Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 854 - The Interstellar Calendar (32)

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Chapter 854: The Interstellar Calendar (32)

At night, there was only one fire lit on the whole planet.

Luo Yan bent his legs and leaned partially on a rock, fingers tapping on his knees while he glanced at Ming Shu. “I’m very curious, why do you like him?”


“You know who I’m talking about,” Luo Yan said.

Ming Shu looked up at him. “If you give my thing back, perhaps I’ll tell you.”

“It’s really not on me.” Luo Yan shrugged. “You’ve tortured me for that.”

Luo Yan felt a little cold to think about the torture he’d experienced.

“Next time you see me you can bring it with you.” Ming Shu smiled. “And in exchange, I’ll believe what you said about me being a virtual character.”

“You are.” Luo Yan revealed a psychotic, strange smile. “Have you never doubted it in your heart? Why you’re so different…”


A sharp pain stung his forehead. Luo Yan touched it and saw his hand was stained with blood.

He was angry. “You hit me for no reason.”

“There’s nothing I can do about it, you know, virtual characters are emotional. And it’s not my fault that you didn’t create me with a heart.” Ming Shu sounded like she was smiling, but all Luo Yan wanted to do now was kill her.

“Hoh hoh…” Luo Yan wiped the blood on his forehead and chuckled. “Interesting.”

When Ji Nian arrived, Luo Yan was injured and bloodstained all over.

Ming Shu sat on one side, intact.

Ji Nian strode past Luo Yan. Luo Yan reached out to pull him but didn’t say anything, only revealed an odd expression to him.

Ji Nian pulled back his clothes. He held Ming Shu in his arms tightly, feeling the warmth fill his empty heart again.

After waiting for a long while, Ming Shu reached out to pat his back.

“Oh dear, the relationship between you two is stronger than gold.” Luo Yan broke the romantic scene. “I’m so jealous of you.”

“Shut up!” Ji Nian shouted at Luo Yan.

Luo Yan continued in a weird tone, “Ji Nian, I’m your little uncle.”

“…” Screw your little uncle.

You’re taking advantage of me!


Luo Yan jumped up from the ground. A stone flew past his cheek and left a trail blood oozing out from the skin.

Ji Nian tossed away the stone in his hand, then turned to look at Ming Shu carefully.

Luo Yan retreated some distance. “Technically, Zone Leader Xi Yang also needs to call me Little Uncle.”

Ji Nian cursed in his heart. He went toward Luo Yan and threw on the ground. Luo Yan had been tortured fiercely recently and had no strength to resist.

Ji Nian pressed him down and gave him a fierce beating, then said in a low voice, “I warn you, behave yourself or you’ll suffer.”

Luo Yan wiped the blood on his mouth and smiled happily. “Kill me then.”

He seemed to know something funny now.

He looked behind Ji Nian at the person standing there. The girl didn’t seem to have told him that she knew everything.

“Don’t you think I dare?” Ji Nian pinched Luo Yan’s neck.

“Zone Leader, help!” Luo Yan suddenly shouted with a broken voice.

Ji Nian: “…”

Ming Shu only gave a glance. “Let him go.”

Ji Nian gritted his teeth and tightened his fingers. He couldn’t wait to break his neck.

Even though Luo Yan almost couldn’t breathe, there was still a distorted smile on his dirty face.

“Let him go.” Ming Shu pulled Ji Nian from behind.

Ji Nian’s expression was gloomy.

Within such a short time, this boy toy hooked up with her?!

I’ve told her not to believe what this psychopath says!

F**k. I must kill him today!

Ji Nian tried to grab Luo Yan again. Ming Shu had to hold him from behind and then give orders to the people with Ji Nian. “Take him down and kill him.”

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Luo Yan was stunned halfway through climbing up.

So you abandoned me?!

F**k. I can’t even be a match for food?

Ji Nian was irritated, gritting his teeth, and he was even angrier than just now seeing she was with Luo Yan.

But he couldn’t beat his own wife.

He could only kiss her when he was angry.

Ji Nian felt so wronged in his heart that he kissed Ming Shu for a long time.

Ming Shu struggled but he put forth more strength. So she had to give up struggling and let Ji Nian do what he wanted.

Ming Shu pulled out the Harmony System, which had been blocked.

[Guest, you’re blocking me more and more,] the Harmony System complained with dissatisfaction.

You don’t need to see something that’s not for children.

[…] Is the scene between you two now for children?

I should play some background music for you.

“Si…” Ji Nian felt a slight pain and blood oozed out from his lips. He opened his misted eyes and looked at Ming Shu.

What did that mean?

Ming Shu was startled by the Harmony System.

Because it suddenly began to play blue films again.

“That’s enough kissing for today.” Ming Shu pushed him away calmly.

“I will never have enough of kissing my wife.” Ji Nian kissed Ming Shu again. “Did you miss me, wife?”

“Missed you to death.”

“Happy and dying?” Ji Nian suddenly sounded somewhat indecent. “I want that more than ever, wife.”

Ming Shu smiled. “Mister Ji, you’re getting more and more shameless.”

Ji Nian looked affectionate. “Yes, my wife, I am.”

Ming Shu glanced at him. “Did you take your medicine?”

Ji Nian: “…” I was worrying you would be cheated by that psychopath!

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