Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 811 - Hunting at Dawn (27)

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Chapter 811: Hunting at Dawn (27)

“Are you an idiot?”

Yuan Ye’s thoughts were a mess. However, when he got scolded, he instantly woke up.

He had agreed to let her eat it. Why was she still scolding him?

I have a temper too!!

Yuan Ye placed his hands beside Ming Shu and leaned against her. “Xia Wei, try scolding me again.”


A warm aura engulfed her. Ming Shu felt as though she was tasting delicious food. The tempting aura made her tense up.


Yuan Ye blocked her and kissed her pa.s.sionately. It was gentle but overbearing.

Ming Shu’s tongue turned numb, but her body was having another reaction.

“Yuan Ye…” Leave me.

Get far away from me!

Ever since Doomsday started, she was conscientious. She treated herself as a human so she never ate any humans.

Zombies could survive without eating. They would just be very hungry.

She bore with it.

Even after she came over, she never touched anyone.

However, with such an intimate interaction, the sudden stimulation almost made Ming Shu lost her control.

“Stop… for a while…”

Ming Shu’s voice came out of her throat. It was scattered and broken.

She grabbed Yuan Ye’s elbow and pulled him away forcefully. Her voice was a little loud. “Get away from me!”

Yuan Ye froze.

The two people’s postures seemed to be on pause. No one moved.

After some time, Yuan Ye spoke with a low spirit, “Do you hate being kissed by me so much?”

Ming Shu had already calmed down. She turned around. Even in the dark, she could faintly see his eyes. “Do you know what you did just now?”

“Kiss you.”

“I almost…” Ming Shu forcefully stopped her statement. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I am a zombie, why are you kissing me?”

“What can I mean by kissing you?” Yuan Ye looked down. “I like you.”

“Get away from me.” Ming Shu’s voice softened.

Yuan Ye got up instantly.

Ming Shu pulled him again.

Yuan Ye froze again.

“I feel very uncomfortable when you touch me,” Ming Shu said. “I am a zombie. My natural instinct will not change.”

Outside, it had already quieted down. There was only the stable sound of breathing left.

Yuan Ye returned to his room and split those sentences up. He carefully pondered over each word.

In the end, he was a little elated and excited all the way till dawn.

Su Tai was dragged awake by Yuan Ye bright and early in the morning. He had gotten some millet and white sugar from somewhere and wanted to ask him to make some porridge for Ming Shu.

Su Tai was puzzled. “Yuan Ye, what… is wrong with you?”

“What?” Yuan Ye leaned against the table in the kitchen and watched Su Tai lighting up a fire using the most basic method. Then, Su Tai started making the porridge.

“You and… Xia Wei?” Su Tai took a look outside. Hao Zi and Huang Zheng were still asleep. He continued, “What is happening between you and Xia Wei?”

“I like her.”

“Pu…” Su Tai almost spilled the millet.

“She is a zombie.” Su Tai was really clear that he followed Ming Shu because of Xia Lai. He had no intentions toward her.

Yuan Ye asked, “Can’t different species fall in love?”

“You know what I mean.” Su Tai was slightly serious.

“I know what I’m doing.” Yuan Ye was a little irritated.


Su Tai shook his head. He finished making the porridge and Yuan Ye filled a bowl. He took out a plant from somewhere and cut it into the porridge. Then, he added some sugar.

Su Tai watched Yuan Ye carrying the bowl into Ming Shu’s room.

He sighed.

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He felt that Yuan Ye was really weird before this…

“Didn’t you say that it is disgusting? If you eat it little by little, won’t you be disgusted all the time?” Yuan Ye wanted to take the compressed biscuit away from her.

Ming Shu was on her guard.

Yuan Ye raised both of his hands. He signaled to her that he would not s.n.a.t.c.h her food from her.

What is wrong with her?

So protective of her food.

Yuan Ye suddenly leaned forward and while Ming Shu was protecting her food, he kissed her.

Learning from the experience last time, he just released her after a small peck. He asked her in a low voice, “Do you feel less disgusting now?”

The voice was very seductive and there was a beautiful gentleness in it.

Ming Shu grinded her teeth. “I want to bite you.”

“That is not possible. If you hurt me, where would you go and find me…” Yuan Ye was a little too elated. He hurriedly controlled himself.

Ming Shu didn’t seem to notice his strange actions.

I will watch you act.

Yuan Ye looked at the time. “I don’t think Su Tai and his friends are coming back. Let me get some food for you.”

Yuan Ye came back really quickly. He only remembered Ye Xiangsi and the little kids after Ming Shu finished eating. However, he had brought back a lot of food so he asked Ye Xiangsi and the kids to come out and eat.

“Did Brother Su go out to investigate what happened yesterday?” Ye Xiangsi ate her food and mumbled with a full mouth.

Ming Shu leaned against the sofa while Yuan Ye sat on the floor. He leaned against Ming Shu’s legs and they looked really intimate.

Ye Xiangsi was not used to them being like this, but she felt that they looked really harmonious too. No matter what, it seemed really weird.

Ming Shu replied ambiguously, “I don’t know.”

“If that thing is true…” Ye Xiangsi gripped her chopsticks tightly. “Those people are too evil.”

She remembered the time when she was kidnapped. If those people were from the same gang as the one in the An City, why did they kidnap her? To become food for other people?

“If that is true, what will you do?”

Ye Xiangsi was stunned for a moment. After that, she gave a determined look. “I will think of a way to save them.”

“Good ambition. Jiayou.” Ming Shu suddenly stood up.

There were doc.u.ments in front of Yuan Ye. He quickly gathered them and told Ming Shu, “Be careful.”

Ye Xiangsi got fed a whole mouthful of dog food. Her determination that just got ignited was extinguished.

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