Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 815 - Hunting at Dawn (31)

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Chapter 815: Hunting at Dawn (31)

When the people of the Poison Spider made to leave the An City, it caused quite a bit of commotion.

This included the people from the southern base.

Just as they were guessing what happened, Poison Spider personally appeared.

“What happened?” The chief personally came to meet Poison Spider.

If it was the past, Poison Spider would never come to see him.

However, he was living under someone else and had to bow down to her.

“…” The anger in Poison Spider’s heart burned furiously. He gritted his teeth and said, “An City is given to Xia… zombie king Xia Wei. We need to move out of An City.”

“What?” Zombie king? Xia Wei?

The chief looked at Poison Spider seriously. “Mister Gong, what is the meaning of this?”

Poison Spider shouted angrily, “I meant what I said. If you all don’t leave, you all can just wait and become food for the zombies when they enter this city.”

“Mister Gong.”

“Good luck.” Poison Spider didn’t stay for a moment longer and left.

Poison Spider came quickly and left quickly.

However, he left some of his men here. They were obviously here to watch them pack up.

“What is happening? Chief, what is happening outside?”


Liang Xuan and the rest of the people hurried over too. “Why is the Poison Spider pulling out of An City? An City is still safe for now. What happened?”

The chief placed his hand on his eyebrows. “The zombie king wants An City.”

The lively room immediately turned quiet.

Liang Xuan’s heart started pounding furiously. Xia Wei again…

The rest looked at each other.

The zombie king… wants An City?

So the Poison Spider gave it to her?

When did this happen?

“Is it Xia Wei?”

“Besides her, who else can it be?”

“There is no zombie activity outside An City. How did the zombie king manage to find Poison Spider?”

“The people from the Poison Spider have run An City for so long, will he just give it to the zombie king because she wants it? Is he so easy to talk to?”

Who was Poison Spider? He was an outlaw, a ruffian that did all kinds of evil things.

“He would not be using this as an excuse to chase us out, right?” someone said weakly.

After some discussion, they felt that there was such a possibility. After all, it was too quiet outside. There were no signs of zombies at all.

The Poison Spider might be creating all this commotion just to show it to them.

However, this time, the Poison Spider overthrew their understanding of him. Those people withdrew from the city really quickly and didn’t even take a lot of things with them.

They were traveling light.

The people that were left behind kept hurrying them and in the end, they even took out their guns.

Only when the first batch of zombies came into town and everyone started screaming did the people from the southern base started to move.

The Poison Spider was telling the truth.

Zombies really entered the city.

And the zombies were fully equipped.

“Su Tai… we do so much but still get caught. On the other hand, Xia Wei directly took over their den. Are we idiots?”

In a certain building, Hao Zi and Su Tai were sitting with their backs facing each other.

Huang Zheng was tied up on the other side.

“I told you to tell her but you all didn’t. If we knew that she was going to do this, why would we torture ourselves?” Hao Zi continued complaining.

Huang Zheng: “…”

Su Tai: “…”

Who was the one that wanted to fight just now?

There were still a lot of people in the room. They found this place and saw the survivors that were tied up coincidentally. They planned to save them.

However, they alarmed the people and fell into their trap. Hence, they were locked up here too.

Right now, it was really noisy outside. They knew that Ming Shu had taken over the base from the conversations of the people outside.

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They rushed into the zombies and the other survivors screamed and shouted.

However, the zombies were not confused at all. They let them in.

The people chasing them seemed to be shocked by this scene. They exchanged glances with one another and immediately retreated.

Ye Xiangsi confirmed that those people were gone. She panted as she said, “I was just planning to save you when you all came out. Are you all okay?”

“We’re fine.” Huang Zheng heaved a huge sigh of relief. “However, they took those people away.”

“Su Tai is injured.” Hao Zi held onto Su Tai at the side.

The zombies around them gathered and looked at Su Tai intently.

They looked as though they would eat him the moment he died.

Huang Zheng and Ye Xiangsi helped to stop his bleeding in a flurry. Xia Wei was not here now so if the zombies got tempted by the blood and lost control, they would be dead.

The zombie troop stopped outside the Poison Spider’s office building.

By now, the people from the Poison Spider had already pulled out. The entire office building was a mess. When this bunch of zombies appeared, the people outside all got frightened and rushed into the building.

Huang Zheng held Su Tai as they went in. The people in the main hall were gathered in a group. Some people pointed their guns at them.

The zombies came in too. The people in the main hall were so frightened they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. They found all the places that they could hide in and tucked themselves away there.

Ming Shu was on the 7th floor.

There were no other people on the 7th floor. Da Zhu and his men guarded the elevator and the stairs.

Sounds started to echo in the stairwell. They looked down and saw some humans. They asked vigilantly, “Who are you all? You are not allowed to come up.”

After that, they saw the zombie troop that came up after the people.

Da Zhu legs went soft instantly.

What the h.e.l.l!

Zombies with armor? Are they still zombies? They have guns too!!

“Where is Xia Wei?” Huang Zheng asked Da Zhu.

The zombie king… are these people zombie kings too? Why do all zombie kings look like humans!!

“At… at the room up ahead.” Da Zhu shivered and pointed.

They had zombies following them so he instinctively thought that they were friends of the zombie king. Hence, he didn’t hesitate when pointing the way.

Da Zhu had betrayed the Poison Spider so he didn’t dare to go with them. That was why he chose to stay here.

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