Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 856 - The Interstellar Calendar (34)

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Chapter 856: The Interstellar Calendar (34)

The army had already retreated to Hua Xia starzone. Ming Shu left Ji Nian behind and went to Earth with her men.

Ji Nian was so angry he chased after Ming Shu.

Inherit the Ji family?

What is that?

To Ji Nian, his wife was the most important person.

Ming Shu found the forest, but the flora in the forest was already starting to wither.

Shi Xing held his device in his hand. “The strength of the wave is getting weaker.”

The forest was supported by the immortal stone so when the immortal stone disappeared, the trees started withering.

“If the immortal stone is what makes the interstellar beasts so delicious, the interstellar beasts would not be tasty anymore after the immortal stone disappears.” Ming Shu had a query.

If the beasts are not delicious anymore, I will have to continue eating my nutrient sticks every day.

Curly Hair pondered carefully. “I need to do some research before I can say why the interstellar beasts here are delicious.”

Little Zhu sneered at him. “You don’t know how to do this kind of research.”

Curly Hair grabbed Little Zhu and threatened him. “Don’t go against me.”

The two of them exchanged glances. Little Zhu thought about something and stepped back. He quickly ran toward Ming Shu.

Ji Nian pulled Ming Shu into his arms and started at Little Zhu coldly.

Little Zhu: “…”

Why is everyone so frightening?

Little Zhu went to hide behind Shi Xing. “Zone Leader, why don’t we build a base over here.”

“Good idea,” Ming Shu said. “Before we build the base, let’s catch two beasts to eat first.”

Everyone: “…”

When Shan Yin heard that Ming Shu wanted to build a base on Earth, his expression changed.

She is a zone leader, but she is building a base in someone else’s starzone.

Even if the star belongs to you now, you can’t be so willful.

What if we get surrounded by enemies?

Shan Yin couldn’t persuade Ming Shu to give up the idea so the base was still constructed.

After some research, they realized that the flavor of the interstellar beasts had nothing to do with the immortal stone.

If they caught a beast somewhere else and brought it here to raise it, the flavor of the meat would change too.

Shi Xing concluded that the air here was the crucial factor.

All Ming Shu saw was a land filled with evil Qi…

Is this fighting poison with poison? After the neutralization effect, the meat will become edible?

The evil Qi here was very strange. It would not cause any harm to humans. Of course, the people from Unlucky Starzone were not normal humans.

They didn’t know if the humans from Hua Xia starzone would be affected if they came here.

Speaking of which…

Ji Nian was a human from Hua Xia starzone.

He looked fine. His psychological power didn’t torment him after he came here, either.

“Is your psychological power fine?”

“Yes,” Ji Nian said, “thanks to the thing that you gave me.”

“I said that I was not the one who gave it to you.” Ming Shu denied it.

Ji Nian didn’t believe her. “If you didn’t give it to me, who did?”

“How would I know?”

Ji Nian was suspicious. Was it really not her?

Ming Shu changed the topic. “Why is your psychological power like this?”

Ji Nian shook his head. “I don’t know. It has been like this ever since I was born. I always used the inhibitor, but as I aged, the inhibitor couldn’t suppress it anymore. I can only increase the dosage.”

Curly Hair interrupted them. “Then why were you abandoned in s.p.a.ce?”

Ji Nian kept quiet for a few seconds before replying, “I was not abandoned.”

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He was forced into the cryo-chamber so that he could escape.

How dare you catch the beast!

Let me help you catch them!

The stone hit one of the interstellar beasts’ limbs.

The small stone didn’t seem to have much power to it, but the interstellar beast tilted its head and looked in Ming Shu’s direction instantly.


This bunch of evil people is coming to steal beasts again. Kill them!

“Ahhhhh, Zone Leader, run!”

A huge pack of interstellar beasts charged at them.

Ming Shu grabbed Ji Nian and retreated with the army.

After they escaped from the furious interstellar beasts, Ming Shu threw Ji Nian on the ground. “If you do that again, I will stuff you into your cryo-chamber and throw you back into s.p.a.ce.”

“How dare you throw the stone.”

“…” The little demon is getting out of hand now!

Ji Nian limped back to the base. He glared at the people that were staring at him with curiosity.

What are you all looking at? This is just domestic abuse!

In the future, Ming Shu started an interstellar food processing company. The beasts would turn delicious after they were sent to her and raised for a while.

No one knew why this woman, who ruled over the interstellar world, wanted to open a food company.

Was she playing with them?

Why was she so infuriating!

Ming Shu was killed by the interstellar beasts this time. She was stomped to death. So irritating!

A woman who took over the entire interstellar world was stomped to death by interstellar beasts! She was embarra.s.sed!

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 600000

Additional Task: Failed. Hidden Task: Gain 120000 Hatred Points. P.S: Failure of the main mission will result in a deduction of 50000 Hatred Points. No complaints or questions will be accepted. Ming Shu held her head. Ji Nian said something to her in the end, but she didn’t hear it because she died too quickly. *Forget it, it is not important anyway.* “If the next world does not have delicious food, I will kill you.” [Guest, please do not threaten the system.] “What will happen if I do?” [How about survival in the wilderness?] The Harmony System was bold. “You can try.” […] The Guest looked frustrated. [Guest, please look at little demons fighting and calm down.] “Next!”

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