Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 824 - The Interstellar Calendar (2)

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Chapter 824: The Interstellar Calendar (2)

One hour later, Ming Shu left this extravagant banquet.

Behind her was a furious Mister Diao who was gritting his teeth.

The timeline now was after the fake female protagonist had stolen the thing and she and the female protagonist had disappeared.

The thing was actually a piece of rock. The old zone leader left it behind. She heard him mentioning that he got it by coincidence and it was actually an immortal stone.

According to the exaggerated tales of the old zone leader, no matter how serious your injury was, as long as you still had your last breath, this stone could make you alive and kicking again.

Ming Shu looked up at the sky that was filled with floating cars. There were buildings extending into the clouds all around her and overlapping bridges connected these buildings.

When a human stood among all this, they would suddenly appear very small.

A technological advanced interstellar… so exciting.

A floating car stopped in front of her. A man got down from the car and greeted her respectfully. “Zone Leader, do you want to go back?”

Ming Shu tilted her head and looked at him. This was a person that the old zone leader left for her. He was called Shan Yin.

He looked… quite cute.

However, he didn’t like to smile. He always wore a serious face as though the whole world owed him money.

Ming Shu bent down and got onto the car. “Find a place to eat.”

Half an hour later, Ming Shu was hopeless.

The five-star restaurants, the five-star chefs, the food that they made all taste liked pig’s staple.

She was not excited about this world at all!

The interstellar was always at war so for convenience’s sake, food was made into nutrient sticks.

One nutrient sticks could last a normal person a month.

Isn’t that scary!

Let me ask you, isn’t this scary!!

Is this how a human should be living?

High-cla.s.s nutrient sticks had more flavors so they were still quite edible. For the cheap nutrient sticks, you need some courage to swallow them.

Ming Shu bit a nutrient stick as she sat in the car. So frustrating, so irritated…

“Zone Leader, was the discussion not successful just now?” Shan Yin sat beside Ming Shu. “The old zone leader was too nice toward Hua Xia so they overestimated their own importance. That is why they sent such a person over.”

From Shan Yin’s tone, you could tell that he didn’t like Hua Xia.

Although Mister Diao’s status was not low, he was nothing as compared to the zone leader.

If the zone leader didn’t come here today, he would not be able to talk to her.

“It was okay.” Ming Shu smacked her tongue. “Prepare to send the goods over.”

“Yes.” Shan Yin thought that there would be a discount, but when he saw the sum on the bill, he looked at Ming Shu with astonishment.

Ming Shu was just lying in the car hopelessly.

What is wrong with the zone leader?

Why is she not happy when we have struck a deal?

They were currently at a certain planet in the Hua Xia starzone. The Host had finished her business here and met Mister Diao in pa.s.sing.

Now, they needed to go back to Unlucky Starzone.

They were on their way to a s.p.a.ceship harbor.

More people joined along the way. The Host brought them here. As a zone leader, there would be many people around her.

The Unlucky Starzone had their own s.p.a.ceship. After finishing the paperwork, Ming Shu boarded the s.p.a.ceship.

The journey was boring. Ming Shu lay in the observation cabin and stared at the nebula above her.

Although the Unlucky Starzone was just next to Hua Xia, it would take a day to reach there if they flew at normal speed.

Ming Shu took out a pink nutrient stick but before she could bite it, the s.p.a.ceship suddenly shuddered.

It was normal for a s.p.a.ceship to shudder so Ming Shu didn’t put much importance on it. However, when she opened the nutrient stick, a ball of fire suddenly flew past her eyes.

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More and more b.a.l.l.s of fire flew past her. They fell down in front of her like a meteor rain.

The war got nearer to them. She saw a battleship breaking apart and scattering into s.p.a.ce.

Shan Yin was communicating with the c.o.c.kpit. “I have contacted the Hua Xia starzone’s battleships. We will move toward them and they will send someone to fetch us.”

The s.p.a.ceship shook as it moved toward the battleship from Hua Xia. Two escort vessels closed in on them and protected them from the gunfire. They brought them to the starship at the back.

The s.p.a.ceship slid into the port of the starship.

“Zone Leader, are you okay?”

Ming Shu carried her nutrient sticks properly. “I’m fine.”

As long as my snacks are fine, I am fine!

Shan Yin looked outside. “Let me go down and have a look first. Wait for me here.”

Shan Yin went down and communicated with the people below. After a while, he called Ming Shu down.

The other party had sent a lieutenant to fetch them. “I’m sorry, once the battle stops, we will immediately get someone to send all of you back to Unlucky Starzone.”

Ming Shu stood at one side and looked at the interior of the starship. She didn’t have any intention of speaking.

Shan Yin went up and asked the lieutenant, “When will the battle stop?”

“…” The lieutenant was helpless too. “We do not know. However, don’t worry. The ship is safe.”

His superiors told him that he must take care of these people. He wondered who they were.

They just suddenly appeared in the warzone…

“Who are you all fighting against?”

“The Arlo starzone.”

“I will talk to them. I hope that you all will cooperate and pause the battle too,” Shan Yin said with a cold face.

When he said that he would talk to them, he seemed certain that the other party would agree to his request and stop for a while.

“This…” Who do you think you are! Why will they stop because of you! Also, the Arlo…

Of course, the lieutenant didn’t dare to say all this. “I will report it to the commanding officer.”

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