Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 841 - The Interstellar Calendar (19)

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Chapter 841: The Interstellar Calendar (19)

Someone attacked the battleship.

Explosions occurred all around them. They were surrounded.

When Little Zhu operated the battleship, his ears and face were still red.

Curly Hair’s calm voice kept sounding beside his ear.

“What are you thinking about? Don’t aim wrongly!”

Curly Hair slapped Little Zhu’s head. Little Zhu immediately rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you do it!”

“I didn’t design this complicated thing. Focus on fighting. Kill these people. How dare they bully us. They must be looking for death.” Curly Hair went to the other side after he finished speaking.

“You people at the back, why are you all running so slowly? Is there a prize for being the last one? Hurry up and kill these things!” Curly Hair shouted into thin air.

There were eight battleships surrounding them.

Fully equipped.

It was obvious that they had been waiting to ambush them.

However, their opponent didn’t seem to know that there were more battleships behind them. Curly Hair was shouting at those battleships to hasten their pace and reinforce them.

The tides were turned.

Their opponent saw that they couldn’t win against them and prepared to retreat.

“Are we chasing them?” someone asked over the intercom.

“Of course.” Ming Shu answered. “I want to see who is so bold and dared to disturb me when I’m eating.”

Half of my nutrient stick spilled when they suddenly attacked just now. This wa unforgivable.

Little Zhu and Curly Hair shivered at the same time. Why did they find their zone leader so sinister?

The zone leader had made her decision so the other battleships sped up and blocked their opponent.

“I wonder who gave them the courage to attack us.” Curly Hair pressed a b.u.t.ton and the screen in front of them changed.

Curly Hair’s aura changed. He became refined and courteous. “Good evening, everyone.”


Little Zhu mocked him from the side. He was standing outside the screen so Curly Hair just glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. His intention was clear. He would take care of Little Zhu after this.

Their opponents looked at Curly Hair in a daze.

They couldn’t understand how he appeared on the screen.

“‘White Elephant Interstellar Pirates’?” Curly Hair read out these words. “Interstellar pirates dare to attack Technology City? Who gave you all the courage?”

The pirates were surrounded now. When they heard that these people were from Technology City, their faces changed. “You, you… you are from Technology City?”

“Have you seen any other people using this kind of battleship?”

Curly Hair felt that the battleships from Technology City were very easy to recognize.

“I… I… I didn’t know.” The other person was frightened. “We are just doing this because someone paid us to.

Curly Hair frowned. He looked at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu slowly walked over. She slammed the table in front of her and said in a gentle tone, “Who started the attack?”

The pirates could feel the scary aura emanating from her through the screen.

One of them pushed someone out. “It was him…”

The one that was pushed out was stunned. “It was the boss’s order, I was just carrying it out… they attacked too…”

The pirate stopped talking the moment he met Ming Shu’s eyes.

Ming Shu smiled slightly. “You caused me to spill half of my nutrient stick. Do you know that it is shameful to waste food?”


What kind of reason is this?

The pirates didn’t understand Ming Shu at all.

Half an hour later…

The pirates shivered in fear. Are the hobbies of bosses all so weird? Did she attack us just for nutrient sticks?

Ming Shu was nicer after she received her compensation. “Tell me, who told you to attack me?”

The pirates didn’t feel that she got more amiable. They shivered harder. “Ji… Ji family.”

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“Ji family?” Ming Shu narrowed her eyes. “Are you going to tell me that the person is called Ji Nian?”

That little demon dared to kill her?

Curly Hair tried to use the information provided by the pirates to track the mastermind, but the results were obvious. Nothing could be found.

Mist Star asked Shan Yin to change their course immediately. They went one round and picked up the Hai Rui guys. Two days before the auction, they reached Mist Star.

The Mist Star had a pink mist around it and it seemed very dreamy.

The Hai Rui guys and Ming Shu stayed at a hotel.

The leader of the Hai Rui people used his tentacles to greet Ming Shu. “Thanks, Zone Leader. As long as we get what we want in the auction, the terms that we set still hold.”

Ming Shu smiled at his tentacles.

The Hai Rui person: “…”

Does this zone leader have a special fetish?

Every Hai Rui person that interacted with her said that she liked to stare at their tentacles.

“This is the invitation.” Ming Shu retracted her gaze and pa.s.sed him a card. “One card allows only one person to enter. I don’t have a lot of cards so I can only give you all three.”

The Hai Rui leader was not satisfied with the number of cards but he still thanked Ming Shu.

“Can I ask you something?”

The Hai Rui leader immediately tensed up. “What is it?”

Ming Shu lowered her gaze. “Can this be eaten?”

The Hai Rui leader saw her staring at his tentacles. He looked at Ming Shu.

Unlucky Starzone wanted to eat their people?

“I’m just joking. Don’t be nervous. I won’t eat anything that can talk.” Ming Shu smiled as she spoke.

The Hai Rui person: “…”

Will you eat them if they can’t talk?!

Are you serious?!

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