Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 826 - The Interstellar Calendar (4)

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Chapter 826: The Interstellar Calendar (4)

Someone shouted behind the screen. After that, the curly-haired man calmly bowed at them. “Sorry to disturb you.”

The screen blinked and the man disappeared. The image from before resumed playing.

Everyone: “…”

No one told them that the zone leader of Unlucky Starzone was here!

The screen suddenly moved again and Curly Hair reappeared. Everyone froze.

“My lovely Arlo officers, please do not fire anymore. It would not be good if you hurt innocent people like us.”


In the battleship, the screen went black and Curly Hair hit the person beside him. “How can you make this mistake? What the h.e.l.l are you doing!!”

The man who was. .h.i.t jumped around while hugging his head. “I didn’t finish speaking and you already started your show! Why is it my fault!!”

“Little Zhu, you just wait. When we see Shan Yin, you are gone.” He pointed at the other man.

Little Zhu said, “Don’t be so shameless.”

Curly Hair said, “I am handsome, I am shameless, so what?”

Little Zhu said, “You…”

“Stop quarreling, hurry up and get the person back. My experiment is still not finished.” A sloppy man carrying a cat could not bear with it anymore and stopped them.


Curly Hair patted his clothes and flicked his fringe. He continued hacking into Hua Xia’s stuff.

“Shan Yin can be contacted. Why are you hacking into their system?” The sloppy man held the cat.

Curly Hair paused his actions. He had forgotten about this.

He flicked his fringe. “I am showing them my abilities.”

Little Zhu stabbed him. “He just forgot about it.”

Curly Hair glared at Little Zhu. Little Zhu hummed and went to pilot the battleship.

When the Hua Xia starzone heard that this invincible force came to fetch people and not fight their way through, they were relieved. They sent Ming Shu onto the battleship respectfully.

Arlo stopped firing too. Bulls.h.i.t, if they fired now, they would be fired at later.

The battleship retreated to the outskirts of the battlefield just like how it came and floated silently in s.p.a.ce. It seemed to be merging into the universe.

The Host just ascended the throne so she was not familiar with the people from Technology City. Shan Yin gave her a simple introduction.

Whether it was Curly Hair or the sloppy man, their names were very much respected in the interstellar.

They were protected by Unlucky Starzone and Unlucky Starzone provided everything they needed. The Unlucky Starzone would not force them to do anything.

However, when the zone leader needed their help, they needed to help as a form of repayment.

Everyone who lived in Technology City had to follow this rule.

To these geniuses, Unlucky Starzone meant freedom. There were no conspiracies and no plots.

Technology City was their heaven. They were willing to stay here.

The Host lost control of Technology City because she lost control of the Invincible Squadron.

As for how she managed to lose control of the Invincible Squadron, it was because the fake female protagonist made use of one of the more powerful people in this Invincible Squadron. This person loved her.

“Impressive, impressive.” Ming Shu finished listening to the achievements of all these people and complimented them symbolically. After all, she was the zone leader. Then, she asked with some antic.i.p.ation, “Do you all know how to cook?”

“Cook?” Little Zhu was puzzled. “What is ‘cook’? A new weapon?”

Ming Shu: “…”

“Cooking is an old word from Hua Xia,” the sloppy man said. “Erm… a kind of nutrient stick.”

They hadn’t even heard of cooking before, how would they know how to cook?

Ming Shu bit into her nutrient stick and laid back. Seems like I can only eat nutrient sticks now.

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Curly Hair raised his hand. “I can make nutrient sticks.”

“We don’t have one?” So s.p.a.ceships can just be built like this? Learned a new thing.

“I don’t think so…” Little Zhu was not very sure, either. He didn’t see one before anyway.

Ming Shu looked at Shan Yin. Shan Yin replied without any expression on his face, “We did have some but old zone leader used them to exchange for freighters. There are only two left. We have few uses for s.p.a.ceships.”

Unlucky Starzone never had a war.

In the past, Unlucky Starzone had an army. Then, the Invincible Squadron got more and more powerful and the army dispersed.

If someone dared to invade them, the Invincible Squadron would be enough to tackle them.

Ming Shu: “…” s.p.a.ceships are not as dependable as freighters?

“Okay, the show’s over. Let’s go.” Ming Shu waved her hand. Go back and see if there are any chefs.

“Zone Leader… hehe…”

Ming Shu was puzzled. “What?”

Curly Hair and the rest of them wanted to take a look at the battleground. Shan Yin didn’t give any opinion. He pa.s.sed the decision to Ming Shu.

“If you die, you deserve it.”

“We won’t, we are professionals.” Curly Hair immediately got up. He was confident.

Once there were no more movements in the battleground, they drove a small escort vessel over.

The battleground was huge so they needed some time.

Ming Shu was too lazy to wait for them. She left two battleships for them and went back first.

“Zone Leader, are we returning to Red Sea Star?”

The Red Sea Star was the main star of Unlucky Starzone. It was where the Host stayed.

“To Technology Star.” I need to find my fake female protagonist for a date.

The fake female protagonist should be in Technology City now. The Host looked for her all over the universe but she was just under her nose.

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