Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 822 - Hunting at Dawn (Complete)

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Chapter 822: Hunting at Dawn (Complete)

After relentless efforts from Professor Bao, his research finally saw another breakthrough.

As long as humans evolved before they contracted the virus, they would be able to live.

And they were different from Ming Shu, who was a failure sample. They could eat all the food that humans could eat and would not find it disgusting.

Of course, all this was just theoretical. Ming Shu didn’t allow him to experiment on humans.

Professor Bao was very excited. “I need humans to experiment on. This is an international scientific achievement. I will become the greatest scientist in history. Hahahaha!”

Everyone: “…” The results are not out yet and this idiot is starting to daydream again.

They looked at Ming Shu who was eating. Big brother, say something!

If you don’t stop him now, he will go out and catch people.

He is the person who made a KFC army!

“Why are you all looking at me? I have already finished my evolution.” Ming Shu protected her snacks with a vigilant look on her face.

“…” Are you better because you evolved!

Ming Shu blatantly finished her last mouthful of food under everyone’s gazes.

She rubbed her hands and said slowly. “You can go and catch a zombie. Reverse the effect and reconstruct their body. That would solve the problem.”

Everyone: “…” Do you think that 1 + 2 = 3 is the same as 2 + 1 = 3! Scientists are going to come out of their graves!

“Yes, yes, yes…” Professor Bao looked as though he was enlightened. “Why didn’t I think of it. Hahahaha, I am going to become the world’s great scientist soon. Hahahaha…”

Everyone: “…” Did you really believe her! She was obviously just bulls.h.i.tting!!

Professor Bao had already run off.

My heart is so tired.

Why is there this kind of lunatic?

Everyone felt that his experiment would never succeed. The results of certain experiments when you reverse the process were totally different.

However, Professor Bao was not a normal person. He really managed to achieve some results.

But, the steps were really complicated and people that underwent this were like newborns. They had no memory at all and needed to be guided and educated about society.

Luckily, these people learned things very quickly and they were really loyal. They would adhere to whatever you told them to do.

The humans in An City realized that a lot of zombies had turned into evolvers.

Professor Bao had been recruiting people who wanted to sacrifice themselves for science and humanity. Ming Shu said that he couldn’t catch people but she didn’t say that he couldn’t recruit anyone. However, he didn’t manage to find any people at all.

Now that the zombies were mutating in batches, some people couldn’t sit still anymore.

Zombies were not afraid of the heat and could leave a long life even without eating. Now, they looked the same as humans. This was world domination for the zombies!

Hence, the first volunteer appeared.

Professor Bao was already very familiar with the technology so the first volunteer was a success.

After Professor Bao’s tinkering, the evolver’s memory would not be cleared.

They just seemed to have leveled up and were more powerful than those that evolved from zombies.

Once there was the first, there would be the second.

No one would need to worry about being heated to death.

Five years after Doomsday…

80% of the survivors and zombies had become evolvers.

Cities were starting to reconstruct, but the weather was not changing. In order to survive, all the rules were totally remade.

As the greatest hero of this era, Professor Bao’s statue was erected in every city.

The human evolvers and zombie evolvers were split into two sides.

The zombie evolvers were led by Ming Shu.

The human evolvers were led by survivors.

Hence, there were human evolvers condemning zombie evolvers all the time, saying that they were idling their time away and being good-for-nothings.

After all, they had a carefree and good-for-nothing leader too.

Although the zombie evolvers didn’t have any memories, their abilities were stronger than a human evolver’s.

Besides condemning them, human evolvers couldn’t do anything else.

A few wars happened and after the humans realized that they couldn’t get anything out of it, they didn’t dare to provoke them any more.

They could only curse their leader, Ming Shu, in their hearts.

Ming Shu sat on the rooftop. The hot wind blew past her. The air no longer smelled of rotten bodies. There was a faint smell of life.


Yuan Ye hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek. He sat beside her. “What are you thinking of?”

“Yuan Ye.”


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“Do you have anything to tell me?”

***: *****

Additional Task: Failed.

Hidden Task: Completed.

Time-limit task: Completed.

Maybe because she had the time-limit task and the hidden task, the Hatred Points this time were quite sizable.

[Guest is very impressive. Please continue to work hard. A million is not a dream.]

“…” As if I will believe you.

Ming Shu lay on the white cloud for a while. After some time, she slowly asked, “What are we eating next?”

At the Time Control Department…

“The person is in the room?”

“Yes, Director.”

The metal door slowly opened. The blond-haired director walked in and scanned the room. It was empty; there was no one.

“Entering my room without permission. Is this one of your advantages as a director?”

The blond-haired director looked at the direction where the voice came from. The transparent protective screen fell and the figure of a young man was revealed.

“How was your rest?”

“You confine me and now you are asking me how was my rest? Why don’t you try it yourself?” Qi Yu’s tone was a little angry.

“Prepare yourself, there is a mission tomorrow.” The blond-haired director ignored Qi Yu’s att.i.tude and left the room after he finished talking.

Once the metal door closed, Qi Yu slowly sat down. He heaved a sigh of relief secretly.

He was almost found out.

He must take back his authority… if not, he couldn’t tell her anything.

Qi Yu remembered something important.

The little b.i.t.c.h Luo Yan!

I will fight you!

Qi Yu didn’t care about the people stopping him and went to fight Luo Yan.

The results were unknown. When they came out, they were both injured.

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