Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 806 - Hunting at Dawn (22)

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Chapter 806: Hunting at Dawn (22)

Not long after they started the journey again, Hao Zi saw a group of zombies running over from up ahead.

“Xia Wei… Ancestor, ancestor, did you call for your zombie army?” Hao Zi trembled.

“No.” Ming Shu looked to Yuan Ye. “Yours?”

There was a weird silence in the car.

Yuan Ye didn’t deny it.

Everyone: “…” Aren’t you a human?!

Yuan Ye got out of the car and walked to the front of those zombies. He raised his hands to make several gestures, and then the zombies ran away.

“My skill is a.s.similation.” Yuan Ye got back in the car and explained, facing everyone’s weird gazes. “I can make them treat me like a kindred, and the higher level the skill is, the higher the status will be in the zombies.”

“Can it be higher than me?” The zombie king felt being challenged.

“…No.” If it can reach higher status than you, do you think I’ll talk this nonsense here with you? I would have tied you up and strangled you.

“You did that to the southern base, didn’t you?” Ming Shu said again.

Yuan Ye faced several pairs of staring eyes, and he had to grit his teeth and answer, “Yes.”

Ming Shu smiled. “So why do you think you can accuse me of blowing up the buildings?”

Yuan Ye: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Is this the main point?

Is this the f**king main point?!

These humans and zombies were both not good!

“Yuan Ye, why did you let the zombies destroy the southern base?” Su Tai frowned slightly.

He could understand Ming Shu’s behavior.

She was a zombie.

But Yuan Ye was not; he was human.

Yuan Ye took a look at Ming Shu. “Even if I didn’t let the zombies attack the city, the base would have been destroyed.”

Ming Shu grunted from the front.

I think you were just trying to kill my snacks coupon.

Su Tai and the others obviously didn’t believe Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye didn’t want to be driven out of the car, so he compromised. “Someone at the southern base was working on a virus to kill zombies.

“Once the virus is released, the zombies may become infected, but humans will also become extinct.”

“So in other words, you let the zombies attack the base so as to protect humans?” Ming Shu asked with a smile.

Yuan Ye pulled out a cold smile. “I just don’t want to die so early, and their stupidity must be nipped in the bud.”

“Then you don’t have to destroy the entire base,” Hao Zi said weakly. “There were so many survivors in the southern base.”

The character profile for Yuan Ye was “born ruthless.”

So he didn’t worry at all. “That was the simplest and most effective way.”

Hao Zi: “…”

Are you from the same family as the zombie king?!

Su Tai said, “On that day, it was also you who attacked the convoy on the highway.”

Yuan Ye didn’t deny it.

He didn’t originally intend to destroy the southern base, but he found that those people also had others besides the man whose surname was Zhong.

According to the a.s.sessment given by the system, even if there wasn’t that Zhong man, they would also be likely to make the virus.

So he had to play big.

Yuan Ye somehow became a member of their team.

He even positioned himself as the big brother type in the team.

But when everyone saw Yuan Big Brother Ye was forced to give in to Ming Shu, they would feel quite comforted.

Surely there was always one thing to overcome another.

“No one can escape from natural law,” Hao Zi gloated on the side.

Yuan Ye then grabbed Hao Zi’s rations.

Hao Zi began to howl.

Ye Xiangsi gave hers to Hao Zi.

Hao Zi was just howling and didn’t dare to take Ye Xiangsi’s rations.

At nightfall…

Everyone fell asleep.

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Su Tai kept watch at night. He looked into the night and the sky was dark; there were no stars up there, as always.

The only consolation was that she at least carried them and didn’t throw them away.

Yuan Ye reached out his hand and touched the edge of the gold coins, but Ming Shu suddenly moved and the coins slid into her clothes.

Ming Shu opened her eyes slightly. “Yuan Ye?”

Yuan Ye took his hand back calmly. “Yes.”

Ming Shu held her snacks tighter and shrank back a little, entirely hiding the snacks.

Yuan Ye thought she would say something. But she fell asleep again after calling that name.

Yuan Ye estimated his chances of getting the gold coins, but finally gave up. He sat stiff in the car for a long time.

When getting out of the car, Yuan Ye bent over and kissed on Ming Shu’s forehead, like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water.

Almost as soon as he touched her skin, he moved away and murmured, “Good night.”

All the survivors of the southern base crowded into An City. But An City was strict about accepting outsiders, and now there were survivors stationed everywhere outside the city.

Some people even built fortifications outside the city in case zombies came, so they were defenseless.

There were also quite a few convoys like Ming Shu’s parking outside.

Hao Zi went to ask around and then came back to report: “Only women and children are allowed to enter An City now, and men are not, unless you have someone of senior status speak for you.”

Hao Zi was not completely right. Men were allowed to get in, but the number was limited.

People outside sometimes would be beaten badly for making the cut.

“It’s not a good thing to go in. Humans are shallow.” Ming Shu smiled. “Do you think so?”

Humans Su Tai, Hao Zi, Huang Zheng, Yuan Ye: “…”

They were all humans, thank you!

“What do you know about it?” Hao Zi asked curiously. Before, she said she was going to An City, but they didn’t know why she wanted to come here.

Ming Shu said with a smile, “I’m a zombie, how would I know about you humans’ dirty laundry.”

F**k. Why can’t you stop calling us “you humans”?

Weren’t you a human before turning into a zombie?!

What’s your superiority of being a zombie!

Yuan Ye dissed Ming Shu fiercely in secret.

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