Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 849 - The Interstellar Calendar (27)

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Chapter 849: The Interstellar Calendar (27)

Curly Hair grunted and then turned to Ji Nian. “Mister Ji, shouldn’t Xue Li be your Ji family’s illegitimate daughter?”

Ji Nian replied, “The Ji family has many children, but they have never had any illegitimate ones.”

Curly Hair said, “That’s strange. The girl’s mecha manufacturing technique is very similar to your Ji family’s.”

Ji Nian glanced at Curly Hair. “How do you know that?”

Curly Hair shook his blue hair. “I once took it apart for better study. I don’t really want to admit it, but your family’s technology is very unique. Even though I took it apart, I didn’t learn much useful information.”

Ji Nian: “…”

If others could get a super mecha, they would have almost worshiped it like a G.o.d. You just took it apart?

The Ji family’s super mecha!

Do you know that the products made by the Ji family had gone out of print, and you couldn’t buy them even with money.

Curly Hair was about to say more to show off but was pulled away by Little Zhu.

Ji Nian got close to Ming Shu and said cheaply, “Zone Leader, will you consider it? The Ji family’s super mecha was not easy to handle, but since you have your own super mechas now, I can modify them for you.”

“No need.” Ming Shu touched his head like a dog. “Be good.”

Ji Nian pushed away her hand. Do you think anyone can touch my precious head?

Ming Shu swept her gaze over. Ji Nian smiled immediately and put Ming Shu’s hand back onto his own head.

My wife can.

Ming Shu rubbed his hair then slid her hand onto his ear. “Ji Jing is your little uncle, won’t you help him?”

Ji Nian raised his eyebrows and smiled not seriously. “I’ll help my wife.”

Ming Shu pinched his ear. “Who’s your wife?”

It was soft and pleasant to touch.

“The one I kissed.”

“Who knows whom you have kissed? If you kissed an interstellar beast, should it be your wife? What a unique taste…”

Ming Shu took back her hand conveniently. But Ji Nian held her wrist and pulled her closer.

A hot kiss fell on her lips.

Ming Shu didn’t close her eyes, and neither did Ji Nian.

There seemed to be bright, blazing flames burning in Ji Nian’s eyes, and they were about to burn her down.

Ji Nian dropped her hand onto his chest. “Do you feel it? Each time you get close to me, this place will burn.”

It was a beating heart under her hand.


Faster than normal people.

Ji Nian kissed Ming Shu again, kissed deep without giving her any chance to retreat.

When you get close to me, I’ll burn.

When you leave me, I’ll be empty and cold.

So, please, do not leave me.


Ji Nian’s expression changed slightly. He put Ming Shu’s hand on him and leaned back, making it look like Ming Shu had forced him to kiss her.

Ming Shu looked at him amusingly.

Ji Nian winked at Ming Shu and then released her lips.

Ming Shu turned her head. It was Shi Xing.

“Zone Leader, I’m sorry to bother you, but the other party has launched a forcible attack and we need you to come.” Shi Xing’s expression was as cool as always.

Ji Nian tilted his head and looked over, eyes narrowed, so next time—

He must close the door!

The enemy had changed their fighting strategy. Before they didn’t discover the ways of Ming Shu’s side so they just fought back without tactics.

But now there were obviously some tactics being applied. The team was not in a panic or disordered, and clearly was under someone’s command.

Two of their battleships had been put into danger, and once the other party mastered the battle pace, they would be in some trouble.

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“This Ji Jing is really powerful.” Ming Shu observed the war situation. “He’s terrifying us.”

He found a way to stabilize the energy and use it.

“Is it really as powerful as you said?” Ming Shu confirmed with Shi Xing.

“I’ve reduced its energy. It’s definitely not possible to blow up a starzone, but there isn’t any problem for it to destroy a starship. If you need it, I can redo the ratio and make it enough to blow up a star.” Shi Xing petted his fake cat calmly.

“Let’s go around behind them,” Ming Shu said. “Can you do that?”

“Why go around behind them?”

“To blow up their starship,” Ming Shu answered without hesitation. “Or what, to eat food? Well… we can do that before blowing them up.”

Everyone: “…”

No, they were not ferocious at all.

The really ferocious one was her.

They studied ferocious things but never used them.

If Ming Shu weren’t the zone leader, Shi Xing wouldn’t have taken out the weapon.

Their battleship had the stealth function and could sneak behind the other party.

Most battleships and s.p.a.ceships were equipped with this function now, but the light spots on them couldn’t do that; as long as you approached the other side’s aperture, they would discover you.

But Curly Hair could make the other side completely blind and achieve true stealth.

It was easy to sneak behind Hua Xia Starzone’s battleships. But when they approached the starship, they were discovered anyway.

The starship’s lights were focused on their battleship, leaving them nowhere to hide.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t get caught?” Ming Shu looked at Curly Hair.

Curly Hair was also speechless. “There’s someone powerful among them.”

The screen in front flashed suddenly, and then the scene changed.

A strange smiling face appeared on the big screen.


The smile was mixed with some familiar: That psychopath.

The pyramid seller who always says I’m a virtual character.

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