Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 832 - The Interstellar Calendar (10)

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Chapter 832: The Interstellar Calendar (10)

Finally Ai Nuo chose to come.

But she didn’t see Xue Li.

Ai Nuo looked at the girl in front of her carefully. She indeed had a very young appearance.

At first glance she would give you a feeling that she was mild.

She was in this empty room alone. Ai Nuo was left by the people who had taken her here.

Ai Nuo gritted her teeth. “As the zone leader, how can you use such an indecent trick?”

“How can I see you other? I’m very sad you’ve always avoided me,” Ming Shu said with a smile.

Ai Nuo felt gooseb.u.mps rising all over her body. “Where’s Xue Li? Where have you taken her?”

“She’s fine.” Ming Shu stood up from the chair. “You’ll meet her soon.”

“You…” It must be not that simple for her to have called her here. “What do you want?”

“You stole something of mine, so what do you think I want to do to you?” The thing belonged to the Host. Even if she did nothing to save others, that thing was still hers.

Just because the fake female protagonist was going to save the female protagonist, the Host, a n.o.ble zone leader, couldn’t even protect her own things.

This was too unfair.

Who wouldn’t have become evil in the Host’s position?

Curly Hair and Little Zhu guarded the door and listened to the strange noises coming from inside from time to time.

Little Zhu scratched his head boredly. “Why do I think this Ai Nuo looks a bit familiar?”

Curly Hair slapped him. “She’s Big Head Ai’s beloved daughter, the one from Hua Xia Starzone.”

Little Zhu covered his aching shoulder and felt wronged. “Why do you always beat me?”

Curly Hair sneered. “If I don’t beat you, you wouldn’t remember your own name.”

Little Zhu showed the whites of his eyes. “I originally don’t know my own name.”

Curly Hair’s expression froze a little. “I…”

Before Curly Hair said the apologetic words, Little Zhu changed the topic. “Why is Big Head Ai’s daughter here? I heard she was going to be the imperial concubine?”

Curly Hair breathed a sigh of relief secretly and rubbed Little Zhu’s head. “She escaped.”

Little Zhu leaned against the gate and shortened the distance between him and Curly Hair. He listened close to the door. “Why is there no sound? What is the zone leader doing to her? The noises were loud just now, wouldn’t there be anything wrong? I heard that Big Head Ai is ferocious…”

They were very close to each other now, and Curly Hair could even see the fine tiny hairs on Little Zhu’s face, as well as his pale pink lips with an inviting sheen.

Curly Hair stepped back in a rush.

“What are you doing?” Little Zhu looked at Curly Hair with confusion.

Curly Hair shook his head and averted his gaze unnaturally. “Nothing.”

Little Zhu was even more confused. As he was about to ask further, the door opened and he accidentally fell in because he was just leaning against it.

Ming Shu moved aside to avoid him and Little Zhu fell straight inside.

Then he looked up to see Ai Nuo spread on the ground, unable to confirm if she was dead or alive.

There weren’t any injuries on her face, but the other parts didn’t look good… Obviously, she had been beaten up fiercely.

Little Zhu: “…” Oh my G.o.d! This is horrible. The zone leader didn’t actually show tenderness toward a girl.

“Throw her out.” Ming Shu brushed off her hands and even straightened her totally unwrinkled clothes.

She emphasized the word “throw.”

Curly Hair immediately called for two robots to lift Ai Nuo and throw her out of Science Building 78.

Implemented the word “throw.”

There were quite a few people in the science building, and it was humiliating for Ai Nuo to be thrown out like that.

And she didn’t manage to get Xue Li back!

Ming Shu watched Ai Nuo leave despondently. “Notify the Ai family to come and take her back.”

“Zone Leader, if Big Head Ai knows you’ve beaten his daughter, he wouldn’t just let it go.”

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Which little demon is Big Head Ai?

“You don’t know?” Big Head Ai became serious. “Nuo-er, tell me the truth, what is the matter?”

“I really don’t know. I hadn’t even met her before, how could I offend her?” Ai Nuo lied.

“If you didn’t sneak out, how would this have happened!” Big Head Ai suddenly smacked on the table.

Ai Nuo trembled, but then insisted, “Father, I don’t want to be an imperial concubine, why do you have to force me?”

Big Head Ai was very hesitant, but he also insisted after a moment, “Don’t think about escaping again, later you’ll go back with me.”


Big Head Ai waved his hand, signaling Ai Nuo not to speak any more.

He got up and went to talk to the people outside, requesting to meet Ming Shu in person.

But he was refused politely. “Our zone leader is negotiating a business deal, so I’m afraid she doesn’t have time to see you, General Ai. You just need to pay the ransom money, then you can leave with your daughter.”

“Ransom money?” Big Head Ai thought he heard wrong.

Was this a kidnapping? They dared to ask for ransom money! Did they see any law in their eyes!

The other party smiled. “Your daughter sneaked into the technology star, this charge…”

Big Head Ai felt his head was growing even bigger right now, but he could only lower it. “I know that. Okay, how much? I’ll pay.”

There was no record of Ai Nuo getting in or out of the technology star on the surface, so she was believed to have sneaked in.

The technology star was filled with secrets, so they had always severely punished those who sneaked in.

If Ai Nuo was repatriated to Hua Xia with the name of a spy in the technology star, her life would be ruined.

It was also Big Head Ai’s first time to be asked for ransom money so “reasonably.”

After the loss of a huge sum of money, Big Head Ai was going to take Ai Nuo home. But Ai Nuo didn’t want to go with him. Even if she had to leave, she requested to leave with Xue Li.

Big Head Ai didn’t know about his daughter’s thoughts and only thought that Xue Li was one of her friends.

He went to ask for Xue Li, but was immediately turned down before he could finish the sentence.

Ai Nuo was extremely p.i.s.sed off and gritted her teeth. That zone leader must have also taken a fancy on her Xue Li!

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