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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 85 - Gorgeous Doctor (32)

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Chapter 85: Gorgeous Doctor (32)

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Everyone had left. Since there was no more fun to watch and no reason to cause trouble, Ming Shu got ready to leave as well, her snacks in her arms.

But Qing Chen appeared in front of her without any warning and that strange fragrance floated to Ming Shu’s nose again.

What a perfumed girlish man!

Ming Shu subconsciously covered the snacks, moving back her body a little. Then she stared at the b.u.t.terfly before her and asked, “What?”

This procurer showed up suddenly again. Is he planning to take my snacks?

Qing Chen felt funny and helpless. “You’re like the little beastie!” Both were food protectors.

Ming Shu had meant to refute, but she swallowed the words that came to her lips and said, “If there is nothing, just get out of my way.”

Qing Chen moved to the side, giving way for Ming Shu. “Miss Zhi Po, I did help you a lot today. You really won’t think about treating my illness?”

“I didn’t ask for your help.” She could have dealt with it herself. Who let him suddenly step forward and take the opportunity to help her strike.

“Whatever, I helped you, right?” Qing Chen shamelessly took the credit for himself.

Ming Shu glanced at him, saying nothing.

Because Qing Chen was telling the truth.

Ming Shu didn’t like to owe people, even if it was not what she requested. The fact was he did help her.


She really didn’t want to treat the b.u.t.terfly that s.n.a.t.c.hed her snacks.

Ming Shu still didn’t say anything. She continued forward with her head lowered.

Qing Chen ground his teeth, resisting the urge to destroy the character setting. Then he caught up with Ming Shu immediately.

“Miss Zhi Po, what should I do to make you treat me?” Qing Chen pulled on Ming Shu’s clothes. “Is it so difficult to take a look at me?”

He just wanted to cure his illness.

Wasn’t that simple!

“What should I do to make you leave me alone? There are so many doctors in the world. Is it difficult to find another one besides me?” Ming Shu pulled back her clothes.

Qing Chen pulled on them again. “But only you can cure my sickness.”

Ming Shu pulled back. “What sickness?”



Qing Chen blurted out the sentence, and after a while he was aware of something strange. But the word had been spoken. He could only force a smile and pretend to make a calming stance. “So it can only be cured by you, Miss Zhi Po.”

Right! If I let her fall in love with me, I wouldn’t worry that she will not cure me!

Great! I’m really a genius!

“Why don’t you just go back and wait for death?” Ming Shu became impatient, getting ready to leave.

Screw your lovesickness!

I see he is having death sickness.


G.o.d, couldn’t I just force this girl to treat me?

Qing Chen calmed his temper and revealed a trademark smile. “Miss Zhi Po, are you really going to show me such ungratefulness?”

Un! Grate! Ful! Ness!

Ming Shu really wanted to slap his face, let him know what ungratefulness truly was.

Persuading herself, Ming Shu shoved two cakes into her mouth and said, “Fine, I can cure you. But after you are cured, promise me that you will not appear in front of me ever again. For the rest of your life.”

“Deal.” Qing Chen raised his smiling face and agreed.

You think I want to see you?

If it weren’t for this task, he would have killed her himself.

Ming Shu took out her dusty medical tools, sitting in the yard decently. It looked like she was a qualified doctor with amazing skills.

Qing Chen was sitting opposite her. The atmosphere between the two was very strange, with no one breaking the silence, and they seemed to be competing in who could keep their smile longer.

Hui Xue was totally confused. She looked at her Miss for a while, then looked at Qing Chen again.

What are they doing?

Are they competing for the better-looking smile?

Surely the Miss is more good-looking!

“Miss Zhi Po.” Qing Chen couldn’t help breaking the silence, for he was afraid smiling longer might give him a stiff face. “Let’s get started.”

Just be tolerant, I’m sitting opposite a psychopath.

Hearing this, Ming Shu found a preserved fruit in the small bag next to her and put it into her mouth. Then she handsomely rolled up her sleeves, beckoning Qing Chen to show his hand.

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Qing Chen suddenly felt a little worried. He carefully reached his hand toward Ming Shu.

Qing Chen tried hard to suppress his violent mood. “I am really poisoned?”

The genetic disease which had been told of in the family for several generations now suddenly became a poisoning. Qing Chen felt his family were all idiots.

And this poison! How is it so strong as to pa.s.s down from generation to generation! Does it think it’s a heirloom?


Qing Chen stared at Ming Shu for a few seconds, then suddenly got up, holding the table, and leaned closer to Ming Shu. “Can you get rid of it?”

“Maybe.” Not a very certain tone.

This is also the first time I’m an excellent doctor. I’m still not skilled in this business, so it’s understandable if there is any mistake.

A patient asked the doctor, What disease have I got?

The doctor said, You are probably poisoned.

The patient accepted it.

Then the patient asked the doctor again, Could the poison be detoxified?

The doctor answered casually, Maybe .

May… be?

Does she even think about the psychological burden of the patient? Where’s her responsibility toward her patient?

What the h.e.l.l… I think I’ve met a quack.

Pondering alone for a long time, Qing Chen slapped the table suddenly: “I decided!”

He had no other choice but to believe Ming Shu.

“Okay, okay, easy there.” Ming Shu picked up the bag containing her preserved fruits. He almost touched my snacks . “Don’t get too excited, you’ll die.”

You’ll die!

Qing Chen calmly took back his hand and changed to his normal look of a beautiful and flowery b.u.t.terfly procurer. “When do we start?”

If she can’t cure me, I will choke this quack.

Ming Shu looked up at the sky. “In a few days.”

“Why?” Why did she look to the sky?

Ming Shu just glanced at him with a smile, then got up with her snacks and left.

A colorful “dumpling” fell from her sleeve and rolled a few laps on the ground. With the fur covering its whole body standing on end, the furry beastie pushed its colorful egg to follow after Ming Shu, seemingly complaining about something.

“…” Why can’t we just let him die?

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