Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 837 - The Interstellar Calendar (15)

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Chapter 837: The Interstellar Calendar (15)

Shan Yin didn’t know where Ming Shu had gone, either. She left in secret.

He was also looking for her everywhere.

Ji Nian asked to see her, so Shan Yin tried sending a message to Ming Shu.

Several minutes later, Ming Shu popped out from nowhere.

“Zone Leader…” Shan Yin walked up. “Mister Ji won’t eat.”

Ming Shu had a stalk of gra.s.s in her mouth and waved her hand. “Go and take some rest.”

Shan Yin looked back and forth between the two for a while, then stepped back to one side obediently. He arranged some people to keep watch at night, and the others then went to rest.

Ji Nian was still standing in front of the sleeping bag. Although he had almost been frozen stiff, he didn’t crawl back in again.

Ming Shu shuffled over and threw him back into the sleeping bag without allowing him to speak. “If you want to die, just don’t die here. I’ll have to dig a pit for you then.”

Ji Nian was injured and had suffered the cold for half a day, so he didn’t have any strength now.

After falling into the sleeping bag, he couldn’t climb out again.

“What do you want?” He leaned on the soft blanket and looked up at the person standing there.

Ming Shu ignored him and turned around to go to the other side. Ji Nian frowned into the darkness.

After a moment, Ming Shu came back with a bowl of broth in her hand.

She bent down and got into the sleeping bag, sitting in front of him with crossed legs. “Here you are.”

Ji Nian shrank back a little.

“If you don’t eat, I’ll eat.”

Ji Nian still remained silent.

Ming Shu directly fed herself with a spoon. The interstellar beast meat made a very tasty broth.

She decided to eat it herself.

Just as Ming Shu was about to take a second spoonful, Ji Nian suddenly grabbed the bowl.

Probably he was actually starved, and so the soup was soon finished.

“I thought you were trying to blackmail me by starving to death.” Ming Shu suddenly approached and they faced each other, almost cheek to cheek. “Didn’t you think I’d poison you?”

“The first time you said you were going to throw me back into outer s.p.a.ce, and the second time you said you were going to hand me over to those people.”

The subtext being, what was wrong about his suspicion?

Ming Shu smiled. “I don’t have any relationship with you, so there’s nothing wrong with that. Are you very dissatisfied?”

“…No,” Ji Nian said, “I’m just trying to save my life, cough cough cough…”

Ji Nian coughed heavily, his fingertips soaked with blood.

Ming Shu zipped up the sleeping bag to block the cold wind, then laid the man down rudely. “You’d better not die here. I won’t be responsible for your dead body.”

Ji Nian huddled in on himself, trying hard to suppress the coughing.

Ming Shu asked the doctor among the guards to come and check on him, but Ji Nian pushed him away. He was on the alert, like a wolf cub under attack.

“Zone Leader, this…”

“It’s fine, leave the tools and go out first.”


Ming Shu took out the tools for examination and pulled away the quilt on him.

Ji Nian struggled, but didn’t treat her like the doctor in the end.

It was very simple to do an examination in this world. Ming Shu scanned him with the instrument then went out to give it to the doctor.

The doctor checked the results and frowned slightly. “Zone Leader, it’s not good… I need to go back to the ship and look over him carefully.”

“Make the preparations then.”

Ming Shu turned around to go back to the sleeping bag. Ji Nian lay inside with a cloudy consciousness.

Probably sensing that someone pulled him, he suddenly began to struggle. “Don’t touch me…”

Ming Shu caught both his hands. “Be good, I’ll take you to do the examination.”

Ji Nian kept struggling. Ming Shu worried that she might hurt him and didn’t dare to put forth her strength.

“I’m not going…” He gasped slightly and his face flushed due to the struggle.

Suddenly he began to bite his lip, as if he had fallen into some kind of nightmare.

“Ji Nian?”

The lips began to bleed red.

Ming Shu reached out to pinch his jaw and tried to make him release his lip. But he bit it very tightly.

Ming Shu considered for a while, then directly knocked him out.

Ji Nian’s body went slack and fell.

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“I can’t.” Ji Nian turned his head to the side.

Ming Shu frowned. She put his arms on her neck, then put one hand around his waist and the other under his knees and picked him up easily.

Ji Nian suddenly rose high into the air and subconsciously held Ming Shu tight. His face was close to Ming Shu’s neck.

Things were moving quickly backward, and the corridor was in chaos.

He was taken to the escape capsule, surrounded by people, but no one looked at him, as if it wasn’t he who had caused the crash.

Ji Nian suddenly tightened his arms. “I made your battleship crash, but you still help me to escape?”

“Who will pay for my loss if I don’t help you out?”

[Two minutes to crash landing…]

“Is everyone here?”

No one responded, but the escape capsule’s door was closing.

Then the escape capsule was catapulted, rising and falling in the air for a while, like riding a roller coaster.

The battleship in the distance fell down slowly and touched the mountains, sending up silent flames.

The blast launched their escape capsule backward.

The escape capsule slowly fell to the ground.

The door opened. There were sustained explosions coming from the distance.

Guard #1 wiped his cold sweat. “They cheated on workmanship and materials, we must go back and talk to them about this. It’s almost killing us.”

Guard #2: “Deduct their project funds!”

Guard #3: “We must!”

“Zone Leader, are you all right?” Shan Yin squeezed through the guards and came to Ming Shu. “I’ve contacted Technology City and a new ship is coming to pick us up soon.”

Ming Shu put Ji Nian down, but he couldn’t stand. He didn’t mean to lean on Ming Shu, but he was really weak.

Ming Shu had to support him. “Let’s find a place to rest first.”

Shan Yin swept a quick glance over Ji Nian. “Yes.”

No one asked why the battleship crashed, and no one looked at Ji Nian. They just focused on their own business.

Ji Nian looked at the fire still visible there.

A brilliant streak of light formed under his eyes, which exploded and then disappeared.

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