Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 844 - The Interstellar Calendar (22)

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Chapter 844: The Interstellar Calendar (22)

Ming Shu swore that when she saw the little goblin again, she would beat him!

She touched her red, slightly swollen lips (due to the kiss) and sighed.

“Zone Leader, is that satisfying?” Ji Nian sat on one side, still wearing a blanket, his face leaning on his palm, and tilted his head to look at her.

“You want to stay with me with that poor skill?” Ming Shu twitched the corner of her mouth. “Keep dreaming.”

Ji Nian leaned over the table and smiled like a coquettish rose. “You should practice with me more, Zone Leader.”

Ming Shu: “…” Young man, do you still remember your character profile?

It’s been ruined by you!

Ming Shu blocked him with hand. “Go and get dressed.”

“Zone Leader, don’t you like me in this way?” Ji Nian pulled the blanket aside on purpose and revealed his beautiful collarbones.

Ji Nian was originally born good-looking, and now he had let his defenses down, so it seemed he acc.u.mulated more charm and evilness.

Who likes you in that way!

I was p.i.s.sing you off!

Who the h.e.l.l knew that you would suddenly become shameless. Do you care about the character profile or not!


Seeing Ming Shu’s smile change a little, Ji Nian hesitated for a while, then finally got up to get his clothes on.

The auction below had begun.

Ming Shu pressed the room’s control switch and the transparent gla.s.s was converted into a screen with four pieces, showing the auction scene in all directions.

Ji Nian turned around to take a look, but didn’t seem interested.

“Do you know that someone attacked me in your name?”

Ji Nian paused.

He slowly looked up at the girl sitting there. “What did you say?”

“I said, someone attacked me in your name,” Ming Shu repeated.

Ji Nian’s eyes dimmed and his lips opened slightly. “Why don’t you suspect it is me?”

Ming Shu said without any hesitation, “Because you’re poor.”

Ji Nian: “…” What’s wrong with being poor! Poverty is temporary! Handsome is forever!

Ji Nian held back his anger. “What have you asked?”

“Isn’t this enough?”

Ji Nian choked. If she had known who was the one behind it, she wouldn’t have told him just now.

“Do you have any suspects?”

Ming Shu sucked up all of the nutrient stick and threw away the empty package. “If so, do you think I’d ask you now?”

Ji Nian lowered his head and coldness flashed in his eyes.

Someone attacked her… in his name?

Such means were really disgusting.

Should he feel lucky that she thought he was too poor to hire killers? If he was rich, wouldn’t that condition have been constructed?


Their conversation ended inexplicably. It seemed Ming Shu was just telling him that, and she didn’t mean to ask further questions or to investigate.

Ji Nian was also silent after listening, and was pondering something by himself.

The auction had arrived at its end.

The host was enthusiastically enlivening the finale’s atmosphere, waiting for the very last piece to go up.

“…Okay, next is going to be our very last piece. I believe that many guests have come for this last thing, so I won’t keep you in suspense, the last piece is—”

The host raised his hand, and then the lights appeared when he put his hand down. A gla.s.s cover appeared beside him. “The immortal stone!”

The immortal stone was just an ordinary round stone, the size of a palm, black with some white lines on the surface, and it didn’t look very tasty.

The people below whispered to each other. But the screen didn’t show the audience, so they didn’t know what the scene was.

The host made a detailed introduction of the immortal stone.

The main point was about the immortal stone’s effect.

“Because the immortal stone is special, we have changed the rules accordingly.” The host left enough time for the people below to discuss. “Any guest will have the right to bid, and the base price is 50 million interstellar coins, but each increase must not be less than one million interstellar coins.”

The interstellar coins were the currency generally used in the whole interstellar world and had no real ent.i.ties.

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One million interstellar coins could be exchanged for at least 100 million RMB.

Ming Shu was the first to get down… namely the ones who broke through the window.

The box in which the immortal stone was placed had a light effect so that it could be seen in the dark at a glance.

Several figures appeared beside the box almost simultaneously, their “claws” reaching for the immortal stone as if in slow motion.

Two hands pressed on the box at the same time and no one would let it go. Then it was a necessary fight.

Ming Shu stood a little bit further away and watched them fight.

Waiting for them all to get involved in the fight, she took something randomly from aside and rushed out, sneak attacking a person next to the box.

She hit fast and hard. The other party groaned and fell, and their companion then caught them.

Another man shouted and charged at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu handled him immediately. Then she turned around and saw a man was trying to open the box.

But clearly the process didn’t go well and he couldn’t open it for a long time. Finally he grabbed the entire box and tried to uproot it.

“Ding! Countdown starts now!”

The cold mechanical sound echoed through the chaotic field.

It was like a needle, piercing into everyone’s hearts, and cool air darted around.

The picture was beyond weird.


The crowd that had just been fighting fiercely looked at the immortal stone.

What is this?

The transparent box turned black and the red number 3 was growing.

Although they didn’t know what the countdown was, they felt it was not something good.

Everyone subconsciously told themselves to retreat in their hearts.


As everyone was in a dumbfounded state, Ming Shu smashed the box with something in her hand. The gla.s.s cover broke and she grabbed the immortal stone inside, then ran outside.

Ming Shu ran away with the immortal stone. The others reacted and immediately chased her out.


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