Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 819 - Hunting at Dawn (35)

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Chapter 819: Hunting at Dawn (35)

Just now, the outskirts of An City were still empty. After a while, it was already filled up with zombies.

Zombies started to appear in the “empty” An City.

The central square was still playing the movie. The sound effects in the movie were amplified many times.

He and his KFCs… pei, his warriors were surrounded.

“Even if you have an air force, you cannot win against me. I have a lot of zombies. I can drown you in them.” Ming Shu took out two packets of snacks from somewhere and said earnestly, “I agreed to speak to you just now but you just had to do it the violent way. Are you stupid?”


“When you evolved, did you not evolve properly? No worries, every failure is a lesson. Don’t be so stupid in the future.”


“Tell me, who asked you to come and find me.”

The zombie was shocked. “How do you know!”

How did she know that someone asked him to find her?

“I guessed. After all, you don’t have the intelligence.” This zombie might be really good in his research, but in other areas, his intelligence… evolved really slowly.


“Brother, don’t you want to rule the world?”

The zombie gave a cold face. “Are you crazy?”

Ming Shu’s mouth corners twitched when she suddenly got scolded. “Didn’t you say that you want to become the greatest zombie in the world?”

The zombie hummed. “What does that have to do with ruling the world? I am not as stupid as you. I will invent the greatest warriors and make future generations remember me. They will know that the world changed because of me!”

Ming Shu blinked. “But that is the same as ruling the world. Alos, don’t you find that this method is much easier? When you rule the world, you can say what you want and do whatever research you want.”

The zombie’s brain seemed to short-circuit. “… It makes sense.”

The people watching them were speechless. He wanted to dissect her and she wanted to talk him into taking over the world.

This was enough.

This zombie… didn’t seem very intelligent.

As the two zombie enjoyed their conversation, Hao Zi waved his hand. Disperse.

The zombie was lured here by Liang Xuan. She got information from somewhere which said that the zombie king was a very good experimental subject and she could help him make a breakthrough.

Hence, the zombie came over obediently.

He did all this for his research!

“Here.” The zombie pointed to a small base not far away. “I secretly sent warriors out to follow her and realized that she was resting here.”

Liang Xuan, how dare you persuade this zombie to dissect me! If I don’t pamper you, you will not know how to hate me!

Ming Shu directly called her zombies and went down.

The people in the small base noticed her and the entire base was filled with the sound of the alarm.

Ming Shu took over the loudspeaker hanging on the zombie. “Everyone inside, listen to me. Ask Liang Xuan to come out. If not, I will bring the zombies in and destroy your entire base.”

There was only the sound of alarm in the base. After a while, someone finally shouted, “Who is Liang Xuan?”

Ming Shu described Liang Xuan. She told them her special ability and the people in the base immediately knew who she was.

Liang Xuan changed her name while she stayed at this base. Since her ability was not bad, she managed to gain a middle-rank position.

When Ming Shu asked for her, the people in the base started to look at her weirdly.

She knew what this look meant.

She experienced it before in An City.

Although she knew that the world was like this now, she couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

Ming Shu only wanted Liang Xuan. She would not harm the base.

Numerous zombies surrounded the base. The people in the base decided to hand over Liang Xuan.

“Baby, long time no see.”

Liang Xuan was tied up and brought out. The other party was afraid of the zombies so they didn’t dare to come too close.

“If you have the ability, just kill me!” Liang Xuan shouted and gritted her teeth.

“How can I bear to kill you.” Ming Shu smiled.

If I kill you, who will give me Hatred Points. I can’t kill you.

Liang Xuan: “…” Crazy ahhhhhh!!

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When she looked at her smile, she just wanted to rush up and tear it to pieces.

“You are awake.”

Liang Xuan opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was wooden walls with lights shining through them. There was mud all around and it was really hot. She was lying on a bed filled that stunk of stale sweat.

In front of her was a really disgusting face.

It was not a zombie. This person was just very ugly.

So ugly that it made people want to vomit.

Her limbs were tied. Her entire body was stretched out.

“It took me a lot of effort to get you back,” the man said. “Stop wasting your effort. My special ability is to make a person lose his or her special ability for 24 hours.”

Liang Xuan’s heart turned cold.

She tried to use her ability. There were many metal objects here but she didn’t manage to move any.

“What do you want to do?”

The man smiled strangely and touched her face. “Listen to me well. I will not treat you unfairly.”

“Let go of me.”

The man didn’t care about her. He let her scream and shout all she wanted.

The man kept her for a few days. Everyday, he would use his special ability on her so she couldn’t use her own ability at all.

Liang Xuan tried to run away but she was underground and the lights above didn’t seep in. The underground pa.s.sageways opened in all directions and she was caught before she could run far.

She didn’t manage to escape after many tries. The man’s patience was exhausted. He directly crippled her limbs and didn’t give her any food.

She had no energy at all. She couldn’t use her ability when she had no energy. Even if she did use it, there would be no effect at all.

The man didn’t do anything to her at the start but after a while, he would torture her every night.

The man rode her body. Liang Xuan’s cries didn’t help in any way. It only made the man more excited.

Why did she meet this kind of person?


Her ending shouldn’t be like this.

Xia Wei…

She hated her so much!

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