan.”

Ming Shu placed her chin on her hand and smiled. “Climb up the cliff and stop me, then.”

There was fog floating at the bottom of the cliff. It seemed really deep. The two disciples didn’t spend a lot of time climbing up but for some reason, the ravine here was really deep.

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