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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 86 - Gorgeous Doctor (33)

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Chapter 86: Gorgeous Doctor (33)

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“Miss, are you really going to treat the master of Drunken Flower Pavilion?” Hui Xue asked Ming Shu very uncertainly. She seemed to have something to say.

“What’s the big deal?”

“He…” Hui Xue didn’t know how to say it. Ming Shu turned around and looked at her. Hui Xue continued: “When you were practicing alone in the Valley, Master Qing Chen once came to our Death Valley. The old master diagnosed him, but then let him leave without saying a word.”

He went to Death Valley before? Since the master of the Host could do nothing to help him, why does he feel that I can save him?

Is it because I’m better-looking than the Host’s master?

Hui Xue looked around carefully, acting like a thief. “After that, the old master often got lost in thought, sometimes for a whole afternoon. During that time, we didn’t even dare to speak loudly. Later, one time, I heard the old master talking to someone in the room. He mentioned Qing Chen, the Windy Mountain Range of Demons, the Mountain of Dragon Bones, something like that. Before I could clearly hear what it was, he discovered me, and guess what?”


“There was no one else in the old master’s room!” Hui Xue said.

“Maybe the master was talking to himself.”

Hui Xue scratched her head. “It’s also possible. But at that time, the old master looked very gloomy, and I was forced to keep silent about what I had heard. Miss, I think Master Qing Chen’s illness must be difficult to cure, you’d better leave him be.”

“But I have promised him.” How can you repent if you promise something to others? Unless… after he’s dead.

Hui Xue’s mouth twisted worriedly. “Miss, have you found out what kind of illness Lord Qing Chen is suffering from?”

“Almost… but considering what you just said, I’m a little uncertain.” Qing Chen seemed to have been involved in something unusual, and if so, his “illness” was certainly not that simple.


Did I say anything wrong just now?

“Let’s wait and see.” It sounds quite interesting.

Back on the Mountain of Dragon Bones, in the Windy Mountain Range of Demons…

Coincidentally, the golden serpent that took Xiao Rufeng away and the dragon skeleton that fought with Xiao Rufeng were both from the Mountain of Dragon Bones.

Hui Xue blinked her innocent eyes with confusion.

But soon Hui Xue dropped it. She could always believe in the Miss easily and wholeheartedly.

“Miss, wait for me.” Hui Xue caught up with Ming Shu. “Miss, I still have something to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Miss, you said that people in Death Valley have all taken that… Is it true?”


“Well, earlier you told Yi Ming that disciples of Death Valley have taken a kind of Dan medicine, and the antidote is only available to the master.”

“Do you believe that?” She just made it up casually. The medicine that disciples of Death Valley took monthly was to keep them strong and calm, preventing some disciples from overdoing the practice out of impatience.

“But Yi Ming…” The symptoms on him were exactly the same as Miss said.

“I used some medicine on him then. He will be all right after the effect wears off. Right, I just remembered, where is Yi Ming now?”After all, the body she was occupying was that of a skilled doctor. It should be easy to understand that she had some medicine with her.

Hui Xue opened her mouth with surprise as she listened, and she answered, “Liu Feng has punished him according to the rules of the Valley. But Hong Yan hasn’t showed up. He took away most of the disciples of Death Valley, we must find him as soon as possible.”

The disciples who didn’t follow Hong Yan now had gotten into contact with Liu Feng. They were all searching for Hong Yan everywhere right about now.

“Since he wants Death Valley so eagerly, he will definitely appear again. There’s no need to worry.” The enemy is in the dark while I’m exposed, it’s better to keep calm.

Hui Xue looked up to the sky, speechless. No need to worry?

How is that possible? Who knows what crazy things that Hong Yan will do? And it’ll be too late when something unexpected really happens.

“Miss…” Hui Xue tried to a.n.a.lyze the pros and cons to Ming Shu, blah blah blah… But the latter didn’t seem to have accepted even a punctuation. All she ever did was eat and sleep…

The turmoil in Xiling had put the public in an uneasy and horrific situation.

The emperor raged against the rebellion of his fourth son and cleaned up political affairs. Any clique member related to Lord Four was investigated and punished. What everyone didn’t realize was that the emperor had long known up until now. He was just waiting for an opportunity to take action.

The opportunity to take down all the partisans of Lord Four in one fell swoop.

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Qing Chen reclined on the big tree in the courtyard, lamenting, “That’s the cruel and ruthless royal family, same as always.”

“…” No way.

But finally Qing Chen was forced to accept a cut on the arm, right on the vein!

Looking at his blood streaming out continuously, Qing Chen felt these might be his last moments in this world.

Meanwhile, the “murderer” looked very calm, placing all the mushy herbs on the bleeding wound. Qing Chen didn’t know what the herbal concoction was, but it felt cool and comfortable. Soon, not only did the blood stop, but the pain disappeared.

After that—

He couldn’t feel his arm.

It didn’t seem to be his hand.

As time went by, Qing Chen saw the wound begin to overflow with dark blood. The color… it looked as thick as ink, with a certain strange smell.

Qing Chen leaned closer to check it out.

His suddenly straightened his body as if he had seen something terrible. Looking toward Ming Shu, he stammered out, “Miss Zhi Po… you… what did you put in my body?”

“Don’t speak wildly, it was already in your body.”

“I have… worms in my body?”

“Ah.” Ming Shu looked closer. The dark blood turned out to be many tiny worms. She rubbed her chin and murmured, “It turned out to be worms.”

“…” Qing Chen smacked the table disbelievingly. Is she really a doctor?

Ming Shu lifted a hand to open the ancient books. The pages were turned quickly and loudly; he didn’t know what she was looking for.

The little beastie was lying beside Ming Shu’s bag full of snack. One of its claws rested on the egg, and the other was trying to remove a snack from inside the bag.

Ming Shu glared at it with her split vision, and the little beastie glared back, fur bristling.

What! You don’t feed me, that’s abuse of a small animal!

I’m still growing!

The little beastie grabbed the snack bag swiftly, then rolled down to the ground with its precious egg. Soon its small figure disappeared into the thick gra.s.s.

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