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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 858 - Little Zhu Extra (Complete)

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Chapter 858: Little Zhu Extra (Complete)

When they were registering, Little Zhu finally learned that Cheng Yu was the student who had the highest score.

Little Zhu exclaimed, “You’re so impressive?”

Cheng Yu sneered. “Of course.”

The other top student was someone called Shi Xing. He told Cheng Yu that this name sounded a little weird.

“Does it sound as weird as yours?” Cheng Yu looked at him.

Little Zhu’s expression dimmed.

“What do you want to eat today? I will treat you.”

“No… no need.”

“Hurry up and think about what you want to eat. It’s a ten-minute walk from here to the food street.”


Many people turned their heads as they were walking.

Little Zhu poked him. “Your hair is really striking.”

“Do you hate my hair so much?”

“Yes!” Little Zhu nodded furiously.

He doesn’t like blue. He had told Cheng Yu this many times.

Cheng Yu gave a snort of contempt. “It’s none of your business. You’re not my girlfriend.”

“Don’t stand so close to me then. I don’t want to be pointed at,” Little Zhu explained as he moved to the side.

“Hey, you’re going too far.” Cheng Yu dragged Little Zhu back and placed his arm around his neck. “Do you know what you want to eat now?”

Little Zhu couldn’t break free so he answered helplessly, “Anything.”

Cheng Yu mussed his hair. “So stupid.”

Although they didn’t enter the same course, dorm rooms were distributed according to their registration timing. Hence, Little Zhu and Cheng Yu were in the same dorm.

They met Shi Xing in their dorm. Little Zhu realized that not only was this person’s name weird, but his personality was weird too.

At that time, Shi Xing was already very sloppy and he had a cat with him.

The cat looked alive so he thought that it was real.

However, Shi Xing looked unfriendly so he didn’t dare to talk to him.

Although Shi Xing was in the same dorm as them, Little Zhu felt that he was an invisible person. The only evidence of his presence was his belongings.

He didn’t know when Shi Xing left the dorm or when he returned.

Luckily, Cheng Yu brought him along every day. They would leave and come back together.

That day, he realized he’d forgotten something when he reached his cla.s.sroom so he hurried back to his dorm. He was afraid that Shi Xing was in the dorm so he peeked in first.

He didn’t see Shi Xing. However, he saw Cheng Yu.

He opened the door and called, “Cheng Yu…”

Cheng Yu paused for a moment and asked nonchalantly, “What’s wrong?”

“Did you fight again?” Little Zhu stood at the door. He saw the bloodstains on the table.

“I saw some irritating people today so I taught them a lesson,” Cheng Yu said. “Don’t you have a cla.s.s now?”

“I forgot to bring something.” Little Zhu came in and took the bandages. He started cleaning the wound for Cheng Yu.

Because of Cheng Yu, his bandaging skills had become better and better.

“Didn’t you promise me that you won’t fight anymore?”

Cheng Yu appeared indifferent. “You’re not my girlfriend, why do you care so much about me? Also, they were the ones who bullied me first. I can’t even retaliate now?”

“You think that I want to care about you?” Little Zhu suddenly got angry.

Cheng Yu didn’t expect Little Zhu to have such a big reaction. He got up in a flurry.

Cheng Yu said, “Why are you so angry? Okay, fine, I won’t fight anymore.”

“That’s what you always say.” Little Zhu went to take his things from his desk. “Cheng Yu, I’m really worried about you. You’re my only friend.”

He opened the door. Shi Xing was standing outside. Little Zhu didn’t know what he had heard because there was no change in his expression.

Little Zhu stepped back naturally, but Shi Xing gave way for him.

Little Zhu bit his lip and ran past him.

After that quarrel, Cheng Yu never fought again.

“Do you know why he fought that day?” Shi Xing asked Little Zhu.

Little Zhu looked at Shi Xing with a puzzled expression.

“Someone talked c.r.a.p about you so he had an argument with the person,” Shi Xing said. “I saw it personally.”

Little Zhu opened his mouth but no sound came out.

