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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 823 - The Interstellar Calendar (1)

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Chapter 823: The Interstellar Calendar (1)

#Star Headlines: Xi Yang Breaks Ties with People Whenever She is Unhappy#

“Zone Leader, Zone Leader Xi Yang?”

Ming Shu’s view suddenly became clear. A resplendent and magnificent scene met her eyes. Cla.s.sical music floated smoothly across her ears.

People in extravagant clothes danced on the dance floor.

A man sat in front of her. He had a small beard and looked smart.

What kind of t.i.tle was “zone leader”?

The bearded man’s eyes glinted. “Zone Leader Xi Yang, we had a long-term partnership with the old zone leader. There are many goods this time. When the old zone leader was still alive, he would give us a discount. Zone Leader Xi Yang, shouldn’t you give a discount too?”

Ming Shu couldn’t understand what this bearded man was saying at all. She smiled at the man politely and said, “I will pay a visit to the washroom.”

The bearded man opened his mouth. “I will wait for you here.”

Ming Shu realized that although the building was old, the technological level was very high. It took a long time before she found the washroom.

The washroom was different from what she was used to, too. It looked amazing and high-cla.s.s.

This doesn’t look like a normal world.

Forget it, let’s download the storyline first.

The fake female protagonist was called Ai Nuo, the only daughter of General Ai from Hua Xia, a country in this interstellar world. She led a very good life ever since she was born.

Ai Nuo was supposed to become the imperial concubine of the country. However, Ai Nuo liked a woman.

The woman was none other than the female protagonist.

In order to get the female protagonist, Ai Nuo used all kinds of methods.

Of course, in the end, she didn’t get the female protagonist and was even thrown on a barren planet by the male protagonist. She died after being tortured terribly.

Ai Nuo was reborn with her gold fingers.

She disguised herself as a poor little harmless girl and sneaked her way in to stay beside the female protagonist. Then, she got rid of all the people around the female protagonist and concocted a scheme to make the male and female protagonists fall out and become enemies.

In the end, she managed to get together with the female protagonist.

The Host was called Xi Yang.

In the original storyline, Xi Yang never appeared.

When the fake female protagonist was reborn, things changed and the female protagonist was injured seriously. She was on the brink of death.

Ai Nuo looked around, but there was no one that could save the female protagonist.

The fake female protagonist heard from somewhere that Xi Yang had something on her which could save the female protagonist. Hence, Ai Nuo came to look for Xi Yang.

The Host could save the female protagonist, but she needed the thing for something else. Thus, she gave harsh terms to the fake female protagonist and hope that the fake female protagonist would give up.

The fake female protagonist didn’t give up. She planned on stealing the thing.

When she got found out, Xi Yang was furious and ordered people to bring her back.

Of course, she didn’t manage to catch them.

The fake female protagonist and female protagonist disappeared. Xi Yang looked everywhere for them, but all she found was that the fake female protagonist’s ident.i.ty was fake.

After a long time, she finally saw the fake female protagonist again.

At a grand banquet organized by the Hua Xia nation, she saw the fake female protagonist again.

When she knew that the fake female protagonist was the only daughter of the Ai family, she went to find General Ai and hoped that he would give her an explanation.

However, General Ai protected his daughter and told Xi Yang that she had recognized the wrong person.

Xi Yang was angry, but she didn’t make a scene at the banquet. She waited for the banquet to end before hiring people to kidnap the fake female protagonist.

The thing was given to the female protagonist so Xi Yang couldn’t get it back.

The fake female protagonist ran away and alarmed people as she did so. As they were fighting, Xi Yang’s eyes were wounded and the grudge was formed.

Under the influence of the fake female protagonist, Xi Yang stepped on the path of becoming the ultimate villain. In the end, she lost Technology City and the most powerful squadron on the Unlucky Starzone.

She died a terrible death.

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Now she was at…

Although her words were a little infuriating, he couldn’t deny that she was speaking the truth.

Things that came out of Technology City would always have buyers.

Mister Diao’s face turned dark. “Zone Leader Xi Yang, it is not good to be an ungrateful person.”

“That is what people in Hua Xia say. In our Unlucky Starzone, we don’t say this.”

Since the Host was adopted by Hua Xia before, the Host’s father was extremely interested in Hua Xia’s culture. As long as it was not something too overbearing, the old zone leader would show his grat.i.tude to the people of Hua Xia.

However, the people from Unlucky Starzone were a bunch of ruffians. They dominated this interstellar using violence. They don’t know what grat.i.tude was.

Actress Shu got into character immediately.

“Let me remind you, my father is dead. I am the one governing Unlucky Starzone now.”

Mister Diao: “…”

Mister Diao thought that this girl would be easier to jerk around since she just took over the position, but in actual fact, she was a tough person.

And most importantly, he couldn’t offend her…

Mister Diao forced out a smile. “I will go back and discuss this matter. Please give me some time.”

If there was no discount, they would have to give up a lot to get these goods.

“I can afford to wait. However, I don’t know if the frontline can afford to.”

Hua Xia’s frontline was fighting a war. On this interstellar… there were wars happening all the time. In order to fight for energy and land, you either fought other people or got invaded by other people. There was no end to it.

Hua Xia was a new starzone. They had an ample energy supply so they were eyed by many other starzones. Everyone wanted a piece of them.

Mister Diao was in charge of purchasing this new batch of armor and weapons for the frontline army.

He heard that new technology was incorporated into these goods and they could do double the damage as compared to normal weapons.

Mister Diao felt stifled in his heart. His small beard twitched. “Please wait for a moment. I will come back soon.”

He needed to report this to his superiors. The costs exceeded his budget and he had no power to make a decision.

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