Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 810 - Hunting at Dawn (26)

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Chapter 810: Hunting at Dawn (26)

Ming Shu prepared to leave. As she walked toward the door, she suddenly looked back. “The zombie seemed to have a very weak sensory ability.”

He didn’t immediately distinguish that she was a zombie.

This was because he had a weak sense for his kind.

Yuan Ye hadn’t reacted, but Ming Shu had already left the room.

Yuan Ye sighed.

There’s still a long way… to go.

His eyes were fixed on the spot where Ming Shu sat just now, where a green plant was wrapped in soil.

It was exactly the one he had found in the pharmaceutical company before.

Why is it here?

Didn’t she say she ate it?

Did she drop it here, or is it a trick…

Yuan Ye didn’t think that she would be kind enough to give it back to him.

So she must have dropped it here.

Yuan Ye picked up the thing and chased her out. If she found it was missing, she would definitely think he stole it.

F**k. I’m not going to be the scapegoat.

Huang Zheng and Hao Zi had fallen asleep in the living room. They were probably very tired these days.

Yuan Ye slowed down as he pa.s.sed through the living room. He came to Ming Shu’s door, knocked.

The study room’s door suddenly opened.

The little zombie revealed its pale face and stared straight at the mutant plant in Yuan Ye’s hands with its black eyes.

Yuan Ye glared at it.

The little zombie glared at Yuan Ye.

The two glared at each other like that until Ming Shu opened the door.

“What are you two doing? Who are you terrifying at this late hour?”

The little zombie shrank back and closed the door.

Behind the door Li Jianren was looking at the little zombie confusedly.

The little zombie cursed angrily: “Roar!”

“Roar roar,” Li Jianren answered.

“Roar roar roar roar!” The little zombie became even angrier.

“Roar roar?”

The little zombie slapped him. “Idiot!”

It said unclear, like a child who was learning how to speak.

“Roar roar roar…”

The two zombies kept roaring in the study. Hao Zi finally couldn’t bear the noise and climbed over like a ghost, scratching on the door. “Be quiet, you two. You don’t sleep, but we need to sleep.”

When Hao Zi moved, Yuan Ye had squeezed himself into Ming Shu’s room and closed the door.

There was no light in Ming Shu’s room, but a bright object which was rolling about on the bed.

After he came in, the shiny thing rolled out of the bed quickly and the illumination became dim.

Ming Shu’s originally clear figure suddenly blurred.

“What do you want to do?” Breaking into my room in the middle of the night, are you trying to grab my snacks?

Yuan Ye pa.s.sed the thing to her. “You dropped this.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Little Beastie scratched her side. She didn’t let it eat, so she could give it to this two-legged beast.

It was I who brought it back!


I’m going to change to another p.o.o.p-picker!

“I don’t want it.” Ming Shu waved her hand. “It tastes bad.”

Yuan Ye twitched the corner of his mouth. “The mutated plants all taste the same.”

Bitter and astringent.

Do you want to taste sweetness from it?

You’re a zombie, so can you tell the difference between sour, sweet, bitter, and hot?

“No, no, take it away.” Ming Shu refused.

Ming Shu didn’t want it, and Yuan Ye couldn’t just throw it away, so he had to keep it. “Okay, take your rest then, I’m going back.”

Yuan Ye opened the door, and then closed it. “…Hao Zi is sleeping outside.”

The study and Ming Shu’s room were next to each other. Just now, Hao Zi climbed over to knock on the study’s door, and probably he was too lazy to move back, or he just felt it was cool on the floor here, Hao Zi slept directly between Ming Shu’s door and the study.

“Oh, so what?” Ming Shu leaned on the closet.

“If I get out, it might wake Hao Zi up.” So I should stay.

This great teammate was helping him. If he didn’t do anything, he would even feel sorry to waste the opportunity.

“You can knock him out first, then leave.”


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This method sounded vicious, but he really had nothing to say back.

After a long time, he opened his lips, without speaking even a syllable, yet his body felt a shiver.


This d.a.m.n rule.

I can’t speak.

I can’t write.

And it seemed his authority had been largely revoked.

He couldn’t even speak simple words now.

Whatever… Even if I tell her, the next time, she may not remember it.

The numbness in Yuan Ye’s body faded, and he gradually regained consciousness.

The punishment lasted only a few minutes. Yuan Ye tried to move his hands and feet a little. One day, I will make the stupid system kneel and beg for mercy.

Ming Shu seemed to turn over. Yuan Ye couldn’t see her, but he felt she was looking at him.

Why did she look at me?

Yuan Ye was rehearsing in his mind that he could go over and kiss her like a tyrant boss, make a love confession, then get beaten up.

Then suddenly he heard her asking, “How do you taste?”

How do you taste?


“Human meat doesn’t taste good.” F**k. I was thinking about her as my wife, yet she was actually considering eating me?

What happened to her human conscience!

“I’m so hungry.” Ming Shu’s voice was like the female ghost’s in a horror film with special effects, trembling and spooky.

Yuan Ye was covered in gooseb.u.mps all over his body. “Didn’t you just eat?”

“It’s disgusting…”

With the sounds of rustling clothes, Ming Shu felt the edge of her bed sink, and a sense of pressure came over her. “Very disgusting?”

Yuan Ye’s voice sounded next to her ear.


Yuan Ye ached for her. He didn’t know what it felt like for a zombie to eat human food, but she said it was disgusting, so he ached.

He rolled up his sleeves and put his arm to Ming Shu’s mouth. “Take a bite, just one.”

The smell of flesh and blood was especially good.

Yuan Ye was clean and odorless. Ming Shu couldn’t help licking her lips.

The tip of her cold, soft tongue brushed against his skin, and Yuan Ye couldn’t help but tremble.

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