Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 830 - The Interstellar Calendar (8)

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Chapter 830: The Interstellar Calendar (8)

The households in Technology City were all congregated in a certain location.

On one side, it was a high-rise apartment.

On the other, it was personal villas.

Ming Shu pushed open the doors of the villa. The inside had been cleaned up and it was clean and bright.

Ji Nian looked inside first before raising his foot and stepping in.

The first floor was the living room and dining hall. The second floor was the bedrooms and the third floor was the entertainment room.

Ming Shu got him a room on the second floor nearer to the window.

Ji Nian scanned the room. He took special notice of the window. It overlooked a garden and he could see the fountain from here.

“If you need anything, tell the robot. He will get it for you.” Ming Shu leaned against the door.

Ji Nian said after a while, “Thank you.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “What will you do to thank me?”

Ming Shu walked into the room and closed in on Ji Nian. “Look, I have to make an ident.i.ty card for you, buy a house for you, and even take care of your daily necessities. What will you do to thank me?”

Ji Nian had his back against the window. Ming Shu placed a hand on the window sill. Ji Nian’s body kept leaning away. “How do you want me to thank you?”

“How can you thank me?” Ming Shu’s finger stroked his cheek.

A hint of anger appeared on Ji Nian’s white face. “I will return the favor.”

He tried to dodge Ming Shu’s fingers but he was totally cornered in front of the window.

“Don’t touch me!” Ji Nian’s voice was hoa.r.s.e and fierce.

Ming Shu retracted her hand and tilted her head. “You can repay me now.”

Ji Nian heaved a sigh of relief after Ming Shu retracted her hand. However, he got agitated again when he heard her next sentence.

“If you use your face…” Ming Shu smiled like a ruffian. “To repay me, I can accept it.”

“I didn’t ask you to do all this.”

“Oh, then I should throw you back into s.p.a.ce.” Ming Shu thought for a while. “This idea is not bad. Return to where you came from. After all, you are trouble…”

Ji Nian: “…”

He didn’t say anything. It was as though he agreed to Ming Shu’s suggestion.

Ming Shu got up and walked to one side. She appeared to be contacting someone to throw him back into s.p.a.ce.

Ji Nian turned his body and jumped down from the window.

When Ming Shu turned her head, she saw the edges of his clothes.

Ming Shu: “…”

“The clothes are ready, I will send them over in a while…” Shan Yin’s voice came from the phone as he reported his progress to her.

Half an hour later, Ming Shu stood under a tree and sucked her nutrient stick. She was looking at the person who was trying to open the main gate of the villa.

“Zone Leader, shall I bring him back?” Shan Yin asked.

“For what?” Ming Shu sucked her milk-flavored nutrient stick. “I am not his mother. Do I have to raise him?”

Shan Yin: “…” But you asked me to prepare so many things just now? Have you lost interest already?

Ming Shu asked Shan Yin to open the door for him and even asked him to not let Ji Nian recognize him.

Shan Yin: “…” Are you interested or not?

Shan Yin activated his disguise ability and turned into a girl. He walked over to the door and purposely opened it wide. The door needed some time to close so there was ample time for Ji Nian to go out.

Shan Yin only came back after Ji Nian left.

“Zone Leader, he is gone.”

“Okay. Look after him. If he needs help, help him but don’t let him recognize you.”

“…” What is the zone leader trying to do?

This is not our Unlucky Starzone’s principles.

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Technology City was lively recently. The annual technology exhibition was being held currently.

Ming Shu said casually, “Probably lost.”

Curly Hair: “…”

h.e.l.lo! You are the zone leader! If anything happens to you, who can be responsible!

Curly Hair contacted Shan Yin secretly. Shan Yin was looking for Ming Shu too so when he received Curly Hair’s message, he hurried over.

Little Zhu smiled and said, “There is a mecha compet.i.tion later. We are here to see the compet.i.tion.”

Curly Hair was filled with contempt. “What is there to see?”

Little Zhu refuted, “Na Ke is the most impressive newbie this year. I heard that she remade her mecha herself.”

“She just remade it. She didn’t make it.”

“She defeated Mi Er last time.”

Mi Er was a student studying mecha. She was one of the best students.

There was a school in Technology City. It was similar to other universities, but people who could get into the school needed to have a talent in a certain area.

“She was just lucky.”

“You…” Little Zhu was so angry he stomped Curly Hair’s feet. Curly Hair glared at Little Zhu in pain. Little Zhu suddenly pointed ahead. “She’s here. Look, Sone Leader, that’s her. Isn’t she cute?”

Little Zhu’s eyes lit up as though he was looking at his G.o.ddess.

Ming Shu followed his gaze. A girl was walking toward the empty field. The people on the field started getting noisy.

Ming Shu’s gaze landed on the short-haired girl beside her.

It was Ai Nuo.

Then that girl should be the female protagonist, Xue Li. She was indeed quite cute.

Ai Nuo only came to accompany Xue Li. Hence, when Xue Li’s opponent came, she left and walked to the side.

Lights flashed past the empty field. A transparent material slowly rose up and closed.

Xue Li grabbed the black cloth behind her and pulled it forcefully. A silver mecha appeared before everyone’s eyes.

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