Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 853 - The Interstellar Calendar (31)

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Chapter 853: The Interstellar Calendar (31)

The word “missing” was like a switch that turned on Ji Nian’s sharpness which had been hidden recently.

The man grabbed by Ji Nian looked around in shock at the flickering lights.


What’s happening?

“Mister Ji, calm down!”

Curly Hair and Little Zhu ran over from nearby as they sensed the abnormality.

Ji Nian didn’t seem to hear them, though. His whole person was exuding an uncontrollably murderous aura.

The psychic force spilled over and they were all affected.

They had splitting headaches.

“What’s wrong?” Little Zhu covered his head and questioned the man who was grabbed by Ji Nian.

“Just now… just now Mister Ji asked me… the zone leader… I don’t know…” The man bent over. Obviously because Ji Nian was holding him and he couldn’t endure the pain.

[Alarm, abnormal psychic force invaded…]

Little Zhu shouted at Ji Nian, “Mister Ji, please calm down.”

“Ah, where’s the zone leader now?” Curly Hair scratched his head anxiously. It was worrying that she left such a time bomb here.


Then the battleship’s alarm stopped abruptly.

Ji Nian’s body fell and Little Zhu rushed to catch him.

But he felt dizzy and the sky and earth were spinning, so he also began to fall down.

Ji Nian fell against him and he became even dizzier.

In his dim sight, he seemed to see Shi Xing holding an iron bar, which glowed coldly, holding the cat in his other hand. He calmly threw the iron bar away as Little Zhu looked over.

Kuangdang. A crisp sound.

Little Zhu: “…”

Curly Hair went to help Ji Nian up and shoved him at Shi Xing, then came to help Little Zhu up. “Are you all right?”

“I’m feeling dizzy.” Sparkling stars were still hanging around before Little Zhu’s eyes and he saw Curly Hair with two heads.

Curly Hair held Little Zhu in his arms and then turned to Shi Xing. “Take him to Zone Leader, and I’ll take Little Zhu to do an examination.”

Shi Xing wanted to throw away Ji Nian. But thinking that he was the zone leader’s treasure, and good for study as well as for funds, he could only pick him up and leave.

But where could he find the zone leader with this treasure?

Shi Xing realized this after walking some distance, so he took Ji Nian to find Curly Hair again.

In the medical room…

Shi Xing went in without knocking the door. But Curly Hair turned over his chair as if he was frightened, and Little Zhu lay on the medical cabin, face pale.

“Where’s the zone leader?” Shi Xing just took a glance before averting his gaze.

Curly Hair pushed Little Zhu into the medical cabin and closed the door, then pressed the automatic examination.

“The mecha has automatic positioning, so you can check it.”

Shi Xing pulled out the screen and began to operate something. He looked up after a while. “Which mecha has Zone Leader taken?”

“…” Curly Hair was speechless.

He looked at Shi Xing’s screen. There were many mechas scattered on it; some were moving toward their direction which should be on the way back, but some were motionless.

Which one of them was the zone leader?

The two were silent while staring at the screen.

After a long while, Curly Hair said, “Mister Ji’s psychic force is very strange, perhaps we can study that while Zone Leader is away?”

Shi Xing pushed Ji Nian to him. “Goodbye.”

Curly Hair: “…”

Curly Hair was just talking nonsense and didn’t dare touch Ji Nian. He pulled Shi Xing back. “Wait, what if this little ancestor wakes up and begins to attack everything again? You should contact the others and see where the zone leader is now.”

Shi Xing thought for a moment and agreed. He contacted the nearest mecha to them.

“Zone Leader? I don’t know, she told us to go back first and she left with… that Ji Jing.”

“Zone Leader left with Ji Jing.”

“I don’t know where she is.”

“Zone Leader is fine.”

They received these answers soon, but no one knew where Ming Shu had gone.

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Just at this moment, Shan Yin pushed open the medical room’s door and rested his eyes on Ji Nian. He asked, “What happened to Mister Ji?”

He sat opposite Ming Shu, reaching out to pull the thing around his wrist. He didn’t know what the thing was, but he couldn’t take it off.

He would feel uncomfortable as soon as he put a certain distance between them.

The further he walked, the heavier his body would feel, and in the end he couldn’t move at all.

But as long as he returned to the safety radius, he could move freely.

“You can cut off your hands,” Ming Shu suggested with a smile. “And feet.”

Luo Yan: “…”

She said such dark words with such a bright smile.

Luo Yan had probably never been so wronged. He hadn’t felt so wronged even facing Qi Yu.

He didn’t lose. He felt wronged.

“I have no taste for self-mutilation.” Luo Yan gave up struggling with the thing.

If you can’t change something just don’t waste time; save your energy and look for a way out elsewhere.

Luo Yan watched Ming Shu eat and couldn’t help but diss her: “Are you a pig?”

“If I don’t eat enough, how can I have enough strength to torture you?” Ming Shu said naturally.

“…” It sounded reasonable, but he didn’t want to admit it at all.

Luo Yan was also hungry. The roast meat looked miserable but should be edible…

He reached out and tried to take some. But a slap immediately landed on his hand and turned the back red.

“What are you doing?” How dare you try to grab my meat, are you seeking your own death?!

“If I’m starved to death, who are you going to torture?”

“You have nutrient sticks.” Food-Protector Shu glared at him.

Luo Yan sighed. “You’ve taken my s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton.”

Ming Shu remained unmoved. “You have another s.p.a.ce.”

Luo Yan: “…”

Luo Yan was angry as soon as he thought about this. “How did you break my s.p.a.ce last time?”

Ming Shu smiled; there seemed to be stars in her eyes. “Take a guess.”

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