Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 835 - The Interstellar Calendar (13)

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Chapter 835: The Interstellar Calendar (13)

The interstellar beasts gathered below and didn’t show any intention of leaving.

Ming Shu wanted to catch one and eat roasted meat again, but Shan Yin didn’t give her the chance to show her power. He gave the order to take the battleship to the other end of the planet.

There was not only one kind of interstellar beast on Hua Xia Starzone’s home planet.

They met many other of the same kind along the way, all large-sized social interstellar beasts.

“It’s strange.”

“I’ve never seen so many social interstellar beasts… on the same planet.”

Everyone discussed in whispers.

Ming Shu stared at the interstellar beasts below.

I want to eat them…

Can’t I just eat quietly!

Finally Shan Yin ordered to stop at a certain place. But it was very empty here, and there was probably nothing alive for hundreds of miles around.

You couldn’t see any buildings on the entire planet, only some building-like things buried beneath in ground were visible under your feet.

“Zone Leader, come and look at this.”

Ming Shu walked over and looked in the direction Shan Yin pointed to.

The plain in the distance was furrowed at regular intervals, as if someone had drawn lines on the plain.

In these gullies were densely packed buildings that seemed to be embedded in the ground.

They were now standing above the buildings.

There had been no human activity below for a long time, and there was a dead feeling emanating from the buildings, exactly the same as this whole planet.

They didn’t know what had happened here so as to bury all the buildings. The tallest ones were up to five or even six hundred floors.

It could be even taller.

Such a huge project couldn’t be completed overnight.

Ming Shu held her chin and stared at those deep gullies.

Why didn’t interstellar beasts bred from a planet full of evil Qi have any sign of the same aura?

This is unscientific!

“Let’s go.” Ming Shu waved her hands.

“Zone Leader, where are we going?”

“To catch beasts.”

“…” For eating?

Zone Leader, can we not do that?

There’re so many huge social interstellar beasts, we’ll definitely be chased to death!

Ming Shu picked a group of them which didn’t look too huge.

There were still a large number of them, though. Shan Yin began to think of an arrest plan in his mind.

But the next second Ming Shu had come back with an interstellar beast dragging behind her, followed by a group of its roaring and ferocious kin.

Shan Yin glared at the person next to him. Didn’t I tell you to watch Zone Leader?

The person looked at another person. Didn’t I tell you to watch?

The person glared back at the former. Weren’t you watching her? It’s none of my business!

“Run!” Ming Shu ran through them with the interstellar beast.

Everyone twitched the corners of their mouths and started running.

After getting rid of those interstellar beasts, they didn’t know where they were.

The beast Ming Shu caught was still alive; it was a baby interstellar beast.

Ming Shu pressed it against the floor, hands on her knees, and looked exactly like a bandit. “Where do you usually do activities?”

“Aowaowaow…” Mom, help!

Ming Shu approached it and smiled very tenderly. “Answer my question, or I’ll eat you.”

“Aowaowaow…” Help, help! Someone is bullying a baby beast here!

“What is the zone leader doing?” Guard #1 poked Guard #2.

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“I don’t know.” Guard #2 was stunned.

“Zone Leader…” Shan Yin tried to stop Ming Shu.

But Ming Shu was pet.i.te and she easily flashed past Shan Yin.

Shan Yin was angry yet dared not say it, so he had to shout at the following guards: “Protect the zone leader.”

The guards: “…”

The fighting was not far away, and had already broken or burned all the trees around it, creating a large open s.p.a.ce.

A white mecha and a black mecha were swiftly overlapping, crashing, avoiding, and separating…

On the other side stood several other mechas and men with weapons who were watching the battle.

Ming Shu didn’t rush out and also stood outside to watch.

Shan Yin observed carefully for a while then frowned slightly. “They’re Hua Xia Starzone’s people.”

“If they see us, they’re going to get us in trouble. Zone Leader, we should avoid them,” Guard #3 suggested.

Ming Shu hadn’t answered that yet when the black mecha in the air was kicked down and slid across the ground for some distance. It happened to stop not far from Ming Shu.

“Hand it over.” The white mecha came down and pointed to the black mecha with the gun barrel in its hands.

The black mecha climbed up slowly. Its arm bore a crack due to the crash just now.

“Don’t waste your energy, today you’ll not leave here alive.” The white mecha was very confident. “If you want to die a happy death, hand it over.”

A whirlwind appeared beneath the black mecha and the white mecha stepped back.

“Is this your death struggle?” The white mecha let out a cold grunt.

The whirlwind wrapped the black mecha inside and the air was filled with the sound of the wind. The surrounding trees were also affected and rustled.

The black mecha then rushed out like a ghost in the wind.

The white mecha didn’t take it seriously, apparently, and just blocked it casually.

However, it was thrown straight out and made two turns in the air to stay steady.

“You…” The white mecha seemed to disbelieve what just happened, but then it laughed. “Looks like I can’t let you leave here alive today.”

The wind whirled all around the black mecha and quickened his speed.

So he could still keep up with his opponent even if his mecha had been damaged.

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