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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 859 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (1)

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Chapter 859: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (1)

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#Demonic Cultivation Headline: July Makes Things Up Whenever She’s Unhappy#

“Demon girl, hurry up and give us the Yi Xie. If not, we will kill you!”

“Demon girl, there is nowhere for you to retreat to. Give us the Yi Xie and we can spare you your life.”

Ming Shu got screamed at the moment she opened her eyes.

She was sitting cross-legged in a cave. Black smoke filled up the entrance of the cave, blocking the only way in.

The people outside were shouting at her violently.

The words that appeared the most were “demon girl” and “Yi Xie.”

What is the Yi Xie?

Can it be eaten?

There was no one around her and this body felt uncomfortable. It was probably injured.

She was wearing a bright red dress that had bloodstains on it. There were a few cuts on the dress and she seemed to be in a difficult position.

Sigh, I am a little hungry.

Ming Shu touched her stomach and searched her body. There was not even a mantou on her.

A light flashed outside the cave. Someone was attacking the entrance of the cave.

The black mist at the entrance got unstable. Her enemies would break through the black mist any moment now and charge in.

The most important thing now is to leave this place.

Ming Shu took out Little Beastie.

“Time to start working.”

Little Beastie patted down its fur and opened its eyes in a daze. It kept making sounds. The reiki here is so strong…

Little Beastie’s eyes lit up immediately.

However, it climbed back after a while. I’m not going.

You always order me around.

I need some face too.

“Be obedient.” Ming Shu touched its head. “One full Man-Han banquet.”

Little Beastie turned its body and showed its belly to Ming Shu.

I will not go.

I will not go for one Man-Han banquet. If there were ten… I would go.

The black mist at the entrance was dissipating really quickly. Her enemies would come in soon.

Ming Shu threw Little Beastie toward the entrance of the cave.

Ahhhhhh trash-picker, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Little Beastie screamed pathetically as it flew past the black mist. However, it fell silent the moment it went out.

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu stood up forcefully. There were six people at the entrance of the cave. Four of them were wearing the same kind of robe while the other two seemed to be a team by themselves.

When Ming Shu came out, the four people in the same robes rushed toward her instantly. “Demon girl, prepare to die!”

Ming Shu was frustrated. If she knew that there were so many people, she would not have come out.

I have not even eaten anything. It is so inhuman of you all to fight with me now!

“Wait!” Ming Shu raised her hand.

“Have you decided to give us the Yi Xie?” One of the people stopped the rest. “As long as you give us the Yi Xie, we will not fight with you.”

“The Yi Xie.” Although she didn’t know what that was, she still smiled and said gently, “I am the only one that knows where the Yi Xie is. As long as you all fulfill my conditions, I will tell you the location of it. If not, you all can just kill me and none of you will learn where it is.”

What the h.e.l.l is this Yi Xie?

“What conditions?” The other party was very cautious. “Don’t try to run away. You can’t.”

They still threatened Ming Shu.

“It’s not hard. Get me some food.”

“…” Was this demon girl trying to fool them?

“Why are you all talking nonsense with her? Just kill her!” One of the people was getting impatient. “This demon girl might be tricking us. Don’t get fooled by her.”

“Kill me then. But, you won’t get the Yi Xie.” Ming Shu smiled calmly. “I am asking for food. I never asked for medicine to cure my injury. What are you afraid of?”

The group of people discussed and felt that it was worth a try.

The main reason they arrived at this decision was that they didn’t see the Yi Xie on her. If she really hid it, they would not be able to find it after she died.

They took out all the food they had on them.

Someone even had a roasted duck.

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Roasted duck…

She thought that he would not kill her because she didn’t have the Yi Xie?


A sudden weight appeared on his sword. Ming Shu had pushed herself against the sword and it pierced through her heart. Fresh blood oozed out and made her red robe even darker.

The girl in red smiled.

The next moment, she attacked them.

The hem of the red dress stroked the withered gra.s.s as the person wearing it left slowly. The sunset shone on her and made her glow.

The people on the ground panted as they widened their eyes to look in the direction that she left in.

How can it be…

So frightening.

The fake female protagonist in this world was called Fang Wan. She entered the Wuji Sword Sect when she was young and was the last disciple of the Wuji Sword Sect’s elder.

There weren’t many female disciples in the Wuji Sword Sect. Hence, since she was really talented too, she became the little princess of the Wuji Sword Sect.

Everyone pampered her, including the sect leader and her junior sisters and brothers.

This caused Fang Wan to develop an arrogant and willful personality.

However, a new disciple, the female protagonist, appeared.

All her senior and junior brothers started pampering the female protagonist and she lost the love from everyone.

Her senior brothers and junior brothers suddenly felt that she was childish and impolite.

The person she liked was also biased against the female protagonist. Hence, Fang Wan started digging her own grave and managed to finally bury herself.

After she died, she was reborn.

She went back to the time when the female protagonist just entered the sect. However, she was not the Fang Wan that everyone pampered and liked. She became a new disciple that got accepted into the sect together with the female protagonist. Her name was also Fang Wan.

The pampered and well-liked Fang Wan didn’t exist at all.

She didn’t know what happened, but since she was reborn, she must use this chance properly.

Fang Wan got smarter. She knew that the female protagonist was kind so she became kinder.

Also, she knew what would happen in the future so she got good items and saved her fellow disciple of the sect before the female protagonist did.

Fang Wan managed to turn the tables and became the pride of the sect. On the other hand, the female protagonist got framed by Fang Wan many times so her life in the sect was not smooth at all.

She didn’t have a good ending either.

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