Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 839 - The Interstellar Calendar (17)

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Chapter 839: The Interstellar Calendar (17)

In the end, they brought a bunch of interstellar beasts. Everyone was forced to change their position.

However, Curly Hair got an interstellar beast too.

“Zone Leader, who did you fight with? One of the battleships is almost destroyed. I remember that that’s the most aggressive battleship,” Little Zhu said as he ate his meat.


“You destroyed the battleship yourself?”

“The quality was not good.” Ming Shu nodded her head to make herself seem more credible.

“…” Little Zhu looked at Curly Hair in a daze. The quality was not good?

“The squadron must have cut back on the materials. Deduct their project funding!” Curly Hair said righteously.

The battleship was first built by the squadron. They were in charge of the latter part.

The sloppy man said, “After you deduct their project funding, the quality will be even worse.”

Curly Hair: “…”

Little Zhu: “…”

You make so much sense. I can’t refute you.

The sloppy man wiped his hand and asked Ming Shu, “Zone Leader, did you find anything amiss here?”

“The meat is good?” Ming Shu gave an honest face.


The meat in the interstellar world was not good at all so it was indeed considered a strange thing.

The sloppy man took out some kind of palm-sized equipment. It was like a Bagua disk.

Only the appearance was similar.

The internal structure was totally different.

“There are many different energies in the universe. Every energy has a different wavelength.” The sloppy man showed it to Ming Shu. “This is the magnetic field. Each magnetic field has a different wavelength. However, it has a pattern so it is easily recognizable

“Here is a wavelength that I have never seen before.” The sloppy man pointed to a straight line.

“I have never seen this kind of wavelength before, either.”

“A dead person?” Ming Shu suddenly said.


“Dead people have no energy.” The sloppy man put away his device. “I remember that this is a barren star. There was nothing on it. There was no life at all.”

The sloppy man suddenly paused. He stroked his cat. “I have seen this kind of wave before.”

“So have you seen it or not!” Curly Hair got angry. “Can you think before you speak!”

The sloppy man said, “I have seen this wave on Xue Li when I examined her one time.”

Little Zhu pouted. “No wonder you took notice of Xue Li at that time. I thought you liked her.”

Curly Hair glanced at Little Zhu. “Are you still waiting for her? She belongs to someone else already.”

Little Zhu glared at Curly Hair.

Curly Hair smiled brightly.

“But it happened only once. After that, it never appeared again.” The sloppy man ignored their argument and stroked his cat calmly.

“Can you find the source?” Ming Shu asked. “Let’s go and search for it.”

Xue Li used the immortal stone before. This could be the residual energy of the immortal stone.

According to the storyline, as the mother star of Hua Xia Starzone, it was reasonable that the immortal stone came from here.

“I can try,” the sloppy man said.

The sloppy man took out another device and led the way for them.

More vines appeared as they walked deeper into the forest. It was getting harder to walk.

“It should be nearby,” the sloppy man said.

Everyone looked around. The land here was very low. The forest was all on top of them. They seemed to be at the bottom of a valley.


The ground suddenly moved and a head popped up. He didn’t seem to notice the people standing not far away from him. He looked down and said, “Be careful.”

The two people only saw the group that was standing opposite them after the second person was pulled up. Both of them got a shock.

“Xi Yang…” The expression of the girl that suddenly came up changed. “Why are you all here?”

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Ai Nuo had been barred from leaving her house by Big Head Ai for three years. He didn’t allow her to go anywhere. She had only been released recently.

“The immortal stone is an important object. Will it be over with just a beating? What are you thinking?” Ming Shu’s tone was gentle.

I need to hit you a few more times!

Beat you till your Hatred Points are full!

“Beat her.”

“Xi Yang…”

Lu Jia protected Ai Nuo.

However, Lu Jia was alone. No matter how good he was at fighting, he would not be able to subdue the entire bodyguard team.

Ai Nuo was pushed to the ground and beaten up.

After the bodyguards were done, Ming Shu walked over slowly. “Your father watches over you so carefully, I didn’t have the chance to beat you. This gaze is not bad. There is an improvement. Maintain it! Think about how I ordered people to beat you and be angry at me.”

“You…” Ai Nuo was pressed against the ground and couldn’t move at all. She could only use her eyes to express her anger.

“Being angry is good. Being angry can make you prettier.” Ming Shu placed her hand on her chin. “I like it when you’re angry. You look cute like this.”

As cute as my snacks.

Little Zhu leaned toward Curly Hair and grabbed his elbow. “Why do I feel that the zone leader is provoking Ai Nuo?”

Curly Hair’s gaze landed on Little Zhu’s fingers. “She is provoking her.”

“Why?” Little Zhu was puzzled.

“How would I know? Go and ask the zone leader.”

“…” Little Zhu glanced at Ming Shu’s pure and innocent face and shivered uncontrollably. “Forget it.”

He let go of Curly Hair and took a step back.

He stepped onto something and his body fell forward.

Curly Hair quickly caught him and pulled him back.

“So scary.” Little Zhu patted his chest. “My clothes will get all dirty soon.”

“Are you blind?” Curly Hair mocked him. However, he didn’t remove his hand. He was still holding onto Little Zhu.

“I didn’t notice it…” Little Zhu complained.

The sloppy man looked at them with a thoughtful gaze. When Curly Hair looked over at him, he stroked his cat calmly.

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