“The previous fights that he got into were probably related to you too. Didn’t you realize that after a while, the students in the school started to look at you differently?”

Little Zhu recalled what happened a long time ago.

How were his cla.s.smates like when he just entered the school?

They mocked and sneered at him…

However, after one semester, these looks of contempt disappeared. He was used to such treatment ever since he was young so he didn’t really notice them…

“He still fought after that time, he just didn’t dare to let you know about it,” Shi Xing said. “Every time he fought, he would come to my laboratory and treat his wounds there. He was afraid that you would find out.”

Little Zhu looked at the floor in silence.

Shi Xing didn’t say anything else. He continued hugging his cat. However, Ming Shu found him quickly and ordered him to catch interstellar beasts.

“Zone Leader, it is not suitable to hunt now. It is already late at night.”

“There is no such thing as a suitable time for hunting. Go and take your new weapon.”


A burst of laughter came from the other side.

Shi Xing got dragged away.

Little Zhu heard Cheng Yu’s name being mentioned so he naturally eavesdropped on the conversation.

“… Cheng Yu went back for a blind date.”

“Blind date? Really? Will the lady get frightened to death? Hahahaha…”

“He is already not young anymore. I heard that his family kept pestering him so he took leave.”

Little Zhu’s expression was not good at all.

Blind date…

Before he left, he was still pulling his hair happily. He never told him about the blind date.

Little Zhu grabbed his phone instinctively. The first person on his contact list was Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu forced him to set it when they were still freshmen…

“You’re so stupid. If you meet any danger, call me. I’ll protect you.”

Little Zhu wondered why he didn’t change it even after so many years. Cheng Yu had always been the first one on his list.

He didn’t get an answer.

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He touched the name on the screen and the image on the screen immediately changed.

“Do you know where he is?”

Little Zhu stopped.

Shi Xing sighed.

On a certain planet…

Lu Chengyu was locked in his room. He walked back and forth irritatedly. “Hey, how long are you all going to lock me up for!!”

“Master, we will release you the moment you decide to go on the blind date.”


Lu Chengyu kicked the door.

The people outside had no reaction at all.

“Fine, I will go to the blind date!” Lu Chengyu decided to compromise first and find an opportunity to run later. “Let me out.”

The Lu family wanted him to go to the blind date so they released him.

He was guarded by many people and dragged to the blind date.

The door of the Lu family’s villa slowly opened. Lu Chengyu saw the person outside and looked slightly shocked. “Why are you here?”

The person outside said softly, “Didn’t you say that I can have the same surname as you? Is it not too late now?”

Lu Chengyu’s expression changed from puzzlement to joy.


Little Zhu heaved a sigh of relief. “I thought…”

“Thought what? Thought that I would marry other people?” Lu Chengyu walked away from the people that were guarding him. “Little Zhu, I waited so long for you. How can I marry someone else?”

“I’m sorry…” Little Zhu’s eyes turned red. “I didn’t know.”

“It’s not too late now.” Lu Chengyu hugged him. “If it was, I wouldn’t be dragged to blind dates.”

How can he give up someone he protected for so long?

Lu Chengyu held Little Zhu’s hand and shouted at an old man standing among the crowd, “Old man, I got a wife for you!”

The Lu family: “…” Does the young master like males? F**k, why didn’t you say so earlier!

Little Zhu hugged Lu Chengyu’s neck and kissed him on the lips.

The weather was perfect.

Their figures entangled with each other.

“When did you start liking me?”

“I don’t remember.”


“From the time I gave you your name, I guess.”


“I don’t like your blue hair. Can you change it?”

“Don’t try to ask for more! It’s natural!”

After a while, the Lu family realized that their young master had changed his striking blue hair to black. He loved his blue hair ever since he was young and would fight with anyone that dared to touch it. However, he actually changed the color now.

“It makes you too noticeable. I’m scared that other people will take you away.” He finally understood why he hated this color. “But… why are you still so noticeable?”

Lu Chengyu flicked his black hair. “No matter how noticeable I am, I only belong to you.”

He gave me my name, I gave him my heart. This is fate. ——Lu Zhu

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