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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 825 - The Interstellar Calendar (3)

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Chapter 825: The Interstellar Calendar (3)

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Arlo had blocked all forms of communication so Shan Yin could not get in touch with them.

The lieutenant seemed to have predicted this result.

“Please wait patiently. Although we do not know when the battle will end, it has been going on for a few days. It should stop soon.”

Shan Yin’s and the lieutenant’s voices floated over occasionally. Ming Shu ate her nutrient stick and looked at the universe map that was slowly spinning in front of her.

Since they couldn’t contact Arlo, Shan Yin couldn’t do anything even though he had the confidence to stop the battle.

Thus, Ming Shu stayed on Hua Xia’s ship.

In the next few days, the attacks from Arlo got fiercer. The ship couldn’t see the battle that was happening in front but looking at the b.l.o.o.d.y warriors that came back, it seemed heated.

The battle didn’t look as though it would stop any time soon. Arlo Starzone seemed to be trying to annihilate Hua Xia Starzone.

The warzone moved toward the Hua Xia starzone.

Wee woo wee woo—

The alarm rang on the ship. Ming Shu felt it moving. It is moving back?

“Arlo is so powerful?” Ming Shu asked Shan Yin.

“Arlo Starzone has 3000 years of history in the interstellar. It is not the strongest in terms of military capability but it is good at strategizing,” Shan Yin said. “The best way to fight with Arlo is to end it quick.”

Shan Yin looked outside. “Hua Xia is on the losing end now.”

Hua Xia’s retreat signaled the start of their downfall.

[Hidden task: I am who I am. Hint: Please gain Hatred Points from people who are not from your clan.]

What do you mean by people who are not from my clan?

[To put it simply, you need to offend all the other starzones beside Unlucky Starzone and make them hate you!]

What does this mission have to do with the t.i.tle?

[… Nothing.] The Harmony System was very honest. [But I needed a t.i.tle.]


You are right. You are the Harmony System.

“Shan Yin.”

“Zone Leader.”

“Ask the army to fetch me.” If I don’t leave, I am going to get bombed.

“Huh?” Shan Yin was stunned. “We… don’t have an army.”

“…” How can a starzone not have an army? How did they survive till now!!

Ming Shu recalled for a moment. The Unlucky Starzone didn’t have an army.

She calmly said, “Ask the Invincible Squadron from Technology City to come and fetch me.”


The lieutenant heard Ming Shu coincidentally.

His face changed slightly. When he saw that Shan Yin managed to call the Technology City, he swallowed and ran away.

The lieutenant ran too quickly and didn’t notice what was in front of him when he was turning the corner. He b.u.mped into someone. The lieutenant immediately lowered his head and apologized when he saw who this person was. “Colonel… Colonel He, I am sorry.”

Colonel He rubbed his painful shoulder. There were still bandages on his shoulder. He frowned and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The lieutenant hesitated.

“You can’t say?”

“No…” The lieutenant exclaimed, “Those few people who the commanding officer asked me to take care of, I heard them talking about contacting the Invincible Squadron from the Technology City to come over.”

The lieutenant told the colonel what happened before this. He also told him about the fact that Shan Yin wanted to talk to Arlo.

Colonel He raised his eyebrows. “Unlucky Starzone? Who are they?”

He was on the battleground before this and just came back due to an injury. Hence, he didn’t know what was happening on the ship.

“I am not sure, the commanding officer only asked me to take good care of them…” He didn’t recognize those people.

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Colonel He thought for a while. “The Invincible Squadron belongs to the zone leader of Unlucky Starzone. It is like our army. They are much more powerful than a normal army. If they can order the Invincible Squadron… what is that guy called?”

“Of… Officer, no.” The person behind shivered as he replied.

This is like a ghost.

“Reinforcement from Hua Xia?” The Arlo officer stared closely at the battleships. He wanted to find out how they were moving.

“Doesn’t look like it,” the officer beside him replied. “Hua Xia’s army is easily recognizable. These battleships have a different style…”

Buzz buzz…

The screen in front of them started blinking.

A few seconds later, a young man with curly blue hair appeared on the screen. Everyone stepped back simultaneously. They had shut off all their communication devices…

The man placed his hand in front and bowed politely. “Good morning, my lovely officers from Arlo.”

The Arlo officers: “…”

Who the h.e.l.l is this!

The commanding officer in front went to fiddle with the equipment, but the man still appeared on the screen. He smiled politely.

“Please do not be anxious.”

“…” How can we not be anxious! You can say this because you are not in our situation!

“You… who are you? What do you want?” This person must be from the battleships that were approaching them.

The man said, “My dear officer, we just want to bring our zone leader home. We have no evil intentions.”

They were stunned. “Zone leader? Which zone leader? We have no zone leader here.” How can the zone leader be at a battleground? What joke is this?

The man said, “Erm… Zone Leader Xi Yang, have you all seen her? My dear officer, it is a serious offense to detain our zone leader.”

Xi Yang… Xi… Unlucky Starzone?!

The officers of Arlo exploded. No wonder this squadron was so weird. What the h.e.l.l, they were from Technology City.

“We have never seen Zone Leader Xi Yang.” The commanding officer placed his hand on his forehead. “We swear by our honorable Arlo G.o.d.”

“We made a mistake, the zone leader is with the other side!”

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