Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 829 - The Interstellar Calendar (7)

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Chapter 829: The Interstellar Calendar (7)

“Zone… Zone Leader, you are looking for me?”

He didn’t make any mistakes… it must be Curly Hair.

“That cryo-chamber…”

“I don’t know. Zone Leader, I don’t know anything about that cryo-chamber. He was the one that wanted to take it back.” Little Zhu betrayed Curly Hair instantly.

How does that phrase go… I will not die alone?

Whatever. I will not take the blame for this.

“Where is he?”

Little Zhu scratched his head. “In the laboratory. If he doesn’t come out, we can’t go in.”

Curly Hair had been in the laboratory for a few days. The person that was brought back looked much better now, but he still didn’t speak a single word.

He just sat in the room quietly all day. All he did was look into the distance in a daze and sleep.

However, based on the observations, this person’s psychological power was increasing at an exponential rate.

At first, his psychological power was just at level B. After a few days, it was at level A+.

Even Little Zhu said that he had never seen anything like this.

The psychological power of a living thing should be stagnant. Unless they made some breakthroughs, psychological power would remain the same.

No one was able to increase their psychological power so rapidly.

“This person has great experimental value.” Little Zhu placed his hand on his chin and asked with a serious face, “Zone Leader, can I take him back?”

Ming Shu smiled. “In your dreams.”

“Oh man.” Little Zhu leaned on the gla.s.s and looked at the person inside. I wanted to research him.

Why did Curly Hair give him to the zone leader!

They brought him back together!

Even if it was a corpse, they still brought him back together!

It was a one-way gla.s.s wall. They could see what was happening inside but the person inside would not be able to see them. However, when Little Zhu leaned on the gla.s.s and looked at the person greedily, the person inside turned his head and looked at Little Zhu too.

His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the gla.s.s and see the people outside.

There was a slight tinge of red in his eyes. It was beautiful but emotionless. It was a little eerie.

“Brr…” Little Zhu suddenly took a step back. He rubbed the gooseb.u.mps on his arms.

This person is weird.

Ming Shu opened the door and walked in. The gla.s.s outside turned black so that no one could look in.

Ming Shu dragged a chair over and sat opposite him. “What is your name?”

No reaction.

Ming Shu asked again, “Where are you from?”

No reaction again.

Ming Shu asked a series of questions but the person just kept quiet.

Just as Ming Shu thought that he was mute, he suddenly raised his head. “Now, what year?”

His voice was a little hoa.r.s.e as he hadn’t spoken in a long time.

“Year 4723. I thought that you were mute.”

“4… 723…” the man muttered. Then, he became quiet again.

“Zone Leader, come out quickly,” Shan Yin said. “His psychological power is exploding. It pa.s.sed level S and is still going up.”

Ming Shu looked at the man. He was calm.

“Zone Leader!” Shan Yin became anxious. He broke open the door and pulled Ming Shu away.

The data-reading instrument outside was jumping around in a frenzy. It would suddenly leap high and then suddenly drop low again. However, the person inside was composed.

“He will explode if this goes on.” Little Zhu looked at the screen. “So unfortunate.”

Once Little Zhu finished his sentence, the data on the screen calmed down. The psychological power wavered between level SS and level S for some time. It stabilized at level S for a while before going back to level A+.

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It never moved after that.

The Ji family.

Ji Nian.

Something in Ming Shu’s memory started floating up.

No wonder she found this person familiar.

During a certain period of time, the Host’s father was in a bad situation so the Host was sent to Hua Xia so that she could be safe. However, something happened during the journey.

She got lost and was adopted into the Ji family.

The person that took her back to the Ji family was Ji Nian.

However, the bright and optimistic Ji Nian in the Host’s memory was totally different from the weird Ji Nian now.

The Host stayed there for only half a year. After that, her father settled the trouble and took her back.

The Host remembered Ji Nian clearly but as time pa.s.sed, the memory became vague.

Little Zhu asked, “Why was he inside the cryo-chamber for 50 years?”

Curly Hair replied, “The Ji family was a notable family in Hua Xia. After that, the first young lady of the Qiong Si family from Sky Snake Starzone married into the Ji family and the Ji family was famous for a period of time. Ji Nian is the son of the first young lady of the Qiong Si family. When he was tested for his psychological power, it was level SS. However, rumors say that it was higher than level SS, but there was no evidence to prove it.”

This young master of the Ji family was treated well ever since he was born. He was the most outstanding young master of the Ji family.

However, he was an eyesore to some people.

He experienced many attempts ever since he was young.

One day, this young master disappeared and there was no sign of him at all, dead or alive.

His parents died when they tried to find him.

As for why he was in the cryo-chamber, no outsiders would know.

“This was a huge issue that time. I remember that the old zone leader helped to look for him too.” Cryochamber sighed. “If the cryo-chamber was not one of the Ji family’s cla.s.sic cryo-chambers, I would not have guessed all this.

The Ji family’s mecha and cryo-chamber were the best in Hua Xia. The entire starzone used them.

However, this prestige was long gone.

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