Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 821 - Hunting at Dawn (37)

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Chapter 821: Hunting at Dawn (37)

No one knew how Doomsday came about. They only knew that it was caused by a virus.

In the later part of Doomsday, the virus was spread by biting. However, when Doomsday first arrived, it was definitely not through biting.

A lot of people suddenly fainted and when they woke up, they either became zombies or gained special abilities.

According to what Professor Bao said, the evolvers that they made didn’t have the special abilities of now. What they had were abilities related to the five elements.

Ming Shu looked at the doc.u.ments. It was written as “supernatural power,” not “special ability.”

Supernatural power and special ability were two different concepts.

“But didn’t they recorded something related to the level of rotting in the observation journal? Isn’t this the same as the zombies?”

Professor Bao sneered. “In order to let the body of an evolver reach our expectations, we needed to redesign their bodies. However, those failed products did look like zombies, except they were dead. They would not become zombies.”

“What about those bodies that I saw on top of the building?” Yuan Ye asked.

“Those were dead people that I picked up…” Professor Bao’s tone got weaker. He was obviously lying.

Under the disapproving looks of everyone, Professor Bao suddenly straightened his back. He did it for his research. He did it to leave his mark in history. He didn’t do anything wrong.

He had already killed them. Are you planning to kill me in return!

“And her…” Hao Zi pointed at Ming Shu. “What happened?”

Professor Bao looked at Ming Shu. “When I died, she was still under observation. I am not sure.

“However, I have a guess. When Doomsday arrived, she contracted the virus too. The virus mutated in her body. However, she was already dead, so under the stimulation of the virus, she became a zombie.

“Her body had been redesigned so when she turned into a zombie, she didn’t start rotting. You all said that she was a leadership and maturing type and the tag beside it was rare. This proved that the genes in her body were rare and her basic instinct would not be changed so easily. Hence, she became the zombie king the moment Doomsday arrived.

“My situation is similar, but I am not as good as her. Hence, my evolution took longer. At the start, my consciousness was blurred too.”

After hearing Professor Bao’s explanation, everyone felt that it made sense.

After all, by rights, a zombie king should be quite ugly.

There wouldn’t be one that looked so good.

“Then… how did Doomsday happen?” They always thought that the pharmaceutical company was the one that caused it before this.

“How would I know? I am not researching Doomsday.” Professor Bao hummed. “So you thought that I was the one who caused it all along? Why don’t you all think about it. Is this weather normal? I heard that from the second day of Doomsday onward, the temperature had been above the normal range. Also, it had never rained since Doomsday started.”

Everyone: “…” What was happening? They couldn’t refute him at all.

Their principles were suddenly overthrown.

Doomsday was not caused by humans… it was a natural disaster.

What the h.e.l.l were they a.n.a.lyzing it for!

Hao Zi suddenly shouted angrily, “You all used humans as your subjects for the experiment. It is immoral too!”

Professor Bao scratched his head. “I still have an experiment to do. I will leave first.”

He ran out instantly.

“Stop right there!”

Hao Zi chased after Professor Bao. Su Tai rubbed his eyebrows and Huang Zheng had a serious expression too.

Ye Xiangsi broke the silence after some time. “This world… can it still be saved?”

No one replied.

Ming Shu smiled. “There will always be a way to survive.”

Everyone sighed in their hearts. Maybe.

“I am a zombie anyway. I am not afraid.”


Beat her to death!!

“Wife, I’ll sleep with you tonight.”

At night, Yuan Ye came into Ming Shu’s room and shamelessly asked to sleep with her.

“No.” Ming Shu rejected him. She wanted to sleep with her snacks.

“Why?” Yuan Ye took Ming Shu’s elbow. “Your body is cold. I feel hot sleeping outside.”

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“Warmth is better for heath.” Ming Shu smiled and pushed his hand aside.

The little zombie was like a normal child now. He looked really cute.

Once this was found out by other people, they pressed him down and beat him up.

How dare he do this behind their backs!

Were they brothers!

After that, every night, the little zombie’s ownership would become the most important thing for everyone.

The little zombie went to complain to Ming Shu and used many weird words.

In the end, Ming Shu gave the little zombie to Ye Xiangsi. She was a girl and had nice fruit. If she melted, it would be bad.

The little zombie agreed, left with no choice. Staying with Ye Xiangsi was better than staying with those guys.

“Actually, I can too.” Professor Bao raised his hand slowly.

“Get away!” everyone shouted at the same time.

“Roar.” Li Jianren followed them and roared at the side too.

Everyone looked over.

We are all brothers…

“Roar?” Li Jianren looked at them puzzled.

“Idiot, run!” the little zombie roared.

Li Jianren immediately sprung up and ran toward the door.

Zombies were always evolving, but they hadn’t seen one that was like Ming Shu, Professor Bao, or the little zombie.

The little zombie became like this because Ming Shu fed it mutated plants. Professor Bao and Ming Shu were like this most probably because of the experiment they took part in.

So, besides increasing their abilities, it was hard for a zombie to become like a human.

After some time, Su Tai and his friends found some mutated plants for Li Jianren and Li Jianren started to be able to talk too.

However, he had no memories of the past.

Just like the little zombie.

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