Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 838 - The Interstellar Calendar (16)

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Chapter 838: The Interstellar Calendar (16)

It took time for the battleship to come to them, so Ming Shu decided to go into the forest again.

She took a different route this time, but the scenery in the forest didn’t change much.

Ji Nian had recovered a lot and was now walking behind Ming Shu by himself.

Ming Shu was faster.

Ji Nian opened his mouth for the first time since the crash of the battleship. “I’ll pay for it.”

Ming Shu paused and turned around a little. She smiled. “You’ll pay? Do you know how many undeclared technologies and weapons were on the ship? How will you pay for it?”

Ji Nian: “…”

“You can’t afford it.” Ming Shu turned her head. “I’ll just take pity on you and let you go this time.”

Ji Nian: “…”

Ji Nian’s expression changed slightly, but he held himself back in the end.

He walked on with his head lowered. There were fallen leaves in the forest and stepping on them made light rustling sounds.

He didn’t notice when Ming Shu slowed down and began to walk beside him.

“What’s wrong with your psychic force?”

Ji Nian’s voice was low. “It’s just like that.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s, it’s none of your business.”

The atmosphere suddenly became silent. Ming Shu stared at his side profile and smiled.

Ji Nian looked up and met her smiling eyes.

“Okay, it’s none of my business.”

Ming Shu walked forward. “Don’t follow us. There are some people trying kill you, and I don’t want to die.”

Ji Nian stopped and really didn’t follow then.

The people ahead didn’t stop, either. They quickly disappeared into the depths of the forest.

Ji Nian pressed on his chest with fingers; the burning feeling was slowly fading.

He rubbed his face.

Look what you’ve done.

You offended her!

What’s this hateful character setting!

It’s all the character profile’s fault!

I am not wrong! It has nothing to do with me!

Surely she doesn’t remember me, how can she leave me here alone…

Ji Nian imagined a big play in his brain, then looked around. Where was he now?

“Ji Nian!”

Several people jumped out of the jungle, and one of them looked at him angrily.

“You’re good at running. I’ve looked for you for a long time.” The man grunted coldly. “You were lucky to escape last time, but today is not your day.”

Ji Nian looked at them in silence.

“What are you looking at!” The man was burning with rage.

That was the look. No matter what others said, he always had that look.

“You monster, you shouldn’t have come back. Why did you come back? You should die!”

The man probably had thought of something and was now looking at Ji Nian with great hatred in his eyes.

“What are you waiting for, kill him!” the man shouted at the people beside him.

“The mecha…” Someone hesitated.

“Are you afraid we won’t get it when he dies?” The man’s expression was hideous.

Even if he couldn’t get it, he wouldn’t allow him to return alive.

He hadn’t had a good day since this monster came home three years ago.

The several people looked at each other and finally decided to start the attack.

Ji Nian stood still, and when they rushed forward, they ran into some transparent object at the same time and was forced to retreat several steps.

Ji Nian raised his hand. Suddenly the several people felt as if they were being strangled around the throat and their feet lifted off the ground.



They were hanging in the air. The man seemed frightened and his expression changed dramatically.

Ji Nian waved his arm, and the people were turned in a circle in the air then smashed into the forest beyond. “Get away.”

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The man touched his s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton. He still had the mecha…


Ming Shu seemed to know what Shan Yin was thinking, and she said slowly, “I didn’t ask you to kill them. Just throw them anywhere, and make them experience the joy of labor.”


They were all spoiled misters and never did any labor.

Wouldn’t that be more cruel than just killing them?

“This was used by Mister Ji.” Shan Yin picked up the empty syringe; there was still some green liquid left on its inner surface. “Mister Ji has gone outside the forest and seems to have left.”

“Keep it, then take it back for a test.”


Ming Shu stretched. “There’s an interstellar beast ahead. Go catch it.”

Meat! I am coming!

The battleship arrived at noon the next day.

It stopped above Ming Shu and the others.

The transporter sent down people from above.

“Yih? I thought there was no vegetation on this planet.” Little Zhu was very surprised and waved to Ming Shu. “Zone Leader, it’s been a while.”

“Good day, my beloved zone leader.” Curly Hair was one step behind.

“Why are you here?”

The sloppy man also walked over slowly with his fake cat in his arms.

“I’ve heard there are many tasty interstellar beasts here, so I came to study them.” Little Zhu approached Ming Shu and tried to get the roast meat.

Ming Shu slapped him away.

“Zone Leader, you can’t finish so much. Just let me try some.”

“No!” Ming Shu refused.

“Are you trying to grab the zone leader’s food? You must be tired of living.” Curly Hair pulled Little Zhu back. “Come with me, I’ll hunt an interstellar beast for you.”

“I’ll be thankful as long as you don’t get beaten by interstellar beasts. I’m telling you, if you get beaten later, I’m not going to save you.”

“What are you talking about, I am very powerful!” Curly Hair asked some information from the guards beside him, then ran away while pulling Little Zhu.

“…They live in groups, so be careful.”

The guard finished his sentence with a dumbfounded face.

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