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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 860 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (2)

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Chapter 860: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (2)

The Host was called July.

She was a demonic cultivator.

There was nothing special about her background. She was a demonic cultivator because her parents were demonic cultivators.

The demonic cultivators were evil in the eyes of the righteous sects. No one would believe them even if they said they didn’t harm anyone.

In this world, the demonic cultivators represented evil.

In everyone’s eyes, as long as there was the word demonic in it, it was evil.

July didn’t know Fang Wan. They had no relation at all.

Not long ago, someone found a hidden world so she went into the world to take a look around.

She saw Fang Wan murdering people to get a treasure so she mocked her.

This was how the world was like. The stronger person would get the treasure. She just mocked Fang Wan because she was a member of a righteous sect and yet, she did this.

After she was done, she left.

But, after she came out of the hidden world, rumors started spreading that she had the Yi Xie sword on her.

Yi Xie was a sword.

The Host had never seen the sword before so she definitely didn’t have it.

Then, she remembered that the treasure Fang Wan was fighting for seemed to be a sword too.

However, everyone thought that she had the Yi Xie sword.

Because of the fact that she was a demonic cultivator, the people from the righteous sects used all sorts of tricks to force her to give up the Yi Xie sword.

The Host was furious. She went to look for Fang Wan indignantly.

Was she going to ask Fang Wan to prove her innocence?

No no no!

She thought that since Fang Wan told everyone that she had the Yi Xie sword, she would go and s.n.a.t.c.h it from her.

However, she got seriously injured in the process and still didn’t get the Yi Xie sword.

Fang Wan became the victim and the Host was hunted.

Ever since then, the Host went on the path to become the ultimate villain of the story.

Fang Wan gave the Yi Xie sword to the Host as part of her plan.

The Yi Xie sword had already recognized its owner so there was no use even if the Host got the sword.

After that, Fang Wan led the righteous sects to surround the Host. Fang Wan destroyed the Host’s limbs and she became a useless person. She was then burned alive by the righteous sects.

The timeline now was after the Host came out from the hidden world and the rumors that the Yi Xie sword was on her started spreading.

The Yi Xie sword…

It can’t be eaten. Why are they fighting for it?

Ming Shu glanced at the barren mountain. What could she eat in the wilderness?

Ming Shu went up the mountain and got some fruits for herself. She went to the nearest city based on the Host’s memory.

This country was called Shen Wu. There were all kinds of cultivators in this country. Most of them were immortal cultivators.

The next group was the sword cultivators. Sword cultivation had a stringent set of requirements so not everyone could do it.

However, sword cultivators could cross-level and fight with people who had a higher level. They were really powerful so no one dared to offend them.

The Wuji Sword Sect was the only sect in Shen Wu where everyone inside, from the sect leader to the floor-sweeper, was a sword cultivator.

Ming Shu found a nice-looking restaurant and asked the waiter to serve her all their specialties.

The boss of the restaurant noted that although Ming Shu looked haggard, her robe was made of excellent material. He felt that she was not a poor person so the dishes were served to her quickly.

“I heard that the Wuji Sword Sect acquired many treasures from the hidden world.”

“I heard that the other two sects got a lot of treasures too.”

Shen Wu was split into three sects and six clans.

The Wuji Sword Sect was a pure sword cultivation sect. It had been around for a few thousand years so it was a famous sect.

However, the Wuji Sword Sect was very strict in their criteria for selecting disciples so they didn’t have as many people as the other two sects.

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Among the three big sects, the Wuji Sword Sect was the last in terms of number.

“Devil girl?”

“Red robe… July…” The customers in the restaurant immediately linked her to July and started retreating.

Ming Shu was surrounded.

“Devil girl, what are you doing here!” The leader of the group had a fire symbol sewed on his robe. He was a disciple from the Chiyang Sect.

Ming Shu glanced at the Chiyang Sect disciples and smiled gently. “What else can I do at a restaurant? Am I supposed to come here to give birth?”

Her voice was soft and gentle. It was really pleasant to the ear.

“You must have evil intentions in coming here. Tell me, what is your motive!” The Chiyang Sect disciple ignored Ming Shu’s words.

“Fine, since you said that I have evil intentions, I do.” Ming Shu didn’t want to argue with him. She smiled brightly. “However, what can you do to me?”

The girl in red sat in front of a table of empty plates elegantly and calmly.

Her face was small and her skin was smooth and white like pure white jade. Her eyes were seductive.

Her red lips formed a smile and her eyes shimmered. It was mesmerizing.

She was like the brightest and most striking red lotus in a lotus pond.

Sinister yet seductive.

Everyone was enchanted by her. Even their breathing grew heavier.

This devil girl was too beautiful!

“Senior Brother, don’t get seduced by her!”

The voice of a young man broke the strange atmosphere. The infatuation in everyone’s eyes disappeared and they glared at Ming Shu angrily. “Devil girl, how dare you attempt to seduce us.”

Ming Shu placed her hand on her chin. She had a pair of bracelets on her hand. There were bells on it so it rang softly as she moved her hand. She said, “Be reasonable. You all were the ones who didn’t have enough focus. Don’t blame me for being too beautiful. Why don’t you blame your mother for not giving you a handsome face?”

“No way, you must have used some dark spell!” The Chiyang Sect disciples got even more agitated.

“Sigh, it is impolite to disturb people when they are having a meal.” Ming Shu got up. “Luckily, I am done eating.”

Everyone: “…” What the h.e.l.l is she saying?

Ming Shu smiled. “Therefore, I will beat you less.”

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