Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 850 - The Interstellar Calendar (28)

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Chapter 850: The Interstellar Calendar (28)

“What a small world.”

The man greeted Ming Shu naturally, as if the one who wanted to kill her was not him.

Perhaps this little goblin came from a place where people were all shameless like that?

Ming Shu gave him an even brighter smile.

Luo Yan was wondering what she meant by doing that, then he heard her crisp voice. “Now!”

Luo Yan twitched the corners of his mouth. “I haven’t finished my sentence. How can you be so impolite.”

“No, I don’t want to listen.” I don’t want to listen to your boring chanting.

Everyone is responsible for cracking down on the pyramid seller.

“Don’t you want to listen to what I’ll tell you?”

“No, goodbye!” Ming Shu smiled. “Do it now, are you waiting for him to attack you?”

“Oh oh oh.”

Little Zhu who became a little dumbfounded while listening to them at one side immediately pressed the attack b.u.t.ton.

Did the zone leader know this person?

It shouldn’t be like this…

Little Zhu was confused but didn’t stop his movement.

Luo Yan’s face distorted on the screen, then the image disappeared and it returned to the former picture.

While the starship in front exploded slowly and fell…

The starship was destroyed, but they still got the escort vessels and battleships which almost surrounded Ming Shu and the others in the middle.

Curly Hair worked hard to get them out of the encirclement, then suddenly that face appeared on the screen again.

Curly Hair’s expression became gloomy.

He suddenly understood a little how other people felt when they met him.

“That’s not cute!”

The man on the screen sounded very angry, but he didn’t erase the neurotic smile on his face.

“Okay okay okay, you’re cute, you’re the cutest in the world.” Ming Shu praised him without any sincerity.

“Even if you praise me like this, I won’t show any mercy.”

Do I need you to show me mercy?

Come talk to my face if you dare!

I’ll beat you to death!

Luo Yan pulled an odd smile at his mouth. “Zone Leader Xi Yang, who do you think will win this war?”

Ming Shu chutted, confidently and arrogantly. “You tell me. Who else would win except me?”

“You’re so confident?”

“Still okay, just a bit more than you.”


“After all…” Ming Shu deliberately drew out her words. “You know it.”

“…” Luo Yan was speechless.

Against a person with the buff of infinite resurrection, it was just impossible to win!

Ming Shu asked Curly Hair to make this psychopath disappear quickly. She didn’t want to see him, she wanted to kill him as soon as she saw him.

Curly Hair wore an unprecedentedly serious look and made the psychopath really disappear in the end.

Little Zhu then threw away the energy line in his hand.

Curly Hair: “…”

Each plate’s energy line on their battleship was individual and could be separated, so unplugging one of them wouldn’t affect the battleship.

The other party’s starship had been destroyed and it caused a little bit of chaos to them.

Shan Yin took the opportunity to push the attack and soon the other party was put into a disadvantageous position.

But just at this moment, a super mecha appeared on the battlefield. Because the super mecha was flexible and could move freely in the universe, soon a battleship on their side crashed.

“Zone Leader, they’re using the super mecha now.”

Ming Shu was quite cam. “Don’t panic, they have a super mecha, don’t we?”

Shan Yin was a little hesitant. “Ours are no match for theirs…”

Ming Shu raised her tone a little. “Start a group attack then.”

Little Zhu was a little worried. “Is it really all right?”

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Ming Shu glanced at him and offered a meaningful smile. “You’re going to dominate the universe, yet you’re still worrying if it’s good or not? Young man, is there something wrong with your brain?”

“There will be in the future.” Ming Shu patted Shan Yin on the shoulder. “Winners set the rules.”


Shan Yin struggled for nothing.

He was afraid that the Unlucky Starzone was going to be hated by everyone.

As soon as Luo Yan appeared in his mecha, he was attacked, and the energy wave directly flew off a row of battleships behind him.

The scene was just too funny.

Luo Yan sent his questions to Ming Shu angrily.

But he didn’t get any answer, only denser and denser attacks.

Luo Yan went back to his team in an uncollected way.

Luo Yan tried to contact other starzones and condemned their using illegal weapons. But before he could reach them, Arlo Starzone suddenly sent their army here.

They didn’t draw close to Unlucky Starzone’s army, but judging from their position, they were clearly intending to help them.

Arlo Starzone and Hua Xia Starzone were originally enemies, so the enemy’s enemy would be their friend.

Ming Shu didn’t want to occupy Hua Xia Starzone, so she and Arlo Starzone reached an agreement easily.

A steady stream of all kinds of illegal weapons transported from Technology City soon dominated the battlefield.

Ming Shu was generous enough to share many of them with Arlo Starzone.

Shan Yin thought his zone leader actually has bad intentions in doing so. If they were really going to be condemned in the future, Arlo Starzone couldn’t escape, either.

Hua Xia Starzone had the super mecha, but had no chance to use it.

Since Ming Shu allied with someone, they could also do that.

But reaching an alliance between starzones was not so easy, especially since many starzones coveted the Hua Xia Starzone.

It was getting really weird in the battlefield, and Luo Yan tried several times but was bombed back.

Luo Yan was very irritated. He sent messages to Ming Shu’s personal terminal.

— Do you dare fight me head-on!

— I know you’ve read my message.

Ming Shu replied to him a long while later.

— I don’t like to fight head-on, I just like it this way, so what can you do? Beat me? You can’t reach me.

Luo Yan had probably been angered to madness and didn’t send any more messages.

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