Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 855 - The Interstellar Calendar (33)

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Chapter 855: The Interstellar Calendar (33)

Ming Shu ate her fill on Earth and returned reluctantly, urged by Shan Yin.

“What did you say?”

Shan Yin looked at his zone leader, who seemed to be angry and felt a little confused. What was wrong with his words?

“The second last sentence,” Ming Shu reminded her.

“…” What was I saying on the second last sentence? Shan Yin thought. “Big Head Ai lost the battle because he went to look for Ai Nuo?”

“Where has Ai Nuo gone?” Ming Shu asked and leaned on the table.

“…I don’t know.” Why would he know where Ai Nuo had gone, she was not important.

He only knew that last he saw Big Head Ai was looking for Ai Nuo everywhere, and he also believed it was them who kidnapped Ai Nuo.

Ming Shu smacked the table and the loud sound made Shan Yin step back a little.

Why did he feel the zone leader was a little scary?

Ming Shu went to Ji Nian aggressively.

“Wife.” The cold and dangerous man immediately became obedient like a little puppy wagging its tail.

Ming Shu slammed the cabin door closed.

Ji Nian had a very bad feeling now. This is not right, not right, there’s something wrong with her momentum…

He stood up from the chair, but was pushed back by Ming Shu before he could stand upright.

Ji Nian fell into the broad chair in an uncollected way.

“Wife… wu…” Ji Nian’s mouth was blocked. Her cold hands rested on his shoulder and Ji Nian’s body became a little stiff.

She’s being so forward… this is not right!

The red alarm sounded in Ji Nian’s brain.

Slowly, the alarm went off and his brain became empty, and he was moaning from his throat.

He wanted to take back the initiative, but was pressed back by Ming Shu.

His clothes were ripped off and Ming Shu kissed him from neck to collarbone. It was like electric fire spreading all over his body, running down all the way to something lower.

Ji Nian’s breath became a little heavy. His head rose, hands catching on the chair, and some pale pink color appeared on his skin.

Her cool hands unb.u.t.toned his shirt little by little.

Ji Nian was undressed, and the weight upon him suddenly left him. Ming Shu got up to pick up his clothes in her arms, then turned around and left…



Ming Shu turned her head and smiled. “Reflect on yourself well.”

Ji Nian: “…” What?

F**k. How could she just go and leave me like this!

Come back if you have the guts!

I will kill you!

Ji Nian watched the cabin door close. This was not his place and there weren’t any clothes for him here. He couldn’t even go out now.

Ji Nian sat in the chair.

What did she ask me to reflect upon, exactly?

Did she discover he climbed on her bed yesterday?

But he didn’t do anything…

Hua Xia Starzone was in a hard situation because of Big Head Ai.

They sent people to negotiate with Ming Shu.

Ming Shu was very nice to talk to, she just wanted their home planet.

“Zone Leader, each starzone’s home planet is extremely historic, your request is going too far.” The negotiator’s expression was gloomy. “You may choose any other planets you like, but not our home planet.”

“I only want that one.”

Negotiator: “…” Their home planet was no longer useful, had no resources, and people couldn’t survive for long on it.

There were so many empty stars, but why did she have to focus on that one planet?

Did she want to humiliate them?

“Zone Leader Xi Yang…”

“If you don’t agree, I don’t think we should continue this negotiation, let’s just fight. Anyway, it’ll still be mine when we win.” Ming Shu smiled sweetly.

The negotiator spat out blood.

He was not able to make the decision and had to report to the main star.

Now the starzones had given up resistance. Ji Jing’s cold body was sent back, and Big Head Ai had been defeated many times, so how could they resist this crazy woman?

The main stars also could do nothing about it. Should they refuse and wait for her to conquer them?

Finally, after some discussion, they agreed to give Ming Shu their home planets with reluctance.

Having gained the snacks… no, the Earth, Ming Shu was very happy and ordered those people sent back.

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Yet this behavior was a threat in the other party’s eyes.

Ming Shu: “…”

I forgot this one.

Ji Nian seemed to have fallen asleep. Ming Shu turned over again carefully and lifted the quilt. Then an arm suddenly reached around her waist and the person behind her leaned closer.

Ming Shu only wore thin pajamas and could feel the heat from his body.


Ji Nian called her, but then it was silent again.

Ming Shu was holding the quilt and didn’t know whether she should let it go or not.

“Wife, I’ve reflected,” Ji Nian suddenly said.


Do you know that you shouldn’t kill my snacks coupon?!

Ji Nian tightened his arms. “I’ll like you more in the future.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu felt a little itchy on her neck as Ji Nian was kissing her slowly. Seeing Ming Shu didn’t refuse, Ji Nian immediately took further action and turned over to press upon her.

Ji Nian had prepared to wake up in the morning without seeing anyone, but amazingly, Ming Shu was still in the room the next day.

She sat beside the table and seemed to be reading papers.

Ji Nian got up and went to hold her from behind. “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” Ming Shu responded.

Ji Nian rested his eyes on Ming Shu’s chest. From his angle, he could see the small strawberries hidden under her clothes.

As it was early in the morning, Ji Nian was a little impulsive and couldn’t help but plant another strawberry on Ming Shu’s neck.

My wife smells good.

My wife is so cute.

Ming Shu believed Ji Nian was an unlucky star and she’d better run away the next time.

“Wife, look at me…”

Ming Shu averted her gaze and her face blushed a little. “I have a meeting later. Just be quick.”

Ji Nian was a little wronged but quickened his movements obediently.

The two cleaned themselves up and went out. It was long past the meeting time that Shan Yin told Ming Shu.

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