Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 808 - Hunting at Dawn (24)

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Chapter 808: Hunting at Dawn (24)

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At the former official office building of An City…

The place had been occupied by Poison Spider and others. The building had electricity, so Yuan Ye used the elevator.

“You’ve done a great job, Captain Liang. This is important information and I’ll pa.s.s it on to warn our people…”

The elevator’s door opened. Poison Spider was accompanying Liang Xuan and the others to the elevator. His att.i.tude seemed polite, but without much sincerity.

The elevator’s door opened. Poison Spider looked in and squinted his eyes, greeted, “Brother Yuan Ye, you’re back.”

Then he turned his head and said to Liang Xuan, “I’ll stop here then, Captain Liang, please.”

Liang Xuan measured Yuan Ye with her gaze. One got in and one got out of the elevator.

There was always impatience lingering between Yuan Ye’s eyebrows, which made him look ferocious.

Liang Xuan couldn’t help staring at him for a little while. This man… she hadn’t met him before.

The elevator’s doors closed slowly, and just as it was completely closed, she saw the man look back at her.

It was hard to tell what it felt like.

It felt a little uncomfortable… and a little familiar.

Then the elevator doors closed and began to descend.


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The whole building shook.

Poison Spider looked in the elevator’s direction and frowned slightly.

The elevator suddenly went out of control and fell. The person in the elevator suffered a few injuries but her life was not in danger.

Yuan Ye sat on a leather sofa and raised his leg, jiggling it. Poison Spider sat opposite him after answering a phone call.

“Brother Yuan Ye, how is it?”

Yuan Ye raised his eyebrows. “Where’s the thing I want?”

Poison Spider spoke slowly as if saying one word after another. “Rest a.s.sured, Brother Yuan Ye, no pay no goods, that is the rule.”

Yuan Ye swept a gaze over him without patience. “Show me the thing first.”

Poison Spider’s expression stiffened a little. “That’s not kind, Brother Yuan Ye. Don’t I know what you’re capable of? I wouldn’t dare take that risk.”

Poison Spider was afraid of the boy in front of him, who didn’t even look very old.

Seeing Yuan Ye’s expression grow gradually sullen, Poison Spider’s heart also sank.

At this time, he did not want to fall out with him.

“How about we exchange at the same time?”

Yuan Ye grunted and took out a doc.u.ment from nowhere. “Here’s what you want.” ‘

Poison Spider looked at him with deep eyes. He had seen before that Yuan Ye could take things out of thin air.

They called this the storage s.p.a.ce.

It was an extremely rare and useful ability.

No matter how hard Poison Spider was thinking now, he didn’t dare to show any sign of it. He ordered his men to carry a box over.

“It’s almost all here,” Poison Spider said. “Those stored in the computer have been basically destroyed. These are all paper doc.u.ments. But I’m not sure if there is anything you are looking for in them.”

Yuan Ye put the doc.u.ment on the coffee table between them, and they pushed the things toward each other at the same time.

What was contained in the box were also doc.u.ments, and the “confidential” of which had been opened.

“Don’t get me wrong, bro. We just checked the content inside and didn’t take anything,” Poison Spider said. “There isn’t a single piece of paper missing here.”

Yuan Ye closed the box.

Poison Spider also opened his doc.u.ment, but he didn’t seem to understand it and delivered it to the person behind him.

That person left with the doc.u.ment.

Waiting for a few seconds, the man came back and whispered something into Poison Spider’s ears.

“Brother Yuan Ye, the doc.u.ment is okay, but…”

He dragged a long tone. “Why is it not complete?”

“Didn’t that Liang Xuan report to you what happened in the city?” Yuan Ye sounded impatient. “I was lucky to come back alive, and I don’t think I’m under obligation to risk my life for you.”

Poison Spider remembered what Liang Xuan had told him. The whole city blew up and it happened at the same time.

“Did they get it?”

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“I don’t know about that.”

Ye Xiangsi’s face also paled. She hugged the kids and shrank into the sofa.

The others didn’t feel better, either, feeling queasy.

Huang Zheng put the food away immediately like it was a virus.

Meanwhile the little zombie and Li Jianren squatted at the study door, staring this way with eager eyes.

“It’s disgusting…” Hao Zi came out with weak limbs.

“I told you not to behave rashly, did you learn your lesson now?” Huang Zheng lectured him.

“How did I know it would…” Hao Zi refuted in a weak voice. “It’s so scary, they eat humans…”

“You’re just thoughtless!”

“You didn’t stop me back then!”

Hao Zi and Huang Zheng began to diss each other.

Most of the food Yuan Ye brought back was vegetables, and the meat was marinated.

Hao Zi couldn’t eat anything. This was just more disgusting than having them eat before the zombies.

“Everyone should be careful later. I’ll cook tomorrow, and there are also some things we brought here,” Su Tai said.

Yuan Ye gave an unpleasant look to Su Tai.

Who needs you to cook!

The psychopath will follow anyone who can cook, how should we live our lives!

Su Tai was quite confused by the gaze and didn’t know what was wrong with his words.

“What’s wrong?” So he asked.

Yuan Ye: “…” Should I say I won’t allow him to cook? The psychopath will definitely kill me.

Yuan Ye lowered his head and remained silent.

He cursed inside, hoping that Su Tai would cook badly tomorrow.

“Ai, don’t you think Yuan Ye, that b.i.t.c.h, treats the little ancestor very well?” As Hao Zi argued with Huang Zheng, he suddenly approached the latter and murmured this.

Huang Zheng looked over in Ming Shu’s direction and also lowered his voice. “You just noticed that? I noticed they were weird long ago.”

Hao Zi and Huang Zheng looked at each other, seeing the gossiping souls in their eyes.

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