Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 827 - The Interstellar Calendar (5)

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Chapter 827: The Interstellar Calendar (5)

Technology Star was called Technology City too. There was only one city on this star.

As the most technologically advanced location, the buildings here all seemed—weird.

There were weird buildings floating in the air, buildings that defied gravity and had their foundations in the sky, buildings that were submerged in water…

Everything looked abnormal.

I must be in a demon.

Technology City was split into seven sections. The Invincible Squadron was a single section by itself. Ming Shu was at the Invincible Squadron’s section now.

The entire Invincible Squadron was up in the sky. Battleships laid out neatly in a row.

“Zone Leader.”

The commander for the Invincible Squadron was waiting outside for her.

The commander had a similar appearance to a human but there was a huge lump on his head. there were two antennas on his head and they were vibrating at this moment.

The commander smiled with his eyes.

The commander guided Ming Shu inside and introduced the squadron. There were people who were permanent members of the squadron. People like Curly Hair and Little Zhu were not permanent members. They would come when there was a need for them.

“I have told you before. Why don’t you remember? You made the same mistake again. Do you think that this is a school?”

Scoldings came from ahead. The commander was stunned for a moment. He paused his introduction and went forward to take a look.

A tall bulky man was in front. He arms were exposed and sweat shimmered on his bronze skin.

The man was poking a guy’s forehead and he seemed furious. The other guy kept apologizing to him.

“Lu Jia!” the commander called.

The man turned his head. “Mai Di.”

The commander nodded his head. “Come over for a moment.”

Lu Jia looked at Ming Shu and slowly walked over.

“This is our zone leader. Zone Leader, this is the most powerful person in our squadron…” The commander told Ming Shu all of Lu Jia’s achievements.

So this is the person that would betray the Host in the future?

“Drive him out of Technology City.”

“Lu Jia’s most outstanding achievement…” The commander suddenly paused. He looked at Ming Shu in disbelief.

What did he hear just now?

Drive him out of Technology City?

“Why are you driving me out of Technology City?” Lu Jia glared at her and questioned her.

Why? Because you will be colluding with the fake female protagonist in the future. I need to prevent this from happening.

Am I supposed to wait for you to collude with the fake female protagonist and run away with my squadron?

“Let me think…” Ming Shu supported her chin with her hand and pretended to think.

Lu Jia: “…”

The commander: “…”

You don’t even have a reason and you want to drive him out?

Are you joking?

Ming Shu thought very hard for a reason. “Because… you are too tall.”

The commander: “…” This is bulls.h.i.t. Who will believe you!!

Lu Jia’s mouth corners twitched. He couldn’t control his anger and said fiercely, “Zone Leader, I felt that I have made many contributions to the squadron. Isn’t it too outrageous for you to drive me out without a reason?”

Ming Shu tilted her head and a smile formed on her face. “The squadron is mine. I can kick whoever I want out. Do you have a problem?”

“Mai Di,” Lu Jia shouted at the commander who was in a daze.

The commander regained his senses and quickly spoke up for Lu Jia. “Zone Leader, Lu Jia is the captain of the squadron. You can’t just drive him out like this.”

“Then how are we supposed to drive him out? Hold a ceremony for him?” Ming Shu said. “Don’t you feel embarra.s.sed?”

The commander: “…” That is not what I meant.

Ming Shu placed her hand on his shoulder. “This thing is decided then. We need to give the people below a chance to prove themselves too, right? Without him, the Invincible Squadron is still the Invincible Squadron.”

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The Invincible Squadron was not famous because of Lu Jia.

“Ai Nuo…” The anger on Lu Jia’s face disappeared. He called her softly.

“What happened?” Ai Nuo was concerned.

“I…” How can I tell her about what happened? Will she look down on me? I can’t stay in Technology City now.

“What exactly happened? Tell me.” Ai Nuo was anxious and grabbed Lu Jia’s elbow.

Lu Jia lowered his head. He didn’t dare to look at Ai Nuo. “I need to leave Technology City.”

“What? Why? You are doing so well in Technology City. Why do you need to leave? Is it for work?” Ai Nuo probed.

“… No.”

Ai Nuo leaned toward him. Her tone was desperate. “Why are you leaving Technology City?”

Lu Jia couldn’t say that he was driven out.

“Ai Nuo, stop asking.”

“Are we not friends? Can’t you tell me?” Ai Nuo’s expression darkened. “Or have you never considered me as your friend?”

“No, no… that is not what I meant.” The man was anxious. He waved his hand around. “I just…”

“Just what?”

Lu Jia took two deep breaths. “I am being driven out of Technology City.”

Ai Nuo was dumbfounded. “Wh… why? You are so powerful among the squadron, why are you being driven out? Is there some misunderstanding?”

She finally managed to gain Lu Jia’s trust and he was being driven out?

“I don’t know, the zone leader came today and she expelled me for no reason.”

Zone leader…

Xi Yang!

She is here!

Cold sweat formed on Ai Nuo’s body.

“Don’t worry…” Ai Nuo calmed down and consoled Lu Jia. “We can think of a way out.”

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