Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 816 - Hunting at Dawn (32)

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Chapter 816: Hunting at Dawn (32)

Su Tai was only hurt on the shoulder. It was not life-threatening.

After taking out the bullet, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Where is Yuan Ye?”

Someone asked this.

“Oh, I forgot to ask that crawling insect about Yuan Ye’s whereabouts.”

The person that was slowly eating her snacks said this and then… nothing happened.

As long as Yuan Ye didn’t seek his own death, he would not die. If he did, she would eat two more bags of snacks.

Ming Shu was not worried at all so Hao Zi felt that they did not have to worry, either.

There was something more important.

Ye Xiangsi stuttered as she told Ming Shu what happened before this. If they let those people leave with the survivors, there was no need for her to explain what their fate would be.

“Why must I…” Ye Xiangsi took out a fruit. Ming Shu immediately changed her mind. “Sure.”

Ye Xiangsi looked at Hao Zi and the others. She hunched her body a little as she felt a bit guilty.

The people from An City packed their things and prepared to leave the city. However, a bunch of zombies had gathered at the city gate. They could only see the front of the zombie troop. There seemed to be no end to it.

They were guarding the gate and checking every single car.

Of course, the people checking were humans. The zombies were in charge of blocking humans.

There were a lot of zombies and they all looked at the humans intently. If anyone dared to create any trouble, they would go forward and bite them.

Those people that wanted to leave the city could only bear with it.

Anyone suspicious would be dragged out. Hao Zi even took some of the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds’ supplies secretly.

The other party didn’t expect them to bring the zombies and stop them at the gates within just a short period of time.

The people from the Poison Spider were in the middle of the pulling out from the city. They had a lot of things to pack up so their speed was slower than those that didn’t have a lot of things.

These people left in small and big cars and took a long time to finish leaving.

After that, it was the people from the southern base.

Their convoy was really long too.

The main gate started to close as they drove their cars over.

“What are you all doing?” someone in front shouted.

Hao Zi was only listening to orders. He looked at Ming Shu beside him. Since the big brother asked him to close the gates, he would close the gates.

“Where is Liang Xuan?” Ming Shu stood on the sentry post at the city gate and looked down at the cars. “Leave her here and you all can leave.”

The cars instantly turned quiet.

Liang Xuan was an important person in the eyes of the chief.

Someone walked out from behind the cars. He appeared to be afraid of those zombies that were blocking the way. He looked up at Ming Shu. “Why do you want Captain Liang to stay behind!!”

Ming Shu smiled. “Because I want to beat her.”

The person: “…”

“How about this, you beat her up and then you all can leave.” Ming Shu looked really amiable when she said this.

Liang Xuan came down from the car. “Xia Wei, you already agreed to let us leave. Are you trying to go back on your words?”

“I didn’t say that I will not let you all leave. I just asked them to hit you and then, you all can leave. Or they can also leave you behind.”

“You…” Liang Xuan’s face turned green. “You think that we are afraid of you?”

Ming Shu whistled into the air and zombies rushed over. The number of zombies that came were not fewer than the amount of zombies that surrounded the southern base last time. They were roaring and the roars carried over to them like waves splashing on the

Liang Xuan: “…”

So what if you have zombies!!

If it was not for the fact that there were a lot of zombies outside, the people inside the city would have fought them. Why would they still queue up unwillingly to leave the city?

“Captain Liang… why not…”

Liang Xuan looked at the person.

The person immediately shrunk back and said with a crying face, “We can’t just stop her like this. She has a grudge against you, but you can’t implicate us all, right?”

“Captain Liang, we will be gentle. Look, if you hold anything against us, we can talk about it after we get out.”

“Captain Liang, just bear with it. As long as you are still alive, there will still be hope.”

“It is better to get beaten by us than to stay behind…”

Liang Xuan almost didn’t catch her own breath. What they were saying was that she still had to thank them?

Everyone started to persuade Liang Xuan.

Sacrificing a single person to benefit the many. This was what Liang Xuan said to the Host last time. She betrayed the Host so that she could save more people.

Her sacrifice was worthy.

Even the chief agreed to the request after he heard it.

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“You all…” Liang Xuan looked at the people before her. She felt as though she didn’t know them at all.

Liang Xuan took the chance and hid herself among the crowd.

As long as she was alive, there would still be hope. This sentiment was right. She just needed to make sure that she stayed alive. She would have a chance to take revenge eventually.

Ming Shu chased after her but Liang Xuan’s figure disappeared after moving around for a while.

She ran away really quickly.

She still had the protagonist aura with her so Ming Shu felt that even if she was on the ground just now, she might not catch her.

I still wanted to have a nice date with her.

Seems like I have to wait for next time.

By the time Yuan Ye came back, there were zombies hovering outside the city gate of An City and cars were leaving.

His eyebrows twitched.

He was just gone for a little while and An City changed so much?

What did that crazy person do while he was not around?

Calm down!

A genius like him had experienced all kinds of scenarios. This meant nothing to him.

Also, even if she destroyed the world, it was reasonable too.

Keep calm! I can win this!

Yuan Ye took a deep breath and entered the city from the other side.

The person guarding the gate was Hao Zi. He sat at the side in a bored manner. The moment he saw Yuan Ye, he greeted him enthusiastically. “When did you get out of the city?”

Yuan Ye didn’t reply to him. “What are you all doing?”

“Oh, Boss Xia Wei took over An City.”


Yuan Ye exploded internally.

Why didn’t you all stop her when she wanted to take over An City?

Why are you still taking this so calmly and blatantly!!

Do you still remember that you are human?!

Where is your conscience as a human!!

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