Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 842 - The Interstellar Calendar (20)

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Chapter 842: The Interstellar Calendar (20)

“Hey, isn’t this Zone Leader Xi Yang!”

A group of people came out from the room beside them the moment the Hai Rui people walked away.

The leader was an alien that looked like a lizard. His skin was green and it had lumps on it. It looked disgusting.

Ming Shu forgot which starzone he was from, but she remembered she offended him.

He didn’t look like a person she would do business with.

Because of this, they almost started a war with Unlucky Starzone.

The lizardman said sarcastically, “Zone Leader Xi Yang is such a busy person. I was not expecting to see you here. I wonder if the Mist Star knows that you’re here.”

He was mocking her for coming to the Mist Star illegally.

“Did you come in legally?” Ming Shu refuted.

“…” The lizardman choked.

“We all came in illegally so let’s not harm each other.” Ming Shu smiled brightly. “What do you say?”

The auction was not a legal affair, to begin with. Hence, the people that came didn’t come legally, either.

The Mist Star might know about this, but for some reason, they closed one eye.

Ming Shu walked pa.s.sed the lizard man.

As she was pa.s.sing by, Ming Shu tilted her head and smiled. “I realize that my decision to not sell weapons to you…”

The lizardman sneered. “Are you regretting it?”

“It was a totally correct decision.”

The lizardman: “…”

Themen around him held him back.

The lizardman said angrily, “Let me go! I will have a life and death battle with her today!”

“I’d rather not.”

“Are you scared!”

“I’m afraid that your men will have to send your corpse back for you.”


Even Shan Yin and the rest of Ming Shu’s men thought that she was going too overboard. Isn’t she looking for a beating?

Why did the zone leader offend so many people for nothing?

The lizardman got dragged away. His men only let him go after Ming Shu was out of sight.

“Are you all going against me!!”

“Master, we have not completed our task here. If you create trouble now, it will draw too much attention.”

“She is already so shameless. What do I have to be afraid of?”

The lizardman was so angry, his green skin turned a little red.

His men soothed him for a long while before the lizardman calmed down.

“I will let her go this time. Once I get that thing, I will tear her into pieces!” The lizardman gritted his teeth. “Are you sure that the thing is at the auction?”


The lizardman thought about how he would tear Ming Shu into pieces and seemed excited about it.

On the day of the auction…

The Hai Rui guy didn’t come with her. Even if they wanted to, Ming Shu would not agree to them.

Curly Hair and his friends were not interested in the auction so they went off by themselves.

Ming Shu only brought Shan Yin.

A lot of people inside were offended by Ming Shu before.

They didn’t greet her at all. It was already polite of them to not walk up to her and spit on her. Of course, the most important reason was that they couldn’t win against her in a fight.

“Zone Leader, it is my honor to have you with us today.” The manager of the auction greeted the guest at the door. When he saw Ming Shu, he immediately hurried over.

“Why is it hard?” Ming Shu asked seriously.

“…” He was just greeting her just now.

Shan Yin was speechless.

“Haha, it is hard to meet Zone Leader Xi Yang. Please go in…” This person had been hard to interact with for the past few years. It was better if he spoke less with her.

The manager pa.s.sed Ming Shu a booklet and he left after bringing them in.

He didn’t want to argue with her.

He was not stupid.

Ming Shu flipped through the booklet casually. The booklet seemed to be made of metal. It was very thin.

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There were many things sold in this auction. There were even stars being sold.

There was not a single good person in the family.

All they do was find him for trouble every day.

The teenager said, “If you like anything, get it. I’ll pay for you.”

The little girl nodded her head. “Brother Ji Nian, you don’t have to be polite with me. Your allowance is not a lot. You definitely will not be able to afford anything here.”

Ji Nian glanced at the little girl. The little girl was still smiling innocently as she blinked her big eyes.

“Master Ji, the zone leader would like to invite you over.” Shan Yin suddenly walked over and bowed to Ji Nian.

“Invite me?”

Shan Yin nodded.

Ji Nian didn’t show any emotions on his face as he walked calmly into the room with Shan Yin.

The teenager frowned.

The little girl didn’t have any qualms. “Which zone leader? Brother, he actually knows a zone leader?”

“That is Shan Yin,” the teenager said in a low voice as a cold light flashed past his eyes. “He is from Unlucky Starzone… let’s go.”

The teenager grabbed the little girl’s hand and left.

The moment Ji Nian walked in, he heard a loud slam behind him. Ji Nian looked back and saw Shan Yin closing the door calmly.

Once the door was closed, the sounds outside couldn’t be heard anymore.

Ji Nian took a deep breath.

He walked in.

A lady was leaning against the gla.s.s and looking down.

She was wearing a smile on her face as if she was in a good mood.

However, Ji Nian knew that that was not the case.

She was like this all the time.

Ji Nian said, “Zone Leader, why are you looking for me?”

Ming Shu didn’t change her position. “You destroyed my battleship. Why do you think I’m looking for you?”

“Didn’t you say that I don’t need to compensate for it?” Indeed, women are all liars.

“I changed my mind.”

“…” Look, this is a woman.

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