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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 834 - The Interstellar Calendar (12)

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Chapter 834: The Interstellar Calendar (12)

Three years later…

Ming Shu stood over the ruins with a nutrient stick in her mouth. Meanwhile Shan Yin was ordering people to detect whether there was anything abnormal below.

The sound of various instruments could be heard incessantly.



The people below came back to report one after another. Then Shan Yin followed Ming Shu down.

This was a desolate star.

The whole planet was dead, with no green within sight; the ground was half sand, mixed with large stones.

Ming Shu kicked away the stones at her feet and placed her palm over her eyes in an overlooking gesture.

“What a thick evil Qi.”

“Evil Qi?” Shan Yin never heard of this term and didn’t get it. “What is evil Qi?”

He had been used to the fact that his zone leader would speak out several unheard-of words from time to time.

Those whom the zone leader had offended these past three years were numerous enough to wrap around the universe if they stood in line. They gathered hatred in their hearts, but had to behave obediently on the surface.

Shan Yin would sometimes wonder if he didn’t know the zone leader very well or if she had changed.

“Evil Qi is like… a kind of Qi.” You won’t understand even if I tell you, so I’ll just save my energy.


“Come on, let’s look for it, perhaps there’ll be some clues.” Ming Shu walked forward.

She came here because of that deal she made with the Hai Rui guy.

They found a lot of things in three years, but what they found was all unrelated to the immortal stone.

Ming Shu accidentally discovered that the immortal stone left by the old zone leader seemed to come from this desolate star.

In order not to work, Ming Shu took Shan Yin out and ran businesses, so that Shan Yin couldn’t force her to work.

She could also take the opportunity to taste nutrient sticks of different flavors on other planets.


“What’s this planet called?” Ming Shu asked while walking.

“Its number is β345-5823423, but it has another name, Earth. It’s said it was Hua Xia Starzone’s home planet.”

Shan Yin looked around. They had actually landed on the planet illegally; if the Hua Xia Starzone found out, it might even cause conflict between their two zones.”

“Earth…” That planet existed in many worlds that she had gone. It was a very beautiful blue planet.

But it didn’t look like this.


A deafening sound came from the distance.

Shan Yin waved his hand immediately. “Guards.”

There was a valley nearby, and right now they were above it. They approached the valley carefully.

There were two mountain-like monsters in the valley, the stronger one biting on the neck of the other, and the ground was covered in blood.

They called the monsters interstellar beasts, with rough skin and thick builds. They were very difficult to beat.

Ming Shu squinted her eyes. The stronger interstellar beast killed the other one, chewing its meat with a crunch, and soon the dead one was eaten up by the stronger one, not even leaving any bones.

This thing… I don’t know how they would taste.

The large interstellar beasts usually wouldn’t live in groups. So if they had many people, it was not very difficult to fight.

Ming Shu and Shan Yin beat the interstellar beast down.

The huge interstellar beast fell to the ground, and Ming Shu stepped on it, then realized an important problem. “Is this thing toxic?”

In the interstellar world, except for the nutrient sticks that could be taken as food, the interstellar beasts were the only thing left.

But most interstellar beasts were highly toxic and couldn’t be eaten.

Even if the interstellar beasts could be eaten, eating too much of them would cause gene breakdown.

So you had to take an inhibitor every time you ate it.

“It’s non-toxic,” someone reported to Ming Shu after testing.

“Then let’s roast it!”


What was the experience of having a foodie zone leader?

Shan Yin chose the tender part of the beast and harvested it, cleaned and washed the whole thing, then began to roast.

As an all-round errand boy, it was not difficult for him to roast meat.

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Usually the interstellar beast’s meat smelled good, but tasted bad.

“They’re rare large-sized social interstellar beasts. We’re screwed. Zone Leader, hurry up, don’t eat any more. We can’t handle so many of them and we need to go back to the battleship.”

The others began to howl.

Those interstellar beasts had arrived at the body and were now roaring angrily.

One of the interstellar beasts looked over in their direction and roared, then all the other interstellar beasts began to run at them.

Ming Shu was forced to run very fast. Let me finish this first, then we’ll run. Or we could just kill them all and eat them, why are we running!

The interstellar beasts were huge and ran fast.

The distance between them was getting shorter and shorter.

They were like a nest of ants facing elephants now.


“Hurry, get on the battleship!”

The battleship was right ahead, and Ming Shu was almost pushed up without having any chance to show her strength.

The remaining people also darted onto the battleship swiftly. Once the battleship’s transportation unit was packed up, the interstellar beasts below could do nothing to them.

They roared at them from below.

The valley in the distance could still be seen from the battleship.

My meat!

“These huge social interstellar beasts are very rare to see.”

“What’s their variety?”

“I searched it before, but there isn’t any relevant information about them. It’s probably some kind of species that hasn’t been observed before.”

“They almost caught us…”

A group of people leaned on all sides, gasping. If they were really caught by so many huge interstellar beasts, they wouldn’t have gotten a chance to escape.

“Zone Leader, here’s the inhibitor.” Shan Yin took out the inhibitor calmly.

Reminded by Shan Yin, the others also began to take the inhibitor one after another.

The meat was delicious, but if it caused gene breakdown, they would be in trouble.

In this world, anyone that had a gene breakdown could only wait for death.

